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How do I place an order?

  1. Browse the website, click on the products picture / ‘Buy’ / ‘View’ / title to take you to the product page. 
  2. Take note of the product options for size / model / colour / quantity, select where appropriate. 
  3. Once you’re happy with your selection, click 'Add to Cart' to add the product to your basket. 
  4. View your cart content by hovering your cursor over ‘My Cart’ on the top bar a drop-down menu will reveal what’s currently in the cart. You can also view the cart total. 
  5. At this point you can go straight to checkout, view the contents of your basket, or continue shopping. 
  6. Click on 'Checkout' in your cart drop-down menu. 
  7. You will be prompted to checkout through PayPal or by logging into your account; if you have not registered with us yet, please follow the simple and quick registration process which will enable us to process your order 

Here you will see the 5 simple steps which you will take to finalise your order: 

  • Order Details – Add your billing address or if you’re a returning customer, log into your account.  
  • Delivery Information - Select the delivery address from the drop-down menu, or select 'Ship to a different address' to add an alternative 
  • Shipping Method - Select shipping method. The freight charge will then be displayed in your basket. 
  • Payment Information - Select to pay by credit card or Paypal. You may then enter your payment details. 
  • Order Review - Here you can see the details you have given, what your order contains and how much it will cost. There, all sorted!

We aim to make the ordering experience as simple as possible, but we're aware that issues do arise from time to time. If you have any questions and queries, or just want to order over the telephone, please contact our customer service team on 0114 354 0047.

When placing your order, please provide full contact details: email and telephone number. Failure to do so may result in your order being delayed, or in some instances being returned to Intelligent.


General Delivery Information

Here at Intelligent we pride ourselves on our fast delivery, making sure you get your orders as quickly and easily as possible. Below is some information on how we get your goods to you and how much it will cost, no matter where you live in the world.  

All orders over £100 ex VAT are FREE delivery to UK mainland addresses. Orders under this amount will be charged at £4.99 ex VAT. Guaranteed Next Working Day delivery or a weekend delivery are available as priced on the website. 

Orders placed on business working days (Monday - Friday) before 15:00 will be dispatched to arrive during the next business working day(s).  This includes guaranteed next day, guaranteed next day pre 12 and guaranteed next day before 10.30.  E.G. an order placed on a Friday before 15:00 requiring guaranteed next day will be dispatched to arrive the following Monday.  If you are requiring a weekend delivery you will need to select the relevant delivery method before 15:00 on a Friday. 

Orders placed on non-business days (Saturday and Sunday) will be processed on a Monday (except Bank Holidays) and treated as an order placed Monday before 15:00. This includes guaranteed next day, guaranteed next day pre 12 and guaranteed next day before 10.30 

Please note that all orders that require international deliveries outside of the UK, including Republic of Ireland, will be subject to an international delivery charge, which will be added to your order once the delivery address has been entered at checkout. Our international delivery charge only applies to deliveries inside the EU zone 1-3. Anything outside of this may require a separate transportation quote. You will be contacted in this instance.  

The products will be delivered to the address you give when you place your order however we reserve the right not to make deliveries outside of the United Kingdom. 

Please help us deliver your order as efficiently as possible by providing a telephone number (preferably a mobile number) and direct email when placing your order on our website. This way our parcel carriers can contact you, should they need to, on the day of your delivery. Also, the telephone number and email are required for Customs and providing one will speed up clearance and delivery of your parcel - this is particularly important for our customers outside the United Kingdom. 

For more information on delivery, please see our terms and conditions.


Is installation available?

Yes it is! Please view more information about our installation service here

What is a fused spur and do I need one?

Fused spurs are commonly used as an alternative to a conventional socket, for the installation of powerful electrical appliances that can be installed without a plug, such as ovens, washing machines, electric heaters, dishwashers, fridges, and so on. For safety and maintenance purposes, these sorts of appliances may require installation on a separate cable from the ring main. All hand dryers in the UK have to be installed into a dedicated fused spur.

Are hand dryers an easy install for electricians?

This varies on your location and also the type of install.  If there is no fused spur on your wall this would cost more. Please call us on 0114 3540047 or 0203 3270448 or contact us via email / live chat to quote a firm price on installations.

Are hand dryers an easy install for electricians?

Yes, hand dryers are an easy install for most commercial electricians. The instructions for install that come with most dryers should be incredibly useful for your contractor too. Don't forget that each hand dryer has to have a dedicated fused spur to be installed into.


General Warranty Information

We state the length of guarantee available on each specific product page. We offer the longest guarantees available in the industry, on-site breakdown cover options, 100% satisfaction guarantees and spare parts to help fix units quickly. Please see our aftercare information here.

Please also see our Warranty Policy here


Can I return my product?

Yes you can! We understand that there's a need to return items from time to time. Whether this be due to a fault or that the product doesn't match your expectations. That's why we offer a 90 day returns. Please see our returns section here which also has information about our warranty policy.


Can I rent your products?

Yes you can! For more information please see our rental section here.

Do you offer rental services to Individuals?

We only offer our rental services to other businesses or merchants.

Do you rent to customers outside the UK?

We only offer our rental services to our UK customers only.

What is the minimum and maximum rental period?

The minimum rental period if 3years and the maximum is 5years. If you’d like to extend this, you can contact us to discuss this.

Can I choose the model of hand dryer?

Yes, you can! Contact us if you have a particular unit in mind or to discuss your requirements and we'll give you some great choices.

Can I test a hand dryer before renting?

Yes, you can. Free trials of on loan equipment will last for two weeks only. It is the customers responsibility to advise the company should they not wish to take up the service. Should no advice be received, an invoice will be raised and a contract sent out.

What do I need to be eligible to rent?

We need your approval to credit check you and we will decide your eligibility to rent with us based on your credit history.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept payment by Direct Debit, Standing Order and on invoice. We use a third-party Direct Debit platform and customers who pay on invoice will need to pay invoices on the invoice date. We will set up an automatic recurring invoice.

How much deposit is required?

We collect an advanced payment of the first 3, 6 or 9 months on the rental. The duration is determined based on your credit history.

Do you install hand dryers?

Yes, we can install your dryers for you. You can contact our customer service team on 0114 3540047 and they will guide on what is required.

What do I do in the event of a breakdown?

Your rental contract includes On-site Breakdown Cover with us. You can contact us once you have any issues with your dryers, we will either send down an engineer to you or collect the dryer for assessment. Once we can establish that the issue is not as a result of vandalism or lack of care, we will repair or replace free of charge. If the issue is however due to either of the above stated reason, we can still repair or replace but this will come with a charge including carriage and admin costs. 

What should I do when my contract is coming to an end?

You can contact us at least 3 months before the end of the contract to inform us that your contract is coming to an end and we can discuss the termination with you.

Can I buy out a hand dryer from a rental contract?

Yes, you can, however this will be categorised under early termination which implies that all cost for the unexpired portion of the contract and those incurred since start date will be paid. In addition to this, the dryer will be valued based on the level of use since the start of the contract and this amount will need to be paid.

Can I put a contract on hold?

The reason for a request such as this will be evaluated and decision will be made at our discretion.  To put an order on hold, you’ll be required to sign a Contract Extension Agreement which states that your rental period will be extended by the same duration with which it was put on hold.

Can I amend or cancel my rental contract?

We allow amendment on a rental contract, but for easy processing, we will set up a new contract and payment on products added to the contract. Products reduced on a contract can maintain the same contract but we will set up a new payment for customers paying by direct debit as our platform does not allow amendment of verified payment.

Early termination or cancellation of a rental contract before completion of the contract term, you will be required to pay the cost of service equal to the unexpired portion of the contract plus any other cost incurred on the contract from the start date.

To terminate a contract at full term, you will be required to give us notice at least 3 months to the termination date, otherwise the contract automatically renews for the next 12 months.

Credit Accounts & Bulk Discounts

Do you offer credit accounts?

Here at Intelligent Facility Solutions, we offer a standard 30days Net credit term from the invoice date and the credit limit offered is accessed on case-to-case basis. Other credit terms such as 30day End of Month, 60days Net are available but these are granted on case-to-case as well. 

You can make a request for the application form at the point of placing your order, by calling our office on 01143540047 or send an email to and an application link will be sent to you which can be completed and submitted online. 

Once your application has been received, we will carry out a credit check and make decision based on your credit history and report. 

If your credit application is approved, we will send you an approval letter which will include an agreed credit limit. 

If your credit application is declined, we will inform you likewise via an email, hence you will need to make an upfront payment for your order through Pro-forma or our website. 

We review business with our trade customer regularly and the approved credit term or limit can be amended based on our business with you from the time of approval or last review. 

Are trade discounts or help with price available?

In the trade? We can help you with price! Contact us using any method here or call our friendly team on 0114 3540047 / 0203 3270448 to let us discuss with you your requirements for a particular project.

For more information about how we partner and help specific industries please see the following links below:

Installers & Contractors


Facility Managers

General Product Information

Hand Dryer: What is a fused spur?

Fused spurs are commonly used as an alternative to a conventional socket, for the installation of powerful electrical appliances that can be installed without a plug, such as ovens, washing machines, electric heaters, dishwashers, fridges, and so on. For safety and maintenance purposes, these sorts of appliances may require installation on a separate cable from the ring main. All hand dryers in the UK have to be installed into a dedicated fused spur.

Hand Dryer: What will the UV light in a hand dryer do?

There are UV lights added in certain hand dryers to safely help kill virus and bacteria from within the dryer over a prolonged period of time. They help keep the insides of the dryers or HEPA filters clean. This is not to be confused with a blue light that may be shone on the hands during the drying time. This is purely a light to guide the user to the airflow to aid drying efficiency and contains no UV properties.

Hand Dryer: Will the heater element make a difference?

It only makes fractional differences in speed of dry. The modern high speed models don't need to rely on a heater element to evaporate the water, the speed of the air flow does the job a lot more efficiently. The heat is primarily a psychological / comfort feature. One of the main reasons hand dryers don't include a heater element or they have the ability to switch it off is without the heater on they are so much more energy efficient. This means better for the environment but also cheaper to run. The heat generated from the motor usually does enough to heat the airflow to a comfortable level anyway and as already said the pros of not having one certainly out way the cons of a seconds quicker dry time.

Hand Dryer: General maintenance advice

A well-maintained dryer will increase its lifespan! We’ve created a helpful maintenance guide to make sure you get the very best performance from your new dryer. See full guide here

General: What does the IP mean?

The IP rating (Ingress Protection) is separated into 2 – the first number and the second.  The higher the first number, the better the intrusion resistance from solids or protection from people being able to make contact with moving parts.  The higher the second number – the higher the moisture resistance. For more information about this please read this blog article What Does The IP Rating of a Hand Dryer Mean? here

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