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What Type of Taps Are Document M Compliant?

What Type of Taps Are Document M Compliant?

Approved Document M gathers English regulations related to the design of premises for all kind of users, including those with reduced mobility or other impairments such as learning disabilities.

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Installation distances of Doc M taps

The text explains that, in wheelchair-accessible toilets, the placement of the washroom fittings should allow a person seated on the WC to wash and dry their hands. So that the basin can be hand rinse, its rim has to be “set at 720 to 740mm above the floor”. Likewise, the distance between the edge of the WC and the washbasin will be around 140 and 160 millimetres. Check diagrams 18 and 19 to imagine the area.

Location of the basin tap in a unisex wheelchair-accessible toilet with corner WC: Plan

Location of the basin tap in a unisex wheelchair-accessible toilet with corner WC: Wall A view

Type of taps in accessible toilets

For several users, traditional or push taps are complicated to operate. Therefore, Document M advises the following:

  • In wheelchair-accessible dwellings , bathroom controls should be operable easily and with a single hand. Lever action taps are suggested.
  • Designers of sanitary accommodations in the rest of buildings are expected to ease the use of taps for people with lack of tactile sensitivity or limited manual dexterity, among other conditions. Taps at bathtubs and washbasins should:
    • Be controlled automatically or with a lever that can be operated with a closed fist.
    • Provide water at a safe temperature , since some users may be injured unintentionally by touching hot surfaces ( compliance with Water Regulations, 1999).

As we can conclude, infrared taps and those with long resistant levers are Doc M compliant . In the case of automatic taps and water temperature, there are two options in the market: single water supply or two supplies. The mix of cold and hot water could happen before arriving to the hose (in the case of single supply) or inside the tap. The degrees can be adjusted very often with a mixer, a LCD panel or a thermostatic wheel.

In IFS, we will supply sensor taps , because of water saving and other advantages for commercial washrooms, like hygiene or less tendency to get the basin area dirty. Click here to access to the dedicated category we are preparing. In our range, you will also find appliances like hand dryers or a lot of kinds of grab rails. Please, contact our team to solve any doubt. We intend that our bathroom accessories can be used by anybody and for a long time.

Rights and accuracy disclaimer:

This blog post uses information and images included in Document M according to its Open Government License v3.0 . However, there could be errors in our interpretation and summary, so please consult the source text or professionals.

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