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3 reasons to ditch paper towels right now

3 reasons to ditch paper towels right now

A hand dryer supply company on a crusade against paper towels? Yeah, you read that right.

Intelligent Hand Dryers is leading the charge against the unrecyclable, messy, expensive scourge littering the floor of restrooms everywhere.

This is war, and we’ve got the paper towel industry right in our crosshairs.

And we’re about to give you 3 good reasons to join us.

As business owners everywhere see the light and make the switch — the days of single use hand napkins are numbered. We’re incredibly proud to be partnered with Dryflow, who have launched the world’s first carbon neutral hand dryer range. And, we’re also helping a huge range of businesses across the UK transition to hand dryers in their washrooms.

The dishonest, unethical, wasteful paper towel industry should be positively quivering.

Here’s 3 reasons to say g’bye to those towels, and embrace the savings that come with our sleek, efficient hand dryer ranges

1. Saving you money

Just like solar panels, the upfront costs of a hand dryer installation lead to long-term savings. Paper towels require constant reordering, and restocking. These continual, neverending costs dwarf the expense of a quality hand dryer quite rapidly.

It seems counterintuitive to many, but the figures don’t lie. Hand dryer installations win out over paper towels in terms of cost. By far.

Plus, the hand dryers we stock are world leading in terms of energy efficiency. Both in their operation, and their manufacturing. So whether your priority is keeping energy costs down — or you’re a climate-concerned business reducing your impact wherever you can — our hand dryers are good for business.

2. Cleaner washrooms

As anyone who has ever worked in a bar, restaurant or hotel will tell you — paper towels get everywhere. By the end of a busy night in your average commercial establishment, it’s like your customers tried to wallpaper your restrooms.

It’s not very nice as a customer either, being faced with an overflowing bin of paper towels. Or, the other common reality…. There’s none whatsoever to be found. Leaving you with wet hands, and mild dismay.

Here’s another bone we have to pick with paper towels. They’ve invested around £160 million in misinformation, and negative PR about the hygiene of hand dryers.

We’ve pored over these studies ourselves, and come to the conclusion that they’re fighting a propaganda war. This considerable amount of money has been spent on heavily weighted, poorly controlled studies in an attempt to influence public perception on the hygiene of hand dryers. Manipulating the science in an attempt to eliminate the competition.

And the deeper you go into this specific rabbit hole, the more you question the paper towel industry’s ethics on a much larger scale.

3. Environmental wins

You might look at a paper towel product with ‘made from recycled paper’ on the packaging, and assume that’s an environmentally friendly choice.

But the huge issue with paper towels is when they decompose. In a landfill, paper towels break down and release methane, which is 23 times more potent a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide.

And they can’t be recycled like other paper products.

Plus, the way paper towels are made is nothing short of environmentally unsound.

The paper towel industry is responsible for a mind boggling amount of deforestation. Canada alone has lost 28 million acres of woodland to the wood pulp industry.

The pulping and bleaching process also creates a terrible impact on local environments, polluting vast amounts of water with chlorine bleach.

And on top of that, the paper and pulp industry is the 4th largest greenhouse gas polluter in the world.

And although ‘recycled paper towels’ might sound good, their environmental impact of recycled paper towels is almost the same as virgin pulp paper towels in terms of CO2, and water consumption.

When it comes to the greener choice for drying your hands, studies show that using an efficient, modern hand dryer creates less carbon emissions than paper towels.

We were (understandably) thrilled to discover this research from the Climate Conservancy, a greenhouse-impact auditing outfit started by Stanford graduates.

“If you walk into an average bathroom and use an average hand dryer in an average way, you’ll be causing somewhere between 9 and 40 grams of carbon dioxide emissions. If you use two towels, data suggests you will be responsible for roughly 56 grams of carbon dioxide emissions.”

The Climate Conservancy

No industry is perfect. Everything we do has an impact.

But our hand dryers don’t end up in landfill. They are repaired, reused, and repurposed.

And the impact of the energy they use fades in comparison, particularly with the newer generations of energy efficient cold air dryers.

As you can see, we’ve gone well and truly down the paper towel industry rabbit hole, in an effort to understand the real and many benefits of the hand dryers we supply.

Having a modern, energy efficient hand dryer installed in a washroom just makes sense.

Customers prefer it.

It’s better for the environment.

You’ll save money and energy.

And if you buy through us, we guarantee to repair or replace your hand dryers forever , for FREE as part of our Lifetime Guarantee.

Ready to ditch paper towels once and for all?

We make your hand dryer transition a smooth and seamless experience. Call us on 0114 3540047 or 0203 3270448

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