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Review 2022 – Dryflow® JetDri Mark II Hand Dryer

Review 2022 – Dryflow® JetDri Mark II Hand Dryer

Dryflow JetDri Mark II

The Dryflow® JetDri Mark II is a hand dryer with a common design, there are many hand dryers with a similar appearance found on the UK market. This product is available in a brushed satin stainless steel or white, with any other colour available on special request. How does it compare with other hand dryers on the whole and how does it compare specifically with other similar looking dryers? 

A lot of dryers have a similar look to the JetDri, for example, the Kangarillo, Franke Airblast, and the Xlerator. While the Xlerator is clearly a better-made machine with a much longer lifespan and extra guarantee, it is over £500 so this is not a fair comparison. The Franke Airblast appears to be an identical product rebranded and at a slightly higher price. The Kangarillo looks to be the same as the original JetDri (which we have now discontinued). Compared to similar dryers at a comparable price point, the JetDri has the best guarantee, price and is faster than the Kangarillo however it is a louder machine. 

The JetDri is a pretty good option, the dry speed is probably the best in class, the motor-life is more than acceptable and the energy efficiency is great. We have marked it down for noise and old-fashioned design, we think there are better-looking dryers out there.

£149.90 + VAT


The Dryflow JetDri Mark II - Value

At just £129 + VAT this is a very attractively priced dryer. When you delve into the performance information below you will see why we have no hesitation in giving the JetDri Mark II a very high mark for value.

The Dryflow JetDri Mark II - Speed

The manufacturer claims a 10-12 second dry time and our stringent, independent dry test demonstrated a consistent 14 seconds. To put this into perspective, that is only 2 seconds slower than a Dyson V and only 3 seconds slower than our fastest ‘hands under’ hand dryer. Not bad!

The Dryflow JetDri Mark II - Efficiency

Calculating the energy efficiency of a dryer depends on 2 things, rated power and the dry speed. 

The JetDri Mark II has 2 settings, unheated (rated power 0.55kw) and heated (rated power 1.8kw). this is controlled via an internal switch. Our dry test showed that the heat made very little difference to the drying performance, so we generally recommend that the machine is run at 0.55kw. Based on these settings it uses just 2.44 watt/hours per dry. Using the heat ramps this up to 7.7 watt/hours per dry. For reference, a Dyson HU02 uses around 3.3 watt/hours and a traditional dryer uses 20-30 watt/hours per dry. 

At its most efficient, 2727 dries possible per £1 spent on electricity compared to 143 dries per £1 spent on paper towels, a 98% saving against paper towels.

The Dryflow JetDri Mark II - Quiet operation

The manufacturer states this is 74 dB(A) which as with many imported dryers is not accurate. Hand dryer decibel levels are not subjected to stringent or uniform testing so often what you see stated on websites is wildly inaccurate. This is an 80 dB(A) dryer from 1 meter, expect this to increase in a real-world situation by as much as 10 dB(A). That’s acceptable for the short levels of exposure and similar to many high-speed hand dryers on the market but it is not ideal for locations that require quiet. So good for busy pubs, nightclubs, restaurants, and places where there is plenty of noise protection from sensitive areas but not great for young children, and libraries, etc.

The Dryflow JetDri Mark II - Vandal resistance

A sturdy bit of kit, suitable for places likely to be subject to abuse.

The Dryflow JetDri Mark II - Life expectancy

The motor life is 1000 hours and this would be expected to deliver 257,000 hours. That makes the dryers suitable for locations in the mid (100-300 uses) a day range. We would recommend this more for areas at the lower end of that scale to achieve a really satisfactory lifespan. It’s backed by a 3-year warranty.

The Dryflow JetDri Mark II and the environment

We have been working with the manufacturer to eliminate polystyrene in packaging and our latest deliveries are now coming in with zero plastic packaging. The carbon footprint of the product is approximately 27.12 kg/co2.

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