What we know about facility managers (and how we work with them).

We’ve been working closely with facility managers since the day we launched back in 2012, and one thing has always been clear – when it comes to hand dryers and washroom accessories, the people responsible for keeping a building running like a well-oiled machine want products for life, with free repairs, lifetime guarantees, reliability, and durability. We also know that quick turnarounds are a top priority when it comes to delivery, free repairs, spares and replacements. However, in recent years, we’ve also seen sustainability and energy efficiency move further up... Read More


Our Journey to Carbon Neutrality (and why litter picking forms part of this).

Updated 19/10/22 When Intelligent Facility Solutions’ founder, Andrew Cameron, founded the business back in 2012, he liked the fact that the products it specialised in, namely hand dryers, saved people lots of money, eliminated paper towel waste, and stopped trees from being chopped down. We wanted to live and breathe our environmental ethos… While we were delivering environmental benefits to our customers, we also believed it was important to put our money where our mouths were, so to speak. So we made incremental changes within our business, like agreeing with... Read More


Top High Speed, Quick Drying Hand Dryers For 2022

We have been asked these questions a thousand times over. What is the fastest hand dryer on the market? Which one actually dries your hands in the quickest time possible? Some manufacturers would have you believe that theirs is the quickest, (and why wouldn’t they?), without actually showing how they tested them. If they can provide the testing, have they really got the hands soaking wet like you do when you wash your hands? At Intelligent we have tested the dry times to strict protocols.  At the bottom of this post, you... Read More

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Are bamboo toilet paper and hand towels the more environmentally friendly options?

There is still a misperception amongst many that the toilet rolls and paper towels we use at home and in public restrooms are environmentally friendly. They come from sustainable forests and are biodegradable right? Well, not really. The reality across the world is that we are consuming faster than we produce and the process of turning a tree from ‘a sustainable forest’ into a toilet roll or hand towel is far from sustainable. Do you know about Bamboo Bobbi, our new bamboo toilet paper? Be sure to read about it, and the... Read More

Why is saving important? 01/06/2019

Why is saving water important?

Water is all around us isn’t it? Rivers, lakes, the sea you swam in on holiday or live near to. There seems to be an endless supply. So why do people keep telling us we need to save as much as possible? After reading this, do make sure to check out the free water saving devices available in the UK, that will really help in the conservation of water. We’ve pulled all the resources together in one place, so you don’t have to spend time trawling through the internet! You’re certainly not... Read More


Which Is The Best Commercial Hand Dryer On The Market In 2023?

Updated 11/8/2023 The ‘Best Commercial Hand Dryers in 2023 list’ has been compiled based on a scoring criterion for speed, energy-efficiency, quiet operation, vandal resistance, life expectancy and overall value. The list provides an overall ‘best’, however it is worth considering the particular needs and budget of your location. The individual product reviews will give you more personalised insights into the best hand dryer for you. If you go to the bottom of the page, you will also find links to the ‘best high-speed’, the ‘best quiet’ and other factors... Read More

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The World’s First Carbon Neutral Hand Dryer Range

When it comes to carbon emissions, hand dryers are a hot topic.  This debate has raged, and we are happy to report the science came back in our favour. Is it better for the environment to dry your hands with paper towels, or use the hand dryer? It’s hand dryers. Hands down. Using two paper towels releases around 56 grams of carbon emissions. Using a modern, energy-efficient hand dryer releases as few as 9. (People are often surprised to learn that hand dryers are more cost-effective than paper towels. If you... Read More


Why our company culture matters

Want to know the truth about the Intelligent Hand Dryers team? We’re a ragtag bunch of misfits. A bunch of unique characters from diverse backgrounds. Thankfully, we’ve stumbled upon an incredible mix of people who are helping us create a company we can all enjoy working in. We’re on a journey towards giving our employees real, meaningful ownership of the business. It fits with our values, and opens up some interesting ideas of what a business can be.  Who doesn’t love a chance to actually own and profit from the... Read More


3 reasons to ditch paper towels right now

A hand dryer supply company on a crusade against paper towels? Yeah, you read that right.  Intelligent Hand Dryers is leading the charge against the unrecyclable, messy, expensive scourge littering the floor of restrooms everywhere.  This is war, and we’ve got the paper towel industry right in our crosshairs. And we’re about to give you 3 good reasons to join us.  As business owners everywhere see the light and make the switch — the days of single use hand napkins are numbered. We’re incredibly proud to be partnered with Dryflow,... Read More


Review 2023 – Savortex EcoCurve 550A

EcoCurve 550A Value This dryer is the 2nd most expensive of its type on the market retailing at slightly above a Dyson V and under the Dyson 9kj. Performance wise it’s pretty similar and it has a longer-life motor according to the specification. That said we don’t think that Dysons represent good value for money when compared with the rest of the market, so for a relatively unknown brand, it seems overpriced, unless your priority is buying British. The SMART version however delivers a really unique value proposition. EcoCurve 550A... Read More


Review 2023 – Savortex EcoCurve 550D

EcoCurve 550D Value There are only a couple of dryers in this price bracket: the Dyson 9kj and the Dyson wash and dry. So, this is certainly an expensive bit of kit. However, if we put price to one side, it’s the only dryer to offer cleaning alerts, which can significantly increase efficiency across buildings as it eliminates routine cleaning visits and allows washrooms to be cleaned based on actual use. Alerts about breakdowns are an added benefit; however, good dryers rarely break down, so this is useful rather than... Read More


Review 2023 – Dryflow® Bamboo Bobbi Hand Dryer

Bamboo Bobbi Value At just £249.00 + vat, this falls into the mid-price range. All Dryflow hand dryers represent good value and the Bamboo Bobbi hand dryer is no different due to the 3-year comprehensive guarantee and lifetime free repair service. The value of this specific dryer depends more on what your main criteria are. This is not a particularly long-life dryer, so it only represents good value in locations where it will receive low use (under 100 uses per day) such as a primary school. Bamboo Bobbi Dry Speed... Read More


Review 2023 – Dryflow® Ecowave Hand Dryer

Ecowave Value At just £179 + vat, this falls into the lower/mid-price range. All Dryflow hand dryers represent good value and the Ecowave is no different due to the 3-year comprehensive guarantee and lifetime free repair service. The Ecowave looks like a more expensive dryer due to quality of finish and robust, heavyweight feel of the product. The value of this specific dryer depends more on what your main criteria are. This is not a particularly long-life dryer, so it only represents good value in locations where it will receive... Read More

The Top Hand Dryers for Schools in 2023-24

We have selected the 10 best hand dryers for school environments from the latest 2023-24 models. The list is based on consumer feedback and takes into account, value for money, vandal resistance, low running costs, speed of drying, life expectancy and noise levels. Schools have different pupil numbers, age groups, washroom sizes, noise tolerances, sensory needs and budgets. So it is important to read through the article to ensure the recommended dryers fit your particular requirements. The Top 10 Hand Dryers for Schools Mitsubishi SMARTWave u02 From £317.21 +VAT Dryfow... Read More


Review 2023 – Dryflow® BulletDri Hand Dryer

BulletDri Value At just £179 + vat this is an affordable dryer for most locations that delivers against all the main criteria. The 5 year guarantee and lifetime free repairs make it a particularly ‘good value’ choice. BulletDri Dry Speed There is no doubt the Bulletdri is fast, the manufacturer states 10-12 seconds and even under the most stringent testing it delivers a hygienic dry in under 15 seconds. There are 4-5 faster dryers on the market, but with the exception of the Jetdri they are all considerably more expensive.... Read More


Hand Dryer Maintenance 101: Tips for Optimal Performance and Longevity

Hand dryers have become an essential feature of ‘away from home’ washrooms, offering an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to paper towels. However, like any other electrical equipment, hand dryers require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity. By following a few simple guidelines, you can keep your hand dryers running smoothly, saving time, money, and reducing potential disruptions. In this article, we will provide practical advice on proper hand dryer maintenance, including cleaning instructions, filter replacements, and troubleshooting common issues. Cleaning Instructions Regular cleaning is crucial to maintaining the... Read More