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Error Code E3 and E4 hand dryer fault – What is it and how can it be sorted?

Error Code E3 and E4 hand dryer fault – What is it and how can it be sorted?

The E3 or E4 fault on some hand dryers is linked to a voltage problem. However, it has been brought to our attention that models of the Dryflow Jet Force JF1G hand dryer and equivalents that were manufactured over 18 months ago, may have been fitted with a faulty batch of PCB’s which can create the fault stating E3 or E4. In normal circumstances this would point to the following fault:

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Other equivalent hand dryers that would be susceptible to this include the following models

  • Bremmer Jet Blade, Generic Twin Blade
  • ATC Blade Hand Dryer GS-2006H SLV
  • APL Jet Hand Dryer Grey 447444
  • Vent-Axia JetDry Jet Hand Dryer 447425
  • Ninja, Jet Blade Hand Dryer
  • Jet Flow Blade Hand Dryer

If you have checked the voltage and it is correct then the issue can be rectified by replacing the faulty PCB. Please call us on 0114 3540047 or message via the contact us page where we will be able to assist you further in rectifying the issue, whichever the brand of this type of hand dryer you have. The PCB change is a relatively easy job to do, however we also offer a fitting service should you require it.

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