What we know about facility managers (and how we work with them).

We’ve been working closely with facility managers since the day we launched back in 2012, and one thing has always been clear – when it comes to hand dryers and washroom accessories, the people responsible for keeping a building running like a well-oiled machine want products for life, with free repairs, lifetime guarantees, reliability, and durability. We also know that quick turnarounds are a top priority when it comes to delivery, free repairs, spares and replacements. However, in recent years, we’ve also seen sustainability and energy efficiency move further up... Read More


Our Journey to Carbon Neutrality (and why litter picking forms part of this).

When Intelligent Facility Solutions’ founder, Andrew Cameron, founded the business back in 2012, he liked the fact that the products it specialised in, namely hand dryers, saved people lots of money, eliminated paper towel waste, and stopped trees from being chopped down. We wanted to live and breathe our environmental ethos… While we were delivering environmental benefits to our customers, we also believed it was important to put our money where our mouths were, so to speak. So we made incremental changes within our business, like agreeing with the team... Read More


Top High Speed, Quick Drying Hand Dryers For 2021

We have been asked these questions a thousand times over. What is the fastest hand dryer on the market? Which one actually dries your hands in the quickest time possible? Some manufacturers would have you believe that theirs is the quickest, (and why wouldn’t they?), without actually showing how they tested them. If they can provide the testing, have they really got the hands soaking wet like you do when you wash your hands? At Intelligent we have tested the dry times to strict protocols.  At the bottom of this post, you... Read More

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Are bamboo toilet paper and hand towels the more environmentally friendly options?

There is still a misperception amongst many that the toilet rolls and paper towels we use at home and in public restrooms are environmentally friendly. They come from sustainable forests and are biodegradable right? Well, not really. The reality across the world is that we are consuming faster than we produce and the process of turning a tree from ‘a sustainable forest’ into a toilet roll or hand towel is far from sustainable. Do you know about Bamboo Bobbi, our new bamboo toilet paper? Be sure to read about it, and the... Read More

Why is saving important? 01/06/2019

Why is saving water important?

Water is all around us isn’t it? Rivers, lakes, the sea you swam in on holiday or live near to. There seems to be an endless supply. So why do people keep telling us we need to save as much as possible? After reading this, do make sure to check out the free water saving devices available in the UK, that will really help in the conservation of water. We’ve pulled all the resources together in one place, so you don’t have to spend time trawling through the internet! You’re certainly not... Read More


Which Is The Best Commercial Hand Dryer On The Market In 2022?

Updated 08/5/2022 The ‘Best Commercial Hand Dryers in 2022 list’ has been compiled based on a scoring criterion for speed, energy-efficiency, quiet operation, vandal resistance, life expectancy and overall value. The list provides an overall ‘best’, however it is worth considering the particular needs and budget of your location. The individual product reviews will give you more personalised insights into the best hand dryer for you. If you go to the bottom of the page, you will also find links to the ‘best high-speed’, the ‘best quiet’ and other factors... Read More


Why Electrical Wholesalers Love Working With Us

Right now, there’s a surging demand for electric hand dryers. This is due to a combination of post-pandemic building work picking up again after two years of stop-start projects, and exploding energy bills for organisations. Put simply, the cost of paper towels is going through the roof, due to the high levels of energy and resources required to produce them, and businesses are feeling the bite. For example, an office with 50 people will now find its annual expenditure on paper towels has risen from £1,150 to an average of... Read More

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Review 2022 – Dryflow® Viska Hand Dryer

Viska is Swedish for whisper, so as you might expect the Dryflow® Viska has been designed and is marketed as the ‘World’s Quietest Hand Dryer’. What’s the point of having a quiet hand dryer if it doesn’t work fast enough?  We have reviewed all brands and types, to find out which one will suit your needs best. From £399.00 + VAT Viska Value At £399 + VAT the Dryflow® Viska is at the upper end of the mid-price bracket. Given that is has a 10-year warranty on parts and labour... Read More

Cold Air vs Hot Air Hand Dryers – Which is better?

We have already ascertained in other blogs that hand dryers are equally as hygienic as paper towels and offer considerable environmental, cost and maintenance benefits over other drying methods. But are there differences in how hand dryers dry? We ask whether cold air or hot air drying is the best. What is a Hot Hand Dryer? When most people think of a hot air hand dryer, they think of a traditional slow airflow motor (0.15kw to 0.4kw) with high heat (1 to 2kw). Conjuring images similar to this dryer. Traditional... Read More


Award-winning nightclub chooses Intelligent Hand Dryers for their toilet refurbishment.

We have decided to start featuring some of our wonderful customers in our blog. This week we feature the multi-award-winning Night Owl Club and Restaurant in Digbeth, Birmingham and now Finsbury Park, London. We supplied both Night Owl locations with Jetforce PRO Hand Dryers and Alcohol Gel Dispensers. Arith Liyanage, the Director and Founder explains the ethos of his Nightclubs and why he chose Intelligent Hand Dryers. ‘We are dedicated to providing a great experience to everyone who walks through our doors, from the friendly welcome our team give to... Read More

Sickie Day, 7th February: How Employers Can Reduce Sickness-Related Absenteeism

Since 2011, the first Monday of every February has been known as Sickie Day  – down to the fact that, statistically, this is the day when most people are likely to call in sick in the UK. With gloomy weather, post-holiday blues, and seasonal illnesses in the mix, it’s hardly surprising – yet, prior to the pandemic, sickness-related absences were costing UK businesses £77.5 billion per year.  Employers might not be able to do anything about the weather and time of year, but seasonal illness is one area where they... Read More


Review 2022 – PHS Warner Howard Airforce Hand Dryer

The PHS Warner Howard Airforce hand dryer has been the best-selling hand dryer in the UK over the last 14 years. Although its popularity has declined a little in the last few years it still remains one of the most specified, most requested dryers. The Airforce is available in black, polished chrome, brushed satin or white, all finishes are applied to a plastic casing. It has a unique design using 11 jets of air to provide an all-over drying experience. We ask, has the Airforce stood up to the test... Read More


Review 2022 – Dryflow® Dryforce Hand Dryer

The Dryflow® Dryforce is fairly unique in the hand dryer world, it is one of the few ‘hands under’ dryers to have a built-in drip tray and backplate to capture all the water and keep floors and walls dry. This is a standard feature of more expensive and larger, ‘blade hands in dryers.’ The Dryforce is available in a Silver or White finish. What was our expert’s overall verdict on this product? From £147.00 + VAT Dryforce Value The Dryforce is fairly inexpensive at £147 + VAT, especially when you... Read More


Review 2022 – Puff The Magic Dryer

Puff The Magic Dryer was designed to make drying hands a fun experience for small children. Any teacher or parent will tell you that little ones aren’t always easy to get to wash and dry their hands thoroughly. The Puff dryer comes with a colourful back board and an attractive design on the hand dryer. So what did our expert think? From £469.95 + VAT Value At £469.95 + VAT this is an expensive dryer, the base unit is good quality and the graphics are well done but we think... Read More


Review 2021 – Dryflow® Elite Hand Dryer

The original Dryflow® Elite is a slimline hand dryer specifically designed to meet the needs of disabled and child-friendly washrooms. It is marketed as a very quiet, long-life hand dryer with effective, if not spectacular dry speeds. We put the Dryflow Elite to the test to see how it performs. From £247.50 + VAT Value At £247.50 + VAT the Dryflow Elite hand dryer is a mid-priced dryer. Given the fact it has an incredibly long life span and the build quality is excellent, the Dryflow Elite deserves a high... Read More