Top 9 Quiet Hand Dryers in 2019

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Intelligent hand dryers UK have put together a list of the top 9 effective, yet quiet hand dryers on the market. This isn't just a list of the quietest hand dryers, as a quiet hand dryer that doesn't dry your hands in a reasonable time period is pointless. The dryers must be effective to be included. Most of these dryers have been approved by the Quiet Mark, an approval from the noise abatement society.

The top 9 Effective Quiet Hand Dryers on the Market

  1. The Dryflow Classic PLUS mark II hand dryer
  2. The New HU02 Dyson V airblade 
  3. Dryflow Elite Mark II hand dryer
  4. Stealthforce PLUS hand dryer
  5. Dryflow Viper hand dryer
  6. The Ecoforce hand dryer
  7. Mitsubishi Blade and Smart Jet Towel
  8. Dryflow EcoSlim
  9. ffuuss™ HD-1 and HD-2 customisable hand dryers

1. The Dryflow Classic PLUS mark II

This dryer has a smooth sound quality which produces highly credible 16-18 second dry times in our standardised testing. This needs to be understood in the context that most high velocity and therefore comparatively loud dryers advertise a 10 second dry time but in reality take anywhere from 15 to 30 seconds to actually dry to a satisfactory standard.

The official measure of 72 dB(A) is correct even in a real environment. Its important to understand that most dB(A) levels are tested in sound proof chambers without the presence of human hands, so often the stated decibel level is 10-15 dB(A) lower than the reality.

2. The New HU02 Dyson V 

Official measures at 79 dB(A) which of course is higher than many, however the sound quality is so good that the noise irritation and disturbance from this machine is negligible. You can rely on Dyson, far more than most other manufacturers to give reliable information and when we have tested this machine against others such as the Airforce (which also states 79 dB(A) the sound does appear audibly quieter and smoother. The great news is, if you have the original AB08/12 Dyson V and find it too loud, you can purchase the new HU02 and just fix to the same backplate without the need for an electrician, they just slot in to the connector. The 6 dB(A) drop is significant.

3. Dryflow Elite Mark II

Again a superbly smooth sound quality that does not increase notably when the dryer is in use. The drying performance is slower at around 22 seconds but this is a dryer that even wary young children can tolerate.

4. Stealthforce PLUS

A beautifully stylish blade hand dryer that stays in the low 70's dB(A) even when in use. Its not as fast as the Dyson Airblade AB 14 but it is under 50% quieter. A really smooth and stress free drying experience that still only takes 16 seconds in our stringent testing.

5. Dryflow Viper

Utilises the latest in modern blade technology and produces a dry time in under 15 seconds at maximum settings.  Even at maximum speed, this hand dryer was awarded the Quiet Mark.

6. The Ecoforce

A great budget dryer and one of the only few high speed dryers to make it onto the Quiet Mark.

7. Mitsubishi Blade and Smart Jet Towel

These energy efficient and quiet hand dryers have all the build quality you would expect from a Mitsubishi product.  The hands in blade version of the Jet Towel and the Smart hands under versions both have quiet in operation properties.

8. Dryflow EcoSlim

These are a great all-round performer.  Quiet Mark approved at just 57 - 65 dbA, they can still produce a dry time of between 16 – 22 seconds, dependent upon the setting.  Whilst achieving this it runs at a very low energy consumption of 0.18 kW - 0.85 kW.  A very slim unit with a depth of just 10cm.

9. ffuuss™ HD-1 and HD-2 customisable hand dryers

These hand dryers allow you to customise to match any colour you want. The multiple air jets provide a soothing and relaxing dry. Ideal for providing effective drying without the stress of undue noise.

We hope you find this guide useful. Simply looking a dB(A) levels which are not subject to any standardisation or approvals is highly unreliable. It is always worth contacting us for samples or a demonstration to see whether the noise levels are appropriate for your location.

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