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Review 2023 – Dryflow® BulletDri Hand Dryer

Review 2023 – Dryflow® BulletDri Hand Dryer

Dryflow Bulletdri

Please note this is a review of the standard Bulletdri hand dryer, not the extra long-life, brushless motor version. 

The Bulletdri is an ADA (American Disabilities Act) compliant hand dryer due to its ultra, slim-line cover. Measuring just 10cm in depth and available in Black, Polished Chrome, White and Brushed Stainless. It is a conventional, high-speed model with a powerful 32,000 rpm motor forcing concentrated air onto the hands. It is mid-priced and marketed as being suitable for almost all locations due to its lifespan, durability, performance and adjustable settings. 

£179.90 + VAT


The Dryflow BulletDri - Value

At just £179 + vat this is an affordable dryer for most locations that delivers against all the main criteria. The 5 year guarantee and lifetime free repairs make it a particularly ‘good value’ choice.

The Dryflow BulletDri - Speed

There is no doubt the Bulletdri is fast, the manufacturer states 10-12 seconds and even under the most stringent testing it delivers a hygienic dry in under 15 seconds. There are 4-5 faster dryers on the market, but with the exception of the Jetdri they are all considerably more expensive.

The Dryflow BulletDri - Efficiency

The energy efficiency of a dryer is measured by taking the rated power of the device and the dry speed to calculate the consumption per dry. 

The Bulletdri has a rated power between 0.55kw and 1k so the consumption per dry is within a range from 1.83 to 4.16 watt/hours if we take the slowest dry times we measured. To put this into context, the Dyson airblade ab14 uses 4.44 watts per dry, a traditional uses 20-30 watts per dry and the best available uses 1-2 watt/hours. 

The cost of drying 1000 pairs of hands with this dryer is 30-50p , this is a 97% saving against paper towels.

The Dryflow BulletDri - Quiet operation

The Bulletdri has a fully adjustable motor so the decibel output varies from 70 to 74 dB(A). In normal use it’s a little louder than this but certainly not excessive, even at maximum performance. Simply adjust the noise to suite your location

The Dryflow BulletDri - Vandal resistance

A really solid, simple unit, we have no reported issues with vandalism. The slimline shape, makes it particular resistant to accidental or deliberate damage.

The Dryflow BulletDri - Life expectancy

1000 hours is the stated, tested motor life which is around 300,000 dries. We know this unit has been in locations where has still operated beyond the 1000 hours. A 5-year warranty is provided which is longer than most dryers in this price bracket.

The Dryflow BulletDri and the environment

This hand dryer is part of the only Carbon measured and balanced hand dryer range available. Official cradle to grave life cycle analysis on the product by Climate Partner measured the embedded carbon at 53.43 kg/co2. Please note that if you have read other reviews and this seems high, the reason is because the other reviews were estimates and did not have an expert 3rd party scrutinising every aspect of the product. Every Bulletdri sold has all the emissions from the raw materials, manufacturing, transport and end of life disposal calculated and offset. The lifetime free repairs warranty, ensures that the product is kept working rather than thrown away and replaced, the impact of this is hugely significant when looking to reduce co2 emissions. The Dryflow Brand is a member of 1% for the planet so 1% of every sale goes to help positive climate change projects in the UK like Moors for the Future, Carbon literacy Project and Keep Britain tidy. Over £35,000 has been donated in the last 18 months.

The Dryflow BulletDri - Conclusion

The Dryflow BulletDri represents excellent value. A 5-year warranty and lifetime repairs for a dryer that costs just £179 + vat is exceptional. It’s a really nice looking, slimline dryer with a nicely sized wall footprint to ensure fixings from old dryers are obscured. Perfect for accessible and normal washrooms alike. It’s fast, energy-efficient and noise levels are adaptable to the location. The standard HEPA filter ensures the highest hygiene standards The downside is that its motor-life is not as long as more expensive models, in this case look to the Dryflow BulletDri PLUS (a brushless version) with 5 times the motor life. Although this adds considerably to the cost, if you have a high traffic location it is better to buy once rather than be sending for motor repairs more regularly.

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