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Why Electrical Wholesalers Love Working With Us

Why Electrical Wholesalers Love Working With Us

Right now, there’s a surging demand for electric hand dryers.
This is due to a combination of post-pandemic building work picking up again after two years of stop-start projects, and exploding energy bills for organisations. Put simply, the cost of paper towels is going through the roof, due to the high levels of energy and resources required to produce them, and businesses are feeling the bite.

For example, an office with 50 people will now find its annual expenditure on paper towels has risen from £1,150 to an average of £2,300. Of course, the cost of running energy-efficient hand dryers has also risen, but only by around £20 to £40 per annum.

Therefore, electrical contractors are suddenly under pressure to fit increasing numbers of hand dryers, and electrical wholesalers, up and down the country, are the first port of call for installers to get their hands on energy-efficient units – and fast.

We currently work with around 750 UK-based electrical wholesalers, providing a specialist hand dryer service for them and their customer bases of electrical contractors. Since we pride ourselves on listening and adapting to our customer’s needs, we can tell you exactly what’s important to them.


In light of the current demand for hand dryers, we recently touched base with our wholesaler partners, who sell thousands of electrical products, to see how the land is lying right now. We discovered that many see themselves as facilitators, rather than being heavily engaged with specialist products, such as ours, and appreciate all the support and expertise they can get. In turn, we have continued to evolve to ensure we are giving them exactly what they need at this busy time.

Hassle-free is key

Of course, wholesalers want the process of dealing with third-party suppliers to come with zero hassle, so our policies are designed to make life as easy as possible for everyone involved. We provide a 90-day, no-quibble return which, we believe, is the best in the industry. We also offer the longest guarantees around to give peace of mind. For example, if a contract falls through for one of their customers, there’s no problem in returning the items to us. In simple terms, we don’t put up any barriers.

We have our own warehouse which is critical to the high levels of customer service and efficiency we are known for. As such, we are the UK’s ‘go-to’ supplier of hand dryers and washroom accessories.

Always the best price and service, and everything in stock

We have a unique place in the market for wholesalers as we cover all hand dryers – we’re even exclusive UK distributors for many global brands. So once a wholesaler receives a hand dryer spec, we are literally a one-stop shop for them. We have everything on the shelf because we buy in volume, meaning we can offer the best prices on everything, even the biggest brands like Dysons and Mitsubishi.

Whether our customers have a particular spec or an open spec, such as ‘this product or equivalent’, we can always offer ‘good, better, best’ options with different price ranges. What’s more, when needed, we offer free demos and do all the legwork on emails and quotes for wholesalers’ customers, with all the expert advice and details their customers could possibly need. Essentially, we are committed to enabling our wholesaler partners to provide the very best service to their customers, which is why we win gold star awards, year after year, for our customer service.

Taking things back to basics

The digital age has revolutionised our industry, however, feedback from our customers has also informed us that analogue still has a place. So we’ve started supplying a physical catalogue to wholesalers and their customers. Something tangible that they can show customers. The feedback has been strong. Wholesalers have found that when customers are able to leaf through our breadth of hand dryers, it is far easier for them to engage with all of the information and choice. After all, we supply 65 models and finishes of hand dryers on our shelves, including every major brand.

Doing the right thing – from people to the planet

We don’t just work with wholesalers at Intelligent. Our key customer bases are made up of SMEs, educational institutions, facilities managers, electrical contractors – from huge nationwide firms to sole traders – and wholesalers (with plenty of crossover), yet we always aim to refer contractors that approach us directly back to their preferred wholesaler to conduct the transaction. Why? Because we value our relationships with wholesalers, and understand the benefits this brings to them, us and their customers.

The environment always has and always will be core to our business. We are part of the 1% For the Planet Movement, which sees us committing 1% of our profits to sustainable causes through money and volunteering time and we gave up air freighting some time ago to drastically reduce our carbon footprint. We also recently launched Dryflow, the world’s first range of carbon-neutral hand dryers, and we run an end-of-life, recycling scheme to repair and repurpose unwanted and old hand dryers for good causes. But one thing wholesalers can be certain about, is that environmentally friendly policies and great service can go hand in hand.

In a nutshell, we are committed to providing reliability all around. Organisations and contractors can rely on us to provide the very best product for their washrooms, wholesalers know we will always go the extra mile to make them look good, and end users can blissfully go about drying their hands hygienically and sustainably…

Discover more about our exclusive benefits for electrical wholesalers here:

Our friendly team is always on hand to help all of our customers establish and obtain exactly the right hand dryer for the job. Of course, we make it really easy to get hold of us, whether it’s on the phone, via live chat or email. You can find all of our contact details here

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