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Cold Air vs Hot Air Hand Dryers – Which is better?

Cold Air vs Hot Air Hand Dryers – Which is better?

We have already ascertained in other blogs that hand dryers are equally as hygienic as paper towels and offer considerable environmental, cost and maintenance benefits over other drying methods. But are there differences in how hand dryers dry? We ask whether cold air or hot air drying is the best.

What is a Hot Hand Dryer?

When most people think of a hot air hand dryer, they think of a traditional slow airflow motor (0.15kw to 0.4kw) with high heat (1 to 2kw). Conjuring images similar to this dryer.

Traditional hot air hand dryers work by using a coiled heater element to rapidly heat up the airflow generated by the rotating motor.

We have all put our hands under a faulty hot air machine and almost burned our hands! (Children, in particular, can be very sensitive to this). This happens because either the airflow isn’t significant enough to stop the air from overheating or the heater element is not being controlled.

Ultradry Pro 1

What is a Cold Hand Dryer?

Historically, all dryers were hot air hand dryers until 2006, when Dyson came along and completely turned conventional design on its head. They removed the heater element and focused on airflow speed and dynamics to create a faster, more efficient dry. Other models quickly followed.

Cold air hand dryers work using a high revolution motor, similar to a vacuum which generates far greater airspeeds, this literally forces the water from a person’s hands. These motors also generate their own heat.

Can you combine the two types of Hand Dryer?

Yes, a lot of modern electric hand dryers have high-speed motors and employ only moderate heater elements that consume as little as 0.2Kw. These heater elements are capable of overheating and consume much less energy but do provide extra comfort and some evaporation that improves dry times.

Many models now have the functionality to turn the heat on/off to suit or intelligent heating systems that activate the heater elements only when the air temperature falls below a certain level.

The Top 3 Cold Air Hand Dryers

They are all Dyson. Dyson are the only company that generates sufficient motor speed from the first activation to generate enough heat to be comfortable, other cold air models need to be in operation for longer.

  1. Dyson Airblade V
  2. Dyson Airblade Tap
  3. Dyson Airblade 9kj

The Top 3 Hot Air Hand Dryers

Forget traditional models, they are expensive to run, take longer to dry and are not as good for the environment. They also pose a greater risk when faulty. Our top 3 hot air hand dryers all have optional heat settings and have more effective airflow dynamics and evaporation.

  1. Mediclinics Machflow
  2. Mitsubishi Wave u02 Jet Towel Smart
  3. Dryflow Bulletdri

Still not sure whether a hot air or cold air hand dryer is right for you, try going to our main hand dryer section and filtering to the right product, use of hand dryer guide or call one of our friendly experts on 0114 3540047 .

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