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Find me an alternative to the Dyson Airblade AB14?

Find me an alternative to the Dyson Airblade AB14?

The iconic Dyson Airblade ab14 has now been discontinued with only limited supply remaining in the UK. We expect this supply to run dry by the end of 2022. What are the alternatives to the airblade ab14 and how do their features compare?

HEPA filtered air

The high-quality HEPA filtration system in the AB14 hand dryer is highly desirable because it traps 99.9% microbes and bacteria before they enter airflow, this actually improves the air quality in the washroom as the dryer is effectively removing microbes from the washroom air.

The Dyson AB14 has been awarded NSF approval for food manufacturing facilities which proves that rigorous testing has been done to ensure only clean air comes out when using their product – perfect for today’s health-conscious consumer. There are a number of blade and standard high-speed hand dryers with HEPA filters installed as standard and hold HACCP and NSF approvals.

Water collection

The Airblade didn’t have any form of water collection, so a lot of excess moisture ends up down the sides of the unit and onto the floor. This causes a bit of a headache for users and domestic teams alike. The U-shape dryer was actually invented with the idea of capturing water in mind, when Dyson had issues with microbes forming in the water collection tray, they decided to remove the drainage feature. Luckily our recommended alternatives all overcome this issue. It is worth noting that large ‘blade style units were designed to collect water, however, other solutions have now been developed to overcome this issue. You may want to consider an over the sink ‘tap hand dryer’ or even a standard high speed hand dryer with evapor8 splashback to absorb any excess water.

Need a quieter dryer than the Dyson Airblade ab14?

Another concern of some users is the loud noise level of the AB14. Although it is quieter than its predeceasing model, it still gets a bit of a reputation for being a loud hand dryer. Our alternative recommendations all have a lower noise output than the Dyson airblade ab14.

Our online hand dryer selector gives you suggestions based on your own unique requirements

The best alternatives to the Dyson Airblade ab14

Well we have researched many different blade hand dryers and we believe we have found the very best alternatives. For many years the Airblade stood head and shoulders above all the others when it came to performance. Now there are challengers to the crown and all of them with the same build quality of the AB14.

The best alternatives to the Dyson Airblade AB14 include :

Dryflow® Vapordri hand dryer

In summary

Dry time (click on link to see dry test video) 11 seconds (in house tested) 11 seconds (in house tested)
Rated power 1600W 1000W – 1500W
Cost per 1000 dries 59p 37p – 55p
Guarantee 5 years 5 years
Finishes available Grey / white / black Graphite
Suitable daily use 500+ uses a day 500+ uses a day
Average price (ex VAT) £819.63 £470

Matching the dry speed to the AB14 in our testing means no user will be disappointed with the performance of the Vapordri when in use. This European manufactured hand dryer is extremally compact for a blade style unit, which makes it an attractive proposition when space is a factor.

As noted the AB14 has no collection system for when the water is blown off the hands. The Vapordri has an 500ml drainage tank which collects the excess water from hand drying. The drainage tank is easily accessible from the bottom of the dryer.

A large, long lasting H14 HEPA filter, capable of removing 99.5% microbes is easy to access and clean. Other enhanced hygienic properties include antibacterial ABS with the plastic injected with silver ions. This prevents the growth of bacteria, fungi and mould.

In terms of energy efficiency this unit will be working most of the time at just 1kW compared to the 1.6kW of the Dyson. This is because of the intelligent heating system which comes as standard in the Vapordri. When the temperature of the room is above 25C the heater element is not engaged and just like the Dyson any heat produced is from the fast revolutions of the motor. However, if the room temperature drops, a bit of heat will be added for comfort automatically.

We would say that in testing this produces a very tolerable, smooth sound level. The sound of the unit is a low 65.6db from 2M with results provided by the Technical University of Valencia.

A trendy blue LED light trail down the side of the hand dryer is proving very popular with designers and end users alike.

D-Flow Eco Hand Dryer

In summary

Dry time (click on link to see dry test video) 11 seconds (in house tested) 12 seconds (in house tested)
Rated power 1600W 420W – 1500W
Cost per 1000 dries 59p 28p – 60p
Guarantee 5 years 3 years
Finishes available Grey / white / black Silver / white / black
Suitable daily use 500+ uses a day 500+ uses a day
Average price (ex VAT) £819.63 £493.79

This European manufactured hand dryer is a very stylish looking unit. It complements the plushest of décor. It has a number of added features that the AB14 doesn’t and provides a similar performance.

Adjustable speed motor

The ability to adjust the motor speed is a bonus the Airblade doesn’t have. This is beneficial for not only reducing energy use, but although it is already a quiet in use hand dryer for its class, it can be made quieter in areas that need it to be. This setting does decrease the dry time a little but only to that comparative to the Warner Howard Airforce, which has proven many times to be a popular hand dryer in the UK.

In this model you have the ability to turn a heater element on or off. Most high speed hand dryers do not have a heater element as the fast powered motors create residual heat. This keeps energy consumption low. However, in certain circumstances such as the winter months, you may want instant heat on the hands, this unit providing the flexibility of choice.

What it does mean is that you are able to have a hand dryer that when the heater element is switched off and at full speed, has a rated power of 1100W, which is more energy efficient than the Dyson.

This does come complete with a very easy to service drip tray which quickly collects the excess water. A recent addition includes making the trough deeper. There is no slash back outside the unit, everything stays inside the drying area. A unique optional extra is the ability to plumb the hand dryer directly into a waste pipe, therefore eliminating the need for any emptying of the drip tray as it is automatically disposed of.

Anti-microbial protection

It has proven antimicrobial and antibacterial protection using silver ion technology from Biocote®, resisting the growth of microbes e.g. bacteria and moulds, complementing the cleaning routines. There is also a H13 HEPA filter with antimicrobial treatment which deters the spread of bacteria. The HEPA filter also contains an activated carbon filtering medium that neutralises odours and absorbs fumes and gases, helping avoid bad odours.

Mitsubishi Jet Towel

In summary

Dry time (click on link to see dry test video) 11 seconds (in house tested) 11 seconds (in house tested)
Rated power 1600W 550W – 1240W
Cost per 1000 dries 59p 26p – 45p
Guarantee 5 years 7 years
Finishes available Grey / white / black White / silver/ black
Suitable daily use 500+ uses a day 500+ uses a day
Average price (ex VAT) £819.63 £562.50

Mitsubishi is of course a world renowned brand and the reliability of these units is such that at the time of writing we have yet to have one go faulty out of thousands we have sold.

We are so confident in the Jet Towel that we offer a 7 years guarantee. The industry standard is just 3 years but this is how much we rate the dependability of this product.

Matching the dry time of the Dyson has been proven by our testing yet this is achieved without the expense of increasing the noise levels. This Quiet Mark approved hand dryer delivers high speed drying whilst being one of the quietest hand dryers in its class.

Effective water drainage

This includes the drip tray not found in the Airblade with the added bonus that the side of the hand dryer where the water falls can be taken off allowing for a thorough cleaning of all aspects of the water collection system.

There is a model that has no heater element, or 3 heated versions which allow for heat to be added if required or indeed the heat can be switched off in the warmer months. It is a very energy efficient hand dryer however and will not have a massive impact on the environment or energy bills. You can run this at just 0.55kW and yet still have a dry time of around 14seconds! A real winner in the low energy stakes.


The Jet towel is Greenspec listed and on the UK governments ETL approved list for energy efficient products . Being on the ETL list proves stringent testing has been conducted on the product’s energy efficiency and dry times; allowing the purchasing company to depreciate the full cost of the unit in the year they were purchased.

The NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) award has been achieved and an antibacterial resin is inserted into all plastic parts, giving added hygienic properties. An anti-microbial filter is fitted as standard and you have the option to upgrade to a high quality HEPA equivalent

Our online hand dryer selector gives you suggestions based on your own unique requirements

Are there any others to look at?

There are other blade style hand dryers that although may not have the matching performance of the Dyson Airblade AB14, they are not far off. They also may be more suitable to your facility, budget and daily use. For example 2 hand dryers that have been approved by the Quiet Mark, making them one of the quietest in their class include the Stealthforce PLUS and the Jet Force .

If you have a facility with low washroom traffic, getting under 100 uses a day, then the Jet Force Junior is certainly worth a look at. The anticipated motor life in the Jet Force Junior will certainly give years of service in low use facilities. So, for those looking for the same style and similar performance of the Dyson Airblade, but don’t require the motor to be able to withstand the traffic of an airport, then this could be great for you at around £250 – £270 ex vat.

To view these please see our blade hand dryer section

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