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The importance of ventilation in the workplace.

The importance of ventilation in the workplace.


If you haven’t really thought about ventilation at work, or it’s something that been put on the back burner until now, then maybe it is time you made sure your workplace is well ventilated.

Having good ventilation in a frequently used indoor space has always been really important for our health and wellbeing . Ensuring that the air flow is regularly renewed, and that fresh air is coming into the workplace, will make sure that any air pollutants lingering around in the air are filtered out as quickly as possible . These air pollutants could include: CO2, dust, or mould. All which can cause serious short- and long-term effects on people’s health.

Clean air and well-being are closely linked

We need fresh air for everything! Some benefits include :

  • Improves blood pressure and heart rate
  • Good for your digestive system
  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Cleans your lungs
  • Gives your more energy and focus
  • Makes you happier

So, with all that considered, bringing fresh air into your workplace can improve both the physical health of employees, but also their mental health and their ability to focus.

Good ventilation also ensures that any bacteria, viruses, or germs in the air are also filtered out, including common viruses. Good ventilation contributes towards minimising the risks of transmission in the workplace.

Ventilation in the workplace

But how do I ventilate my workplace?

Opening doors and windows is the easiest way to get fresh air flowing into the space, but of course, this isn’t always possible. Windows and doors might not be that accessible or limited. And then with the cold and wet weather setting in, it’s not always ideal to have your doors and windows open.

Many places will have heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems that circulates existing air in the workplace. These systems are the cheaper option, compared to more sophisticated systems that pump in fresh air . However, with the pandemic on all our minds, it’s not ideal to have a system that just moves around the air already in the space. Nothing is being filtered out.

The obvious solution would be to change your ventilation system to one that pumps in fresh air and filters out the existing air. However, costs are another thing that’s on all our minds, so this may not be a solution for all.

This is where air sterilisers come in. These are small devices that eliminate odours, bacteria, viruses, and mould, using a technology which creates UV light, ozone and negatively charged ions. These elements already exist in the environment so are completely safe to use for filtering and disinfection purposes.

Air sterilisers are ideal for washrooms and/or transient areas, especially those without windows. They may not be able to pump in fresh air, but they do regularly clean the air in that space for you – another step in promoting the highest level of hygiene and safety in your workplace. And they’re a lot cheaper than bringing in a whole new ventilation system!

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