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Bars & Restaurants

Create the perfect hospitality washroom with Intelligent Hand Dryers

In an environment where food, drinks, and perishable goods are handled daily, hygiene is key. It is essential to creating a positive experience for guests, maintaining the reputation of your business and reducing cross-contamination risks. With this in mind, it’s essential to provide washroom facilities that meet the needs of your business.

Professional services and hand dryers for restaurants

Here at Intelligent Hand Dryers, we have all the tools and experience needed to curate a luxurious, sanitary washroom for any hospitality business, including premium washroom products and hand dryers for restaurants. We are passionate about quality, stocking high-quality products by a range of industry-leading brands, so you can be confident you are investing in the best for your cafe, bar or restaurant.

Want to get started? Contact us today to learn how we can help you create the ultimate experience for guests, clients, and staff.

Nothing loses guests faster than an unclean washroom, so it’s important to invest time in creating a facility that meets the specific demands of your bar or restaurant.

Commercial taps, dispensers, and hand dryers for restaurants

Intelligent Hand Dryers offers all the expert advice and products you need to create a professional washroom that meets your hygiene requirements, whether for a restaurant, bar, or another commercial setting.  

Every bar and restaurant has unique requirements; however, we’re confident we’ve got products to suit your specific needs and provide your clients with a luxurious experience, from hand dryers for restaurants to professional sensor tapssoap dispensers, and more. 

Hand dryers for bars and restaurants

Our hand dryer range offers cutting-edge designs that are as durable as efficient, including high-speed, blade, and low-noise hand dryers for restaurants. We’ve carefully curated our collections to offer the best hand dryers for your bar or hospitality business, ensuring optimum performance and an experience that exceeds every hygiene expectation.  

Still trying to figure out where to start? Check out our range of hand dryer best sellers for sought-after designs by businesses worldwide!

Professional washroom facilities

We are deeply committed to helping our customers, starting by understanding their specific wants and needs and those of their staff, clients, and customers.

Contact us today for expert advice moulded to your vision and infuse your washroom with luxury with Intelligent Hand Dryers

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