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A guide to choosing the right commercial baby changing unit for you

A guide to choosing the right commercial baby changing unit for you

A guide to choosing the right commercial baby changing unit for you

There are quite a few types of baby changing units you can put in public locations, that come with a range of features. The best unit for you depends entirely on what you and your space needs. Do you need a unit that’s wall mounted? Or a unit that sits horizontally? Or maybe a unit that comes with a strap or storage space?

We have a range of changing units that cover all these questions and more, from world leading providers such as Koala Kare. Most of the changing units and their features fall into the following categories:

  • Position
  • Mount type
  • Materials
  • Accessories

The Best Commercial Baby Changing Tables for 2020 include:


So, we’ve got units that sit either horizontally or vertically. Some units come in both positions, and which to choose very much depends on the dimensions and needs of the space you want it to go in.

The vertical changing units we have are:


And the horizontal changing units we have are:

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Mount type

As well as different positioned units, you can also find baby changing units that are either wall mounted or countertop mounted. Now, wall mounting is the more common type due to the fact that these units are usually a little easier to fit into a space, and come with additional features, such as storage facilities.

But countertop mounted units are ideal for places with restricted space, and possibly no room for wall mounted equipment. The countertop unit we provide is the Koala Kare Countertop Baby Changing Table .


Baby changing units come in a range of finishes and surfaces. The majority are made from plastic materials, but we also have units that are partially made from stainless steel too. Units, such as Babycare Medi Stainless Steel Vertical Baby Changing Unit and Koala Kare Horizontal Wall-Mounted Baby Changing Table can offer vandalism resistance, a more contemporary look, and longer product life.

There are also units that come with a ‘green score’, which means it’s made with a percentage of recycled materials. These include units such as Koala Kare Horizontal Wall Nappy Changing Table and Koala Kare Wall Recessed Vertical Baby Changing Station , which boast 55% and 68% recycled materials respectively.

A lot of our units also come with an antimicrobial coating to the surface, to reinforce and prioritise hygiene. These additives reduce the growth of bacteria, which in turns aids the resistance of odours and stains. The following units come with this anti-microbial coating:


Sometimes, changing a baby requires a bit more than just a flat surface. There are all kinds of other factors, for example – you need somewhere to put your bags or you need a strap to make sure your child is properly safe and secure.

There are a number of units that provide these additional features. The Koala Kare Horizontal Wall-Mounted Baby Changing Table , for example, has a dual liner dispenser with key lock for approximately 50 items, two hooks for bags or purses, and a child protection strap.

The Babycare Plus Folding Baby Changing Station incudes several accessories such as two liner dispensers, two corner hooks for nappy bags, and an adjustable belt. The majority of the units we provide come with additional features like the ones already mentioned, to optimise and ease the customer’s experience.

Ultimately, the choice of baby changing unit is up to you and what your specific needs and requirements are for the space. But, we hope this guide has made things clearer for you. If you have any questions, then please do not hesistate to get in touch with us!

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