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Automatic Soap Dispensers | Sensor Soap Dispensers

The use of automatic soap dispensers has become widespread since the global pandemic as users have become more conscious of cross-contamination risks posed by touching surfaces. This has accelerated the trend already building towards completely automated, touch-free public bathroom facilities.

We have 24 different automatic soap dispensers available, including from over the sink (vanity-top) and wall-mounted systems. If you require any advice on the most suitable sensor soap dispensers for your facilities, please contact 0114 3540047.

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28 Items
  • Auto Soap and Hand Sanitizer GEL Dispenser 1.1 ltr (suitable for outdoor use) Best
    Now £19.99 Was £47.99 | Save £28.00
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  • B-2012 850ml Wall-Mounted Automatic Soap Dispenser
  • B-2013 800ml Wall-Mounted Automatic Foam Dispenser
  • B-824 SureFlo® 1000ml Touchless Counter-Mounted Liquid Soap Dispenser
  • B-826 800ml/1600ml Automatic Deck-Mounted Soap Dispenser
  • B-826.18 800ml/1600ml Automatic Soap Dispenser Starter Kit
  • 650ML Automatic Stainless Steel Liquid Soap Dispenser
    Now £26.98 Was £44.99 | Save £18.01
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  • 1000ml No Touch Automatic Soap and Alcohol GEL Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Special
    Now From £45.99 Was £104.95 | Save £58.96
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  • Tri-Tap Over the Basin Soap Dispenser
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  • Automatic 1.6L Countertop Liquid Soap and Alcohol GEL Dispenser
  • 1000ml Automatic FOAM Soap Dispenser (Suitable For Foaming Hand Sanitiser) Special
    Now £99.99 Was £119.99 | Save £20.00
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  • Designer 1200ml Automatic Foaming Hand Soap Dispenser
  • Designer 1200ml Automatic Foaming Hand Soap Dispenser (Antibacterial)
  • DP1102E Dolphin Prestige Touch Free 850ml 316 Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser
  • BC950 Dolphin Automatic Hand Wash Dispenser 304 Satin Stainless Steel (Liquid Soap)
  • BC950F Dolphin Infrared Sensor 850ml 304 Stainless Steel Foam Soap Dispenser
  • DP1106E Dolphin Prestige Touch Free 850ml 316 Stainless Steel Liquid Soap Dispenser
  • No Touch Hand Soap Dispenser - Designer Silver 1200ml
  • Designer Touchless Hand Soap Dispenser 1200ml (Antibacterial)
  • 512066 DELABIE 1 Litre Wall Mounted Touch Free Liquid Soap Dispenser (Suitable for Hydroalcoholic Gel)
  • 512021 Deck Mounted BINOPTIC Automatic 1L Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser
  • 512051 DELABIE Wall Mounted Stainless Steel BINOPTIC Automatic 1L Soap Dispenser with UK Plug
  • 900ml Motion Sensor Liquid Soap and Hand Sanitizer Dispenser
    Now £32.50 Was £59.95 | Save £27.45
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  • Automatic Hand Sanitiser Station with Hand Sanitizer GEL Dispenser (suitable for outdoor use)
    Now £49.99 Was £139.99 | Save £90.00
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  • 800ml Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser, (can use Disinfectant Solutions* and Hydro Alcohol Gel) Special
    Now £63.71 Was £98.50 | Save £34.79
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  • B-840 / B-842 Bobrick Designer Deck Mounted Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser
  • The Splash Lab Deck Mounted Sensor Activated 1L Foam Soap Dispenser Automatic Mains Supplied
  • Wall Mounted Sensor Activated 1L Soap Dispenser Automatic Foaming

How do automatic soap dispensers work?

An automatic soap dispenser can be a battery-operated or mains-powered system; the motion sensor underneath the unit activates the circuit and internal mechanical cogs to compress the pump, releasing the soap onto the user’s hands.


Can automatic soap dispensers be used for hand sanitiser?

Most automatic soap dispensers have a polypropylene (PP) internal reservoir which is highly resistant to alcohol-based hand sanitisers. Unfortunately, we heard that a lot of the dispensers flooding the market during the pandemic, were using plastics not capable of withstanding alcohol products and as such were quickly cracking. All our product pages should state whether the sensor soap system is suitable for alcohol hand sanitiser. If you are unsure, please don’t hesitate to call 0114 3540047, and one of our washroom experts will be happy to assist.


How to refill a sensor soap dispenser?

The automatic soap dispensers we offer will either be wall-mounted and require opening via a quick-release system or key from the top or side of the unit, or surface mounted where you need to go behind a panel or under the sink to refill the soap container. Each product page will have a downloadable installation and maintenance guide available. If you can’t forward what you are looking for, please email sales@ihdryers.co.uk


How much are sensor soap dispensers?

We have sensor soap dispensers in plastic starting from £19.99, considerably less if purchased in bulk through to marine grade steel dispensers for almost £500! The price of the dispenser largely depends on the material used and the specialised nature of the application. We have a price point to cover every budget and all products are backed up by excellent guarantees and aftercare service.


Best automatic soap dispensers

‘Best’ always depends on the application and the design you wish the product to fit in with. A standard automatic stainless-steel dispenser may not stand up to the requirements of a marine environment, whereas a £500 dispenser is a completely unnecessary expense for a school. You can find a basic guide below that should help answer what makes the ‘best automatic soap dispenser’ for your needs. 


Are automatic soap dispensers worth the money?

Automatic soap dispensers are more expensive than manual soap dispensers but is it worth paying the extra? The answer is yes if you want optimum hygiene. Although touching a surface touched by many others shouldn’t be too much of an issue when you are immediately washing your hands afterward, this does depend on hands being thoroughly cleaned and dried, automatic soap dispensers remove cross-contamination points. Medical and food processing facilities are locations where the extra investment makes complete sense.

Automatic soap dispensers may save money in the long run as the system carefully dispenses a pre-set amount before resetting a few seconds. This stops the user, from repeatedly pushing the dispenser and getting excessive amounts of soap.

In locations where sensor soap dispensers may get misused, automatic soap dispensers may not be the answer. Locations like schools or public buildings where children may enjoy setting them off without any intention to use the soap or sanitiser is an example of a wrong location, where the investment may not be worth it.

Advantages of automatic soap dispensers

  • Improved hygiene
  • Easier to keep clean looking
  • reduces over-consumption
  • Creates a positive image of your facilities
  • Less wear and tear from being no-touch

Disadvantages of automatic soap dispensers

  • More expensive than manual
  • Requires batteries - cost
  • Batteries may run out
  • May get misused in some environments


What finishes of automatic soap dispensers are available?

We offer white metal and plastic, brushed stainless steel, polished stainless steel, black metal and plastic, yellow, and silver and can also customise or provide special orders in almost any colour. Please get in touch with our team if you have a particular requirement. 


We work with the world’s leading brands

As a specialist in commercial bathroom fittings, we work with the world’s leading manufacturers including Delebie, Dolphin, Mediclinics, Marplast and Cleanflow. You will find automatic soap dispensers from brands you can trust.


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