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Review 2022 – Dryflow® Elite Mark II Hand Dryer

Review 2022 – Dryflow® Elite Mark II Hand Dryer

Dryflow® Elite Mark II

The Dryflow Elite Mark II is another British-designed hand dryer developed to last the life of a commercial building. Available in White, Polished Chrome, or Brushed Satin Stainless Steel. It is positioned as an attractive, quiet, slim-line, and long-life hand dryer.

We really like this dryer especially for locations designed for children or people with sensory needs. In fact, anywhere that requires a quiet yet effective dryer. It is worth noting, it is only 10cm deep so ideal for washrooms with limited space and particularly for baby change and disabled facilities. The other real positives are its incredible lifespan, vandal resistance, and low energy consumption. It also looks fantastic, a very elegant-looking dryer! 

 There is a clear place in the market for this product, we are mainly thinking museums, younger age group schools, nice restaurants with toilets close to dining areas, libraries and near meeting rooms. We don’t hesitate to recommend it.

From £399.99 + VAT

The Dryflow® Elite Mark II - Value

At £399.99 + VAT the Dryflow Elite Mark II is an upper mid-priced, ‘hands under hand dryer’. For this price, we expect a high-quality piece of equipment and it’s fair to say the Elite doesn’t disappoint. We believe this dryer represents good overall value given the reasons stated below.

The Dryflow® Elite Mark II - Dry speed

The Elite Mark II appears to score really badly on speed but that is more a reflection of how fast some other dryers have become than the dryer itself. The manufacturer states a 17-second dry time and we concur, our tests achieved an average 18-22 second dry time. This is a perfectly acceptable speed for most users.

The Dryflow® Elite Mark II - Energy efficiency

Calculating the energy efficiency of a dryer depends on 2 things, rated power and the dry speed. The Dryflow Elite Mark II has a rated power of 1kw and a per dry consumption of 4.72 watt/hours according to the manufacturer. Given the slightly longer dry times we tested, the per dry consumption may be a little higher, however, this remains good in comparison with traditional dryers that use 20-30 watt/hours per dry. 1058 dries possible per £1 spent on electricity compared to 143 dries per £1 spent on paper towels ,which is a 96% saving vs paper towels.

The Dryflow® Elite Mark II - Quiet operation

The manufacturer states 70 dB(A). Now it is worth noting that hand dryers are often louder in real environments than the test data shows, this is because the acoustics in tiled washrooms often amplify the sound. Also, really high-powered dryers often get a little louder when the airflow comes into contact with the hands. We found the Dryflow Elite Mark II hand dryer remained at a constant 70 db(A) under normal conditions. This is excellent for an effective dryer, in a real-life environment and makes it suitable for young children and those particularly sensitive to noise. It has been officially recognised by Quiet Mark. In addition to being quiet, the Dryflow Elite Mark II hand dryer has a smooth sound quality that doesn’t startle those with more sensitive hearing.

The Dryflow® Elite Mark II - Vandal resistance

An incredibly tough, slim-line hand dryer, you will be hard-pressed to find a dryer as secure and vandal-resistant as this one. Thick casing, steel back-plate, anti-vandal screws, and cover attachment, plus it’s very hard to get any grip or leverage on it. Ideal for areas where vandalism could be an issue.

The Dryflow® Elite Mark II - Life expectancy

Exceptional! The motor itself is expected to last 2 million-plus cycles and is covered by a 7-year warranty. The build quality is superb.

The Dryflow® Elite Mark II and the environment

Any product that is built to last as the Dryflow Elite Mark II scores highly from an environmental perspective. If looked after this dryer can easily last 20 years in many locations, a lower quality dryer may need replacing 5 times over during that period. The embedded emissions in the product are comparatively low at 19.22 kg/CO2. It’s considerately packaged in cardboard with limited plastic used to protect the cover.

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