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Warranty Policy

You have the right to return a hand dryer within a reasonable period of time as per the sales of goods act, please note: we will when possibly repair the product, if this is not possible, we will then offer a replacement or a refund should no replacement be available.

Please follow these steps if you want to return a faulty product for an inspection by our Warranty Technicians:

  1. Contact us here
  2. We’ll send you a form to complete and a returns number.  
  3. Package your product and send it back to us.  

Please see our terms and conditions below. 

Please keep all the warranty information that accompanies your item, as this will be needed should there be a fault. Please note if an item is faulty, unless specified we provide a free of charge replacement; electrical installation and uninstallation costs are not covered. 

The warranties do not apply to any defect in the Products arising from your negligence, damage caused by you, accident, use otherwise than in accordance with its intended use, failure to follow manufacturers or our instructions or any alteration or repair carried out without our written approval. 

We shall arrange for a faulty hand dryer to be collected at our cost, however If you return an item and it is found not to be faulty you may be liable for the costs of collection, inspection and returning the hand dryer back to you. 

If you are in need of a hand dryer before returning the faulty unit, we will require an advanced replacement fee or an advanced replacement PO (for wholesalers) which will be the cost of the replacement hand dryer as a deposit until the faulty unit is received back to us. We shall then send out a replacement hand dryer once this payment or PO has been received. Once the faulty unit is ready for collection, we shall arrange this at our cost. When the faulty hand dryer has been inspected by our service team, and is deemed faulty, a full refund of the advanced replacement fee or credit for the PO will be issued within 14days of the inspection date. Please note, if the returned hand dryer is not deemed faulty, we reserve the right to send it back to you and not refund the advanced replacement fee for the replacement unit. You have 10days from the issue of the new hand dryer to return the faulty hand dryer. If after 10days we have still not received the faulty unit, we will deduct 25% of the deposit as an admin fee and also deduct the cost of collecting the faulty unit before issuing a refund on return of the faulty unit. 

Please note, if we are arranging collection of your return/faulty hand dryer we will let you know the date this will happen. If when the courier arrives the hand dryer is not available to be collected we will charge you a failed collection charge of £15 ex VAT. Therefore please let us know if the hand dryer will not be available to collect on the stated day allocated to you. 

Please note that the separate terms and conditions apply for hand dryers shipped to outside the UK. We can ship hand dryers to Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Belgium, Greece and Eastern Europe. All prices are subject to additional shipping costs. Faulty items can be returned, the cost of which will be refunded if the fault is deemed to be mechanical rather than due to misuse. 

If the Products are damaged on delivery, incomplete or not what you ordered, please notify us via email/phone straight away and in any event within 24 hours of receiving the item/s, we will be unable to refund/replace any product if notified outside of this period. At our option we will repair or replace the Product or refund its cost to you. We may ask for photos to be provided for insurance purposes, as SMART phones with camera functions are now commonplace.

Definitions of our warranty types:

On Site: An engineer will visit the location of the hand dryer and either fix on site or arrange for a replacement. It includes any parts that may be required and the labour time of the engineer whilst on site.

Parts and Labour: This is an offsite warranty, where the unit will need to be returned to us if a fault occurs for inspection and repair. This covers the cost of any parts required to repair the unit and the time taken by an engineer at our facilities to inspect and/or fix the unit

On Site / Parts and Labour Split: This is a split warranty of the “on site” and “parts and labour” defined above. This means that for a certain period the unit will be covered by the on-site warranty and after this the parts and labour part of the warranty will come into place.

Extended / Enhanced Available: For an additional charge, we offer upgrades from parts and labour to on-site guarantees or extended duration over our standard offering. Please contact us to discuss with a member of the team for more information.

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