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Our Journey to Carbon Neutrality (and why litter picking forms part of this).

When Intelligent Facility Solutions’ founder, Andrew Cameron, founded the business back in 2012, he liked the fact that the products it specialised in, namely hand dryers, saved people lots of money, eliminated paper towel waste, and stopped trees from being chopped down. We wanted to live and breathe our environmental ethos… While we were delivering environmental benefits to our customers, we also believed it was important to put our money where our mouths were, so to speak. So we made incremental changes within our business, like agreeing with the team... Read More

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Review 2021 – Dryflow® G-Force MKII Hand Dryer

The Dryflow® G-Force Mark II launched 4 years ago as the first-hand dryer in the UK to have a plug-in system. This means that once installed, you don’t have to touch any wires to remove it from the wall. This has the obvious advantage that no electrician is needed if the dryer ever needs replacing and faults can be dealt with in seconds. The dryer incorporates a HEPA filter and adjustable speed motor. It is available in a White (GFM201), Black (GFM204), Brushed Satin (GFM202), or Polished Chrome (GFM203) finish.... Read More

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Review 2021 – Dyson Airblade Wash+Dry Hand Dryer

The Dyson Hand Dryer and Tap combined into a single, over-the-sink device is a really interesting innovation. The product was designed to solve the issue of water dripping on the floor when someone travels from the sink to the hand dryer and again when they use the dryer. At present none of Dysons other models solve this issue and require an additional tray to be purchased. It also means that no water needs to be stored as it drains straight off the hands and into the sink. The product is... Read More

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Review 2021 – Dryflow® Jetforce Junior HEPA Hand Dryer

The Jetforce Junior is a super-competitively priced ‘hands-in’ dryer. Available in white (JJ01) or silver (JJ02) with loads of great additional features like a HEPA filter, UV-C protection, eco, and quiet settings. Given the low cost, is it up to the job? Read more to see what our expert thought. From £269.00 + VAT At only £269 + VAT this is one of the lowest-price, ‘hands in’ hand dryers on the UK market. The price puts it on a par with most mid-range ‘hands under’ dryers and makes it a... Read More


Review 2021 – Dryflow® Jet Force Pro HEPA

The Jetforce Pro has been around for some time now, it was one of the early alternatives to the Dyson Airblade AB14. It was selected for the Olympic stadium in London 2012 and has been in a number of notable project installs over the years. The design is exactly the same today with the addition of a HEPA filter, so with so many new dryers coming onto the market every year, how does it stand up? If you like ‘hands in’ blade-style dryers and have a mid to high traffic... Read More

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Review 2021 – Dyson Airblade AB14 DB

This is the 3rd generation Dyson Airblade. It’s hard to believe but the AB01, which looks pretty much identical to the current version was launched back in 2006. Since then, there has been the Airblade Mark II and the Airblade DB (AB14). Each model has had slight motor and construction enhancements and noise reduction. How does the Airblade AB14 DB compare now? It’s the dryer that changed the hand drying world and 15 years on from its launch it’s still a great dryer. It does have a downside though, water... Read More

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Review 2021 – Dryflow® JetDri Mark II Hand Dryer

The Dryflow® JetDri Mark II is a hand dryer with a common design, there are many hand dryers with a similar appearance found on the UK market. This product is available in a brushed satin stainless steel or white, with any other colour available on special request. How does it compare with other hand dryers on the whole and how does it compare specifically with other similar looking dryers? A lot of dryers have a similar look to the JetDri, for example, the Kangarillo, Franke Airblast, and the Xlerator. While... Read More

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Which hand dryers are best for universities?

‘Universities are huge, complex estates with lots of different considerations’ A university is a complex mix of different property types. For example, there will be libraries, concert halls, lecture theatres, administration areas, sports halls, changing huts situated in the middle of fields, student bars, and laboratories. Some properties will be state of the art, others, built hundreds of years ago. The toilets located near each of these diverse buildings will have to consider the level of footfall, how likely misuse is (student bar!), the electrical supply, and acceptable noise levels... Read More


Recycling Centres in Sheffield – Search Tool

Find locations in Sheffield that will recycle everything from standard plastic bottles to mascara wands using the search tool below We are excited to finally share with the world our new recycling search tool. This is something we’ve been working on behind the scenes for the last couple of months with the aim to make recycling in Sheffield that much easier for everyone. And this was especially a priority with the comments and questions received on our Sheffield plastics recycling guide This new recycling search database not only includes your... Read More

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Review 2021 – The Mitsubishi Jet Towel Slim Hand Dryer

The Mitsubishi Jet Towel Slim is now in its 9th generation and each generation has produced improvements. Originally launched in 1993 in Japan, it was bulky and loud but each generation has got faster, quieter, sleeker, less fussy, and more energy efficient. The product is available in heated and unheated airflow versions. The heated version is available in black, white, and silver, the unheated version, only in white. Lets see how it compares. If you have your heart set on a blade ‘hands-in’ hand dryer then we believe this to... Read More