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6 Bathroom Fittings to Make Facilities More User Friendly

6 Bathroom Fittings to Make Facilities More User Friendly

Updated 1/11/2022 – 2 min read

Institutions, laws and aware companies are trying to adapt sanitary facilities to the widest range of users. We tend to focus this inclusion on premises for disabled users, however, there are simple choices at any commercial washroom that can make the experience more pleasant for non-disabled people and those with mild dexterity issues or children. When purchasing bathroom fittings, one of the product options is usually more user friendly.

1) Toilet tissue dispenser

Smaller than commercial toilet roll holders since they are intended for medium traffic washrooms, single sheet toilet tissue dispensers allow you to obtain the sheets without so many complications: ready to grab and already cut. Furthermore, they often save paper in comparison with rolls.

2) Automatic vanity top soap dispenser

When there is enough space on the countertop, placing a soap dispenser there simplifies dispensing; even more so if it is automatic countertop dispenser . In order to save costs, check models that support foaming soap, which outputs a large volume without actually spending much soap.

3) Sensor tap

Main advantages of sensor taps are quite convincing: easy to operate and water saving, yet durable, vandalproof and also available in the finest finishes.

4) Automatic electric hand dryer

Where noise levels are not relevant and the appliance can receive a power source, a hand dryer is a more energy efficient, hygienic or just simply effortless solution than a paper towel dispenser. Between the two models of hand dryers on the market, we recommend the hands-under type for accessible toilets.

5) Hand dryer wall guards preventing wet floors

The evapor8 is a new patented invention that absorbs excess water from the hand dryer and then quickly dries out, leaving walls and floors hazard free.

6) Bathroom waste bin

Manually opening a bathroom waste bin is an unappealing action. Disposal units without a lid might fill the area with disgusting odours and, for whatever reason, the mechanism in pedal bins is too often unresponsive. What model to choose then? Consider a container with half-open lid or with a self-closing lid.

We could think of other ways of adjusting sanitary facilities to most visitors, like placing other bathroom fittings at an easy to reach distance such as door hooks or toilet brushes. When space is at a premium, bear in mind that some accessories have recessed versions; although they require in wall space, their projection is lower.

Some of our suggestions will not always be possible due to amount of traffic, budget restrictions, location dimensions or product availability in your country. Likewise, we must mention that not all users are used to automatic appliances and some consumables are not as common as others, for example the market of hand liquid soap is a more competitive market than the foaming soap one.

We invite you to check our different product categories to find the most suitable product for your needs. Apart from the products listed in this article, we also supply bathroom grab rails, folding baby changing tables or vanity mirrors . Our catalogue is still growing, so please do not hesitate to contact us for any query. Note as well that we have special discounts for wholesalers, contractors, charities or schools.

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