Why are blade hand dryers the fastest at drying hands?

We recently conducted a controlled test on a number of hand dryers including blade hand dryers, high speed, low energy hand dryers and Hybrid hand dryers. It became clear that blade hand dryers are the most effective when it comes to fully drying hands in the shortest period of time.

  • Hands are dried independently of each other making performance consistent
  • Hands are dired on both sides simultaneously
  • Gravity means the water is removed quicker
  • fingers can be spread for more complete drying

The test involved immersing hands completely in water, shaking the excess in a controlled manner 3 times; then pressing the hands on both sides against tissue to observe the moisture after a 10 second, 15 second and 20 second period.
It is clear that manufacturer’s dry time specifications are not based on immersing hands, as none of the hand dryers, including blade hand dryers tested achieved total dryness in the stated time.

The blade hand dryers tested were the Mitshuishi Jet Towel, the Medicilinics Dualflow and the Jetflow hand dryer, we will also be testing the new Dyson Airblade as soon as we have a sample. The Dualflow blade hand dryer was closest to the manufacturer’s specification as very little moisture was left after 10 seconds and barely a trace after 15 seconds. The Mitsubishi jet towel left a little moisture after 10 seconds and hands were completely dry somewhere between 15 and 20 seconds as was the Jetflow.

Compare this with the Airforce which claims a 10 second dry time and under our conditions was not completely dry until about 23 seconds.

The Hybrid hand dryer was also over 20 seconds.

The reason for the superior performance of the blade hand dryers is clear; both hands are dried independently and without contact, so there is a consistent amount of airflow on both sides of the hands.

It is worth noting that other credentials such as energy efficiency, cost, noise levels, ease of installation, accessibility, vandal resistance, and hand/washroom hygiene are also important. We therefore recommend that you consider what is most important criteria and then use the intelligent specification tool on the website to find the most suitable hand dryer.

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