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Guide: How to Choose a Commercial Toilet Roll Holder

Guide: How to Choose a Commercial Toilet Roll Holder

Devoting a few minutes to research the main types and possible extras of every washroom product positively impacts on cost saving, durability, maintenance, décor and, of course, users’ satisfaction. For instance, the market offers a varied range of toilet roll holders in order to adapt such a toilet fitting to light duty or high traffic commercial bathrooms, as well as from traditional to contemporary washrooms.

Toilet users and sanitary facilities

Location and visitors determine, to a great extent, which toilet roll holder should be chosen, so we have to start the search by answering these five questions:

What type of users does the toilet have? Interleaved toilet tissue dispensers, for instance, might be more suitable for children or those with dexterity issues than toilet roll holders.

How many people will use the toilet every day? Once we have this figure, we should multiply it by the average amount of paper each person uses.

How often can staff replenish the paper? It is essential to estimate if cleaners can refill the toilet roll dispenser every X hours, daily or X times a week.

How much space is there available? Analyse the area bearing in mind other washroom fittings as well as the mobility and comfort of visitors.

What is the style of the bathroom? Surfaces, colours and ambiance of the surroundings will also influence the decision.

Types of toilet roll holders

Whether looking for the simplest toilet roll holder or multiroll dispensers for commercial buildings, it might be helpful to consider the following concepts, all quite much intertwined:

Toilet paper

  • New : recycled paper is a more sustainable and affordable option.
  • Layers : one can decide between 1 ply or 2 ply sheet, the latter being generally thicker, softer and more expensive.
  • Dispensing :

Toilet roll dispensers for mini and jumbo rolls are the most common choice for now in commercial washrooms.

Interleaved toilet tissue (multiflat or bulk pack paper) can reduce paper waste and avoid bacteria transfer, so it looks advisable for hospitals and schools.

Like a model in between, centrefeed toilet paper dispensers cut the roll in sheets, only allowing to pull and touch the tissue that is going to used.

  • Quantity of paper : a jumbo toilet roll has almost 5 times more paper than a standard roll. One can find up to three different sizes of jumbo toilet roll dispensers depending on the roll size they accept: mini jumbo (220- 250 mm roll diameter), midi jumbo ( 250 -270mm) or maxi jumbo ( 290 -330mm).
  • Core : standard and jumbo types have cardboard rolls, but there are as well cored or corematic rolls which gain space and, therefore, dispense more paper.

Number of dispensing points

Mounting and dimensions

  • Fixed to the wall: attached to the surface or recessed, most of them come with concealed fixings.
  • Screwless alternatives:
    • Freestanding toilet roll holder on the floor.
    • Self-adhesive: in restrooms with low traffic, toilet roll holders can just be stuck to the wall.
    • Hanging from an object, for example from a grab rail.


  • Usually their shapes are square or round (roll), both generally enclosed.
  • With lid: single toilet roll holders may have a hood to ease dispensing and to control paper waste.

Materials, finishes and styles

  • The classic and cheapest option is a plastic toilet roll holder, which can come in nearly any colour.
  • Retro or old fashioned toilet roll holders tend to be those made of wood, bronze, ceramic or porcelain. Two particular layouts of toilet roll holders are worth mentioning: the volutes of the French style and the robustness of the Victorian style.
  • In modern and corporate washrooms, stainless steel toilet roll holders are the first choice in prestige toilets due to its durability over time. They can have a polished surface (nickel or chrome plated) or a brushed surface.
  • Luxury toilets use more refined metals like gold or even diamonds.

Resistance to vandalism

The most usual feature to avoid misuse is a lock system in the toilet roll dispenser. There are other practical measures like theft-resistant spindles.

Paper waste prevention

Besides cost saving designs like interleaved toilet tissue dispensers, other commercial toilet roll holder s include mechanisms to control expenses, such as limited rotation, brakes or retractable pins.

Any feature that makes replenishment simpler and quicker should be valued too when choosing a commercial toilet roll holder, such as including a level indicator . Likewise, accessories to store the toilet paper might be interesting, especially in domestic or light duty washrooms; for example, one can purchase spare roll holders.

Towelmate helps reduce paper towel usage

We encourage you to read carefully any product description to check specifications like paper compatibility or extras provided like keys. If you have any query or question about our toilet roll holders or any other bathroom fitting, do not hesitate to contact us. Note that we supply a wide range of items for commercial areas, like soap dispensers, baby changing tables or sensor taps , with discounts for contractors, wholesalers, charities and schools.

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