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What Features to Look for when Buying Bathroom Waste Bins

What Features to Look for when Buying Bathroom Waste Bins

To get the most suitable unit for the needs of any facility, it might be useful to know some of the many possible specifications and add-ons of bathroom waste bins for commercial areas. This guide aims to give quite a comprehensive and visual perspective.

Bathroom Bins Features

Location : While sanitary bins are placed inside the washroom cubicle to store human waste, outside of the toilet partitions you will find general purpose waste bins, where typically people throw away hand paper towels.

Capacity : Sanitary disposal units , meant to handle sanpro waste like sanitary towels or incontinence pads, usually have from 2 to 5 litres capacity, although they could be bigger at high traffic premises. Other bathroom bins may give different volumes, usually starting at 20 litres.

Materials : The market mostly provides hard-wearing and long-lasting stainless steel waste bin cases, although the internal part of the receptacle could be made of plastic to prevent corrosion. Regarding sanitary bins, it is common that they are completely manufactured with a resistant plastic like polypropylene.

Mounting : There are three options when positioning a bathroom waste bin . The unit can be either free standing on the floor, countertop mounted (chute styled) or fixed to the wall or a panel. Bear in mind however, that some products are versatile and can be floor standing or wall mounted depending on the installer’s needs. Those trash bins suitable for panel or wall mounting are designed to be surface or recessed mounted. For maximum strength, combination units consist of several bathroom accessories, like a paper towel dispenser plus a waste bin, all in the same piece.

Design : Though layouts are almost infinite, bathroom waste bins are commonly cube shaped or round. You could find some triangular shape bins, intended to be adjusted into a corner.

With regard to the entry point to the waste bin, these would be the main types:

  • Open top to ease disposal
  • Half open top , whether with frame or half dome
  • Hinged lid or panel to conceal odours:
    • Self-closing
    • Manual lid opening
      • Helped by a finger depression under lid
      • Helped by a knob or a magnetic catch
    • Pedal operated bins are the most hygienic solution, although they require that visitors are able to stand or that they are carrying stick like accessories

For aesthetical reasons, it looks advantageous that any cover is fingerprint resistant. To avoid cross contamination, antibacterial components are recommended.

Maintenance : Apart from a leak proof container, cleaning staff will appreciate features that ease how to adjust, hold and withdraw the disposable bin liners, like a removable bag strap, lifting holes or clamps. Likewise, to protect the surrounding surfaces of accessories and walls, it is handy that the bin includes rubber feet or a door swing cable (if designed with a door). Despite only being in its infancy, technology nowadays allows the installation of sensors in order to check the content level of the bin and improve efficiency.

Vandalism resistance : Besides the part that materials and layout play in this respect, a key lockable case can impede misuse and ensure durability.

Safety : Soft edges are paramount at any exposed surface of the bathroom waste bin in order to prevent user’s harm, especially if there is no lid on top.

Extras : Some deposits such as nappy bins come equipped with an integral air freshener for a better odour. Also, customers always welcome finding the fixing materials and key included in the product box. Supplying one free adhesive label is helpful to clearly identify the bin as a disposal unit.

Accessories : Some fittings can contribute to reduce clutter and bacterial contamination, like placing sanitary bag dispensers next to sanitary disposal bins.

Lastly, remember that having two bins in a bathroom can help to recycle plastic packaging (i.e. shampoo bottles), especially at hotels and households.

Considering the options that one can find in the market, a functional item like a bathroom waste bin can be user and staff friendly whilst displaying at the same time an interesting and durable design. Should you need to browse some models, we invite you check our bathroom bin category. We also supply other fittings for commercial washrooms and partitions like toilet brush sets, a wide range of toilet paper dispensers, door hooks or soap dispensers.

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