Comparison of Koala Baby Changing Tables

We have already detailed the main features to look for in a commercial baby changing table. If one knows the measurements and needs of the location, comparing product specifications is a useful method to make a decision.

Since Koala Kare has a varied range of baby changing tables, we are going to display all of their models. This brand is a Bobrick division that has become one of the top manufacturers specialised in child care products for commercial washrooms.

Comparison of Koala Baby Changing Tables

The Koala changing tables that we supply and mention in this post have common features such as being manufactured in the USA, a 5-year guarantee (as well as a provision for replacement caused by vandalism), the necessary fixing material in the package, a bed surface that stops microbial proliferation and the inclusion of nylon safety straps for child protection.

Model  KB112 KB101 KB111 KB208 KB100 KB200 KB200-SS KB110
Position Any Vertical Vertical Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal
Mounting Countertop:

Surface (01CT)

Recessed (01RE)

Wall surface Wall:

Surface (SSWM)

Recessed (SSRE)

Wall surface Recessed in the wall Wall surface Wall surface Wall:

Surface (SSWM)

Recessed (SSRE)

Shape Oval Square Square Oval Square Rounded square Rounded square Square
Fascia x Cream (00)

Grey (01)

White granite (05)

polyethylene 2730 cm2

Brushed 304 Stainless steel Grey (01)

Grey granite (12)

Sandstone (14)

polyethylene 1987 cm2

Polyethylene Cream (00)

Grey (01)

White granite (05)

Earth (11)

polypropylene 2903 cm2

Brushed 304 Stainless steel Brushed 304 Stainless steel
Flange Grey polyethylene 2445 cm2 304 Stainless steel Grey (01)

White granite (05)

polypropylene 2903 cm2

Bed surface Grey polyethylene 2710 cm2 Cream (00)

Grey (01)

polyethylene 2852 cm2

Grey polyethylene 2851 cm2
Built-in liner dispenser Two One (25 units) One (25 units) None One (25 units) Two (50 units in total) Two (50 units in total) One (25 units)
Bag hook None 2 2 2 2 2 2 2
Messages 6 languages 6 + Braille 6 4 6 4 (Braille optional) 4 6
Recycled materials  x 46% 68% x 48% 16% 16% 55%
Weight resistance x x x x x 90 Kg 90 Kg x
Our price (11/2018) From £153.50 £214.4 £1112.30 (WM)

£868.60 (RE)

£214.4 £443.6 From £182.95 £422.6 £996.5 (WM)

£937.2 (RE)

Regarding material of the exterior of horizontal baby changing tables, as a summary we can distinguish the following covers:

– All plastic (KB208, KB200)

– Plastic inner (fascia), stainless steel flange (KB100)

– Stainless steel inner (fascia), plastic flange (KB200-SS)

– All stainless steel (KB110)

We hope that this comparison table helps decision makers to quickly see which Koala baby changing table is the best for the corresponding facilities. You may find helpful our article about what surface is better in bathrooms.

By clicking here you could take a look and order the disposable bed liners for Koala built-in liner dispensers or by entering here the child safety seat for those sanitary areas where adults need to take their children to.

If you have any doubt or special request, please, contact us by filling in this form, sending a message through our social media accounts or calling us. Besides baby changers and low energy hand dryers, we also supply other bathroom fittings like Doc M grab rails, commercial soap dispensers or sensor taps.

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