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Electric hand dryers for commercial bathrooms and the home

Browse our excellent range of electric hand dryers for bathrooms. Whatever style of hand dryer you are looking for, whether it be a blade, slim, hands-in, hands-under, child-friendly, behind the mirror - we have it!

If you need an economically-priced hand dryer for a low-traffic location like the office or home? - we have it! Need a super-robust, long-life commercial hand dryer for a busy, public area like an airport or shopping centre? - we have it! Need a quiet, super-fast hand dryer or an ultra-low energy hand dryer? - we have it! Need a chrome, stainless steel or black dryer? - we have it! Supplied, fitted, and even rented if you like. We can sort it!

In this section, you will find every electric hand dryer we have available on our website. These include Mitsubishi SLIM and SMART Hand Dryers, Dyson AB14 Airblade Hand Dryer, Warner Howard Airforce, Biodrier Biolite and AirDri Hand Dryers as well as the exceptional Dryflow Hand Dryers

Electric hand dryers are hugely advantageous as they work efficiently for years with very little maintenance, create zero waste which keeps commercial bathrooms looking tidy and reduces the chances of toilets becoming blocked by paper towels. 

If you are looking to buy an electric hand dryer for your premises, you probably fall into one of three categories.

Firstly, people who know the make and model of the hand dryer they want. This is either because the architect has specified it, it is replacing an existing unit or they have just used a particular model in the past and been impressed with the performance. In which case our superb product search will help you easily find the hand dryer you want from our stock.

Secondly, there are those that are bewildered by the sheer range of electric hand dryers available and need to speak to one of our experts or use our filters and intelligent search tools to navigate to the right dryer.

Thirdly, there are those that have some idea about the style, they know the product characteristics that are important to them and just need to identify the best value. Rest assured, whichever category you fall into, our experts are on hand to help and we have the most comprehensive range of products, all stocked in our UK warehouse, ready for next day dispatch. To read more about the different types of electric hand dryers available, how they compare against alternative technologies and access useful resources read on… 

Different types of electric hand dryers 

Electric hand dryers were invented in 1948 by George Clements, not quite a household name like Thomas Eddison, but all the same, George’s invention will have saved many millions of trees from being chopped down and customers huge sums of money! 

The technology has moved on a bit, however, it took until the mid-’90s for any serious innovation to occur. Up until that point, hand dryers were all based on moderate airflow and high heat levels. It is these types of traditional warm air dryers (still available today) that gained a reputation for helping keep washrooms tidier but took far too long to dry. 

Hand dryers went turbo 

Mitsubishi was the first to introduce a Jet blade hand dryer into the Japanese market. These models we faster and more energy-efficient with a water catchment tray underneath. In the early 2000’s Xlerator then brought out a 1.4kW model than sounded like a jet engine, blasting water off the user's hands in comparatively little time. This was followed by the Airforce which found a better balance between drying speed and noise. Finally Dyson brought out the airblade to showcase the drying power of their cutting edge digital motors. Since then the expectations of a hand dryers performance have significantly increased. 

High speed electric hand dryers 

Most of our models now compress the airflow through small outlets (jets) and have high revolution motors, this provides very fast drying but there have been challenges around keeping the noise levels down for certain locations. Check out our high speed hand dryer section or read our blog on the top high speed dryers 2021

Energy efficient electric hand dryers 

There has been a continuous drive towards reducing energy use in our daily lives to save costs and reduce environmental impact. The good news is that hand dryers have really innovated in this respect. In the early 2000’s most dryers would have been 2.4 to 2.8kw rated and used 30 watt/h per dry. In 2021 more of our energy is derived from the renewable resources and hand dryers are using as little as 1.5 watt/hours per dry! Click here for our most eco-friendly hand dryers

Quiet hand electric dryers 

In recent years the recognition that some people are more sensitive to noise than others has led to the search to reduce the noise output. We have the largest range of quiet mark listed hand dryers in the UK so can definitely help here. Check out our quiet hand dryer section

Blade electric hand dryers 

The hand dryer market is split roughly 30% into ‘hands in’ blade hand dryers like the Vapordri, D-Flow, Mitsubishi Jet Towel Slim and Dyson ab14 and 70% hands under, compact hand dryers like the G-force mark II, Airforce, Turboforce and Ecoforce

Blade hand dryers have the advantage of scraping water into a collection tray and providing a more consistent dry, whoever they are more costly. We have a blade hand dryer at every price point, whatever your budget.  

Check out our blade hand dryers

Slim electric hand dryers 

In the last few years design has moved more towards reducing the footprint of the electric dryer, this has several advantages. Firstly, It creates less co2 in manufacturing; secondly, they are quicker and easier to fit, thirdly it helps to reduce cost in materials and finally it creates more space in washrooms, this is especially important in baby change and disabled toilets. 

Click here to view our range of high perforce slim hand dryers 

Wash and Dry Tap dryer 

Probably the most recent innovation has been the introduction of over the sink electric hand dryers, this is a great use of space, using an existing sink to drain the water away and preventing drips on the floor. It's still expensive by surely the future 

Check out our range of Wash and dry systems 

Different electric hand dryer finishes

Hand dryer covers come in a range of materials and finishes. There are white, brushed satin and polished chrome stainless steel hand dryers. There are also plastic materials such as ABS and polycarbonate. The popular colours in plastic are white hand dryers, black hand dryers and sliver hand dryers. We also have the capability to powder coat any hand dryer in any colour you like, please contact us for more information. 

Hand dryers for disabled toilets

Washrooms designed for users with reduced mobility need special considerations when it comes to electric hand dryers. Hand dryers that are slim, compact, have easy access for wheelchair users, and low noise are the better choice for these areas

Recessed Electric Hand Dryers

If you really need to maximise space, then there are a range of hand dryers that can be built into the wall or behind mirrors. These recessed electric hand dryers not only look sleek, they don’t protrude into the washroom area like some other units.