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2022 Review – Mediclinics Machflow Brushless Hand Dryer M19A

2022 Review – Mediclinics Machflow Brushless Hand Dryer M19A

Mediclinics Machflow Plus

The Machflow PLUS Brushless was released into the UK market on the 5th September 2021. It builds upon the previous Machflow model by introducing a range of upgrades including a long life digital brushless motor, a plug-in easy installation system and added hygiene features such as HEPA filter and ioniser. It is also soon to be the first, hand dryer using patented industrial grade bio-plastics to lower the environmental impact created during production and incorporate re-use of quality controlled components. So how does it compare?

A fantastic product with little that can be improved on. Super-fast, low-energy, lasts forever, bomb-proof, low environmental impact, added hygiene. One of the only products to have an easy plug-in installation system making it easy to take off wall to clean, service or repair without an electrician. 

If you have a high-traffic location or just want your hand dryer to really last, this European manufactured product is for you. Great for large sites where you want to standardise one product as you can use the basic model in low traffic locations and the plug-in system in busier locations.

£559.00 + VAT


Mediclinics Machflow Plus - Value

This is not a low-cost hand dryer, however, it scores well on overall value because it has a 20-year guarantee and is capable of withstanding even the highest footfall. Value needs to be looked at in the context of environmental cost; buying a product that lasts and pays attention to lowering its carbon footprint during production makes up a part of that value. You are likely to have to pay for and dispose of 5 units priced at around the £100 mark before this dryer reaches the end of its life, plus countless electrician’s costs. If you also consider that a Dyson HU02 is over £550 + VAT, the Machflow PLUS Brushless unit represents great value.

Mediclinics Machflow Plus - Speed

The Machflow PLUS Brushless Hand Dryer produced a consistent 12 second dry time during our in-house tests . 10 seconds is the best time any dryer has ever performed in our test.

Mediclinics Machflow Plus - Efficiency

Calculating the energy efficiency of a dryer depends on 2 things, rated power and the dry speed. This dryer is adjustable so has a rated power of between 0.25kw and 1.1kw and dry times between 12 and 23 seconds, this equates to 1.04 – 3.06 watt/hours per dry. To give you an idea, that would mean 4800 dries possible per £1 spent on electricity compared to 143 dries per £1 spent on paper towels.

Mediclinics Machflow Plus - Quiet operation

The Machflow PLUS brushless is not a quiet dryer on full power , however, it is fully adjustable, so where noise is an issue it can be reduced to low levels.

Mediclinics Machflow Plus - Vandal resistance

Bomb proof. Nothing to grab hold of, solid construction. Earlier models stood up well to life in pubs and clubs. Designed for the UK market.

Mediclinics Machflow Plus - Life expectancy

In the top 2-3 dryers for life expectancy. This is a product that will last and is fully supported in the long-term by its 20-year warranty.

Mediclinics Machflow Plus and the environment

Mediclinics are the first manufacturer where we have managed to change their policy and look to re-use quality-controlled parts. Manufacturing and raw materials are the biggest generator of our carbon emissions, so the more we can do to REUSE the better. They are also the first to trial industrial bio-plastic material in their range, lowering the environmental impact of some components by x6 and reducing overall impact by 20%. All our products are carbon neutral. This product would be expected to be more beneficial for the environment than using paper towels after just 1900 uses when you consider the impact of production then use.

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