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Washroom Bathroom Ranges And Collections

  • Luminosa Designer

    Practical and with a clean design, made from high-quality materials. Ensures quality and aesthetics in any environment. It’s been manufactured using a special soft-touch, scratchproof plastic that maintains a flawless new look for longer than standard dispensers.

  • Luminosa Soft Touch Coloured Edition

    The Luminosa Coloured Edition offers a refreshing and stylish way to personalise your bathroom. These products have an almost ‘velvety’ surface that is extremely pleasant for the skin and stands out from traditional bath materials in both texture as well aesthetic appeal. The Coloured Edition is a must-have for those who want to make an impact. With its multi-sensory dispensers and bright colours, it will grab people’s attention right away. Choose one colour or combine them to give a great effect.

  • Luminosa ReGen Recycled

    These washroom accessories are designed using innovative technology that reduces the environmental impact of manufacturing. The plastic waste obtained from other product processing is recycled into new plastic pellets, which are in turn used to produce these dispensers. The collection's appearance is inspired by a "by the sea" theme, utilising a refined turquoise with elegant glass feel texture.

  • Carbon Neutral

    Together with ClimatePartner (, The manufacturers have measured the carbon emissions that occur during the manufacture through raw materials, packaging, logistics and disposal: this is known as the Product Carbon Footprint. They have then, where possible, avoided and reduced their CO2 emissions. They've also offset all unavoidable CO2 emissions with climate-friendly alternatives. As a result of this, the selected products are certified carbon neutral.

  • Vivo Stainless Steel

    The Vivo Stainless Steel Series provides a great variety of matching accessories that will compliment any high finish commercial washrooms. An ideal installation for those washrooms looking to give a pristine feel to the environment as it will provide a clean, modest and neutral finish, not clashing with your washrooms current aesthetics.

  • Vivo Graphite

    The Vivo Graphite Series provides a great variety of matching accessories that compliment high finish commercial washrooms. An ideal installation for those washrooms looking to add a distinguished feel to the area as it will provide a stylish yet subtle finish.

  • Vivo Platinum

    For complete washroom hygiene and cleanliness, look no further than the Vivo Platinum Series. Crafted from the finest grade of stainless steel, these washroom accessories are designed to offer longevity, elegance and quality.

  • Vivo Element

    The VIVO Element range are a minimalist design with a black and brushed satin stainless steel plated finish. With its minimalist good looks, subtle refill window and clean stainless steel finish, they are an attractive addition to any washroom.

  • Vivo Halo

    The Vivo Halo series will provide an innovative and contemporary design to all washrooms. The array of colours available in addition to the great quality and resistance ABS bestows, the Vivo Halo Series is the perfect accessory to a high finish washroom.

  • Bobrick Fino Collection

    The Fino Collection is an exceptional design line of washroom accessories.

    Designed and built with high-quality satin finish stainless steel material, seamless construction, well-defined edges and concealed hardware. Fino offers the perfect balance of function and design sensibility.

  • Bobrick TrimlineSeries

    The Bobrick TrimLine Series offers a sleek, minimalist washroom product design. The products feature 90-degree angles on all exterior and interior corners and openings to conceal flanges and give simplicity. The TrimLineSeries™ is both suitable for prestigious locations and standard locations due to their suitability for locations with regular traffic that may take light abuse. Their pure design provides added affordability.

  • Mediclinics Harmonia

    Made with high quality AISI 304 stainless steel, the Mediclinics Harmonia Series adds style and elegance to any washroom. The products give a modern and smart design to any bathroom and are highly recommended for hotels, restaurants and the home. The whole range brings resistance, elegance and functionality.

  • Mediclinics Aura

    Made from high-quality AISI 304 stainless steel with a modern and elegant design, the Mediclinics Aura series of bathroom accessories are ideal for hotels, restaurants or domestic bathrooms. Resistance, elegance and functionality as standard.

  • Behind Mirror Bathroom / Washroom Range

    We supply bathroom appliances and accessories designed to be placed behind the mirror or other surfaces, generally fixed in line with base of cabinet. Our concealed bathroom fittings are slim and made of durable stainless steel, a great option for limited space or minimalist commercial washrooms.

  • DELABIE Black Magic

    The black magic series represents a functional and stylish range that is specifically designed for public and commercial washrooms.

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