Top High Speed, Quick Drying Hand Dryers For 2022

We have been asked these questions a thousand times over.

What is the fastest hand dryer on the market?

Which one actually dries your hands in the quickest time possible?

Some manufacturers would have you believe that theirs is the quickest, (and why wouldn’t they?), without actually showing how they tested them. If they can provide the testing, have they really got the hands soaking wet like you do when you wash your hands?

At Intelligent we have tested the dry times to strict protocols.  At the bottom of this post, you will see how our testing works and how we replicate what actually happens in a washroom setting.

So, what are our top recommendations for you to look at in 2022? The hand dryers that actually dry the hands in around 10 – 12 seconds and don’t leave the user disappointed? Please note the Dyson Airblade Ab14 has now been discontinued and there is only very limited supply.

Prices ex VAT and correct at time of last post update.


AB14 Airblade
Hand Dryer

From £774.17 + VAT


Jet Towel Slim
Hand Dryer

From £539.95 + VAT


Vapordri HEPA
Hand Dryer

From £470.00 + VAT


G-Force MKII
Hand Dryer

From £245.95 + VAT


Hand Dryer

From £527.69 + VAT


Hand Dryer

From £259.95 + VAT


Airblade V HU02
Hand Dryer

From £525.00 + VAT


JetDri Mark II
Hand Dryer

From £126.00 + VAT

So how do we test a hand dryers’ performance?

We believe our job is to give you the best possible information, not overstate the performance of a product. Therefore, our dry tests use the following protocol, which mimics real-life hand washing practices.

  • Our hands are fully submerged in water, not just the fingertips.
  • Our dry times are shown via a stopwatch on the actual testing videos – no assumptions on how long we dried the hands for.
  • The fronts, backs, and sides of both hands are placed on a paper towel, so you can see the moisture left from the entire hand, not just selected areas to give bias.
  • We show moisture left at various dry stages so that you can compare the amount of wetness left on the hands at each moment in time. This allows accurate comparison against reported dry times in documented specifications.

Accessories for fast hand dryers

One of the downsides of very high air speeds is that water can spray against walls as the video below shows. Luckily the Evapor8 has been developed to solve this problem. Its unique porous structure allows excess water to be quickly absorbed and then dried out without leaving any drips. Absolute magic!

Evapor8 wall guard instantly drying out excess water from a Dyson V

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