How are hand dryers installed easily?

How are hand dryers installed easily?

Installation and maintenance of hand dryers has now become a whole lot easier with the introduction of plug-in system installation back plates. In the grand scheme of things, the electrical installation (or uninstallation) of a hand dryer, does not tax the electrically competent person’s skill levels too much, however anything that makes the task quicker and easier is certainly a massive benefit in any job.

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In standard installations, you have electrical wires going into the back of the hand dryer from the fuse spur.  These can be awkward to attach to the internals of the machine whilst balancing the unit is one hand and screwing wires into the components of the machine at the same time.  With a plug-in system, the wiring goes into a separate back plate and this is fitted to the wall first. The unit is simply just plugged into the back plate as easy as placing a book on a shelf!  The machine is then screwed into the back plate to secure it and away you go.

Here are the main benefits of this type of installation

Installation of the back plate can occur before other work is carried out.  The hand dryer is usually the last thing to be scheduled to go in which can hold things up for signing off new washrooms. No need to wait around anymore!

  • The dryer is not in the way for people to work round and bump into
  • Things like tiling and painting can be performed easier without working around hand dryers
  • If a job does need doing around the hand dryer after work is completed, the main unit can simply be removed from the back plate without detaching the wires.

Once work is completed anyone can plug in the dryer at the end

  • Not waiting for an electrically competent person to come and fix the dryer once all the other jobs are done, making for a quicker hand over

If a fault does occur time and money is saved

  • Not waiting for an electrically competent person to come and remove the dryer from the electricity supply, just unplug the unit and re-plug once a fixed or new unit arrives.  No unwiring or rewiring needed throughout the process.
  • This saves time and money from hiring an electrician to come backwards and forwards

Easy upgrade of the unit

  • A newer upgraded model can be purchased and the new machine can be simply plugged in to the back plate that is already there and away you go.

This video shows how easy a plug in hand dryer can be taken on and off the wall (please note security screws are included)

Featured plug in system product 

To showcase the ability of a plug-in system hand dryer here is the Dryflow G-Force MK II.

The G-Force MKII hand dryer takes all the sort after aspects of the highly popular G-Force Eco, G-Force Turbo and G-Force with heat hand dryers and placed them in one hand dryer. You can replicate any of the 3 predecessor’s characteristics with the MKII being highly adjustable.  It is also of a superior build quality and has a much more reliable motor than its predecessors, increasing the usage capability from a mid-traffic hand dryer to a high traffic hand dryer (years of service with up to 500 uses a day). It can run at as little as 420W (lower than the G-Force Eco 550W) and is adjustable for speed, sound and energy levels at the flick of a switch or turn of a dial. 

Running without the heater element switched on allows it to dry the hands in its most energy efficient state.  Most high speed hand dryers now run without a heater element to maximise efficiency.  Old conventional hand dryers used to rely on the heat to try and evaporate water from the hands, which to be honest wasn’t the most effective and quickest way to dry the hands.  The motor speeds generated in hand dryers have vastly improved and as such, the fast motor in the G-Force MKII can generate air velocities that literally blast water off the hands at such a rate, drying times are rapid.  Some still like the comfort of warm air on the hands, especially in colder months or low use washrooms where not a lot of heat from the motor can be produced and recycled.  This can be achieved at the flick of a switch, which is found under the cover of the unit to avoid unwanted tampering.

Technical Specifications

Shell material:AISI 304 Stainless Steel or Epoxy Covered Steel
Cover thickness:1.5mm
Standard finishes:White, Brushed Satin or Polished Chrome
Rated voltage:AC 220-240V
Rated frequency:50 / 60 Hz
Rated Power:420W – 1500W (420W -1100W motor, 0 – 400W on/off heater switch)
RPM:19000 – 30000
Installation:Plug-In system phased installation (see below)
Drying time:10-15 Seconds
Air speed:119 – 202 MPH
Noise output:67-74dB (at 2M)
Operation:infrared automatic ‘no touch’
Timing protection:60 seconds auto cut off
Drip Proof:IP23
Unit dimensions:213mm W x 330mm H x 170mm D
Net weight:5.1 kg
Warranty:3 Years
Certification:CE, TUV, GS, EMC, RoHs

Heater switch position

Adjustments for sound and sensor distance

So, the new G-Force MKII is a fantastic example of a hand dryer to suit all needs.  It utilises the easy installation and maintenance plug-in system and complements its fast-drying times with total adjustability to suit the needs of all users and locations.

This new install process is going to prove very popular with installers and building contactors alike.

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