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Review 2024 – Dryflow® Infinity Hand Dryer

Review 2024 – Dryflow® Infinity Hand Dryer

Dryflow Infinity

The Dryflow Infinity is the ‘premium’ product in the Dryflow range, designed to be market leading in aesthetics, performance and functionality. A highly engineered, viable alternative to the Dyson V. How does it stack up?

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The Dryflow Infinity - Value

The Infinity fits into the premium bracket but still represents good value because the specification is so good. IPX4 ingress protection, plug-in functionality, long life, high-powered, digital brushless motor, 9.85cm profile, dual HEPA, 10-year guarantee and lifetime free repairs. All for a RRP price over £300 less than a Dyson V.

The Dryflow Infinity - Dry speed

The manufacturer states 10 seconds, which is accurate. This is pretty much as good as it gets.

The Dryflow Infinity - Energy efficiency

The energy efficiency of a dryer is measured by taking the rated power of the device and the dry speed to calculate the consumption per dry. 

 The Dryflow Infinity has a rated power between 0.7 kW and 1.8 kW with heater element, the heater element is not needed unless situated in cold outside locations. Therefore the normal energy consumption of the unit is 1.94 watt/hours per dry. 

 To put this into context, the Dyson airblade AB14 uses 4.44 watts per dry, a traditional uses 20-30 watts per dry and the best available uses 1-2 watt/hours. It is possible to dry 2571 pairs of hands for just £1, this is a 95% saving against paper towels.

The Dryflow Infinity - Quiet operation

The Dryflow Infinity has soft start motor and very smooth operation. The DB(A) level like the Dyson V doesn’t spike particularly when in use like some of the single-air outlet, concentrated air dryers do.

The Dryflow Infinity - Vandal resistance

2 anti-vandal screws and a push up and lock in plate make it difficult to remove from the wall without knowhow. There are no leverage points and the unit is very slimline so vandalism is difficult. The cover is not as thick steel as some units but we foresee little issues with vandalism.

The Dryflow Infinity - Life expectancy

2,600 hours is the stated, tested motor life which is around 1m dries. An exceptional 10-year warranty is provided and its also backed by Dryflow’s free repairs for life warranty.

The Dryflow Infinity and the environment

Hand dryers per se are good for the environment as they prevent trees being cut down and all the associated emissions from manufacturing, transporting, storing and disposing of paper towels. The lower the consumption of the hand dryer, the better, and as we have seen this is an effective, energy-efficient unit.  We are awaiting the full lifecycle analysis of the product but as it is relatively lightweight, the emissions attached to the product are unlikely to be particularly high. The Dryflow Infinity has a long expected-life and repair warranty which also improves is environmental credentials

The Dryflow Infinity - Conclusion

The Infinity is actually an even better dryer than its high score suggests because the scoring only covers the basic criteria for a dryer. In addition, the plug-in design means It’s ultra easy to install or replace which make it a big favourite with facilities managers and building owners. It is a really nice-looking hand dryer which always pleases the end-user, architect or interior designer. The warranty is industry leading too. It meets every specification criterion for a Dyson V or Dyson 9kj so is a great way to value engineer a project as it costs £300 less than a Dyson V RRP and £550 less than a 9kj RRP. A great addition to the hand dryer market that we expect to become very popular.

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