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Carbon Neutral Company

Our Mission

To go beyond expectations and give more to our customers, our colleagues, our community and our planet.

About Us

The Intelligent way to operate

Since 2012 Intelligent has been committed to delivering independent advice on hand dryers and washroom accessories. Committed to helping our customers by understanding their situation and the needs of their end-users. Delivering the best long-term value with the products we recommend.

2022 sees us building on our people-centric approach to business with a set of guiding principles and actions that set us apart from the rest of the market.

When I established Intelligent, my goals were modest; to give great advice to customers so they could make informed decisions and achieve real value. I wanted IFS to be a great place to work that treated people with respect and gave them freedom.

 Thankfully, our honest, straightforward approach has been appreciated and our customer base has flourished.

 As we grow, so does our responsibility, even small businesses have great power to influence. We are focused on innovating to reduce our footprint, building circularity into everything we do, and investing in environmental and social projects. The more we succeed, the more we can give to the community and share success and ownership with our dedicated team’

 There is no limit to what we can achieve if we keep striving to do better!

We are now an Employee-owned business. Giving our team a stake in the success and future direction of the business. Meaning the success of every happy customer is shared by the very people who worked hard to make that success happen. 


Our years of product knowledge now see us developing our own set of products. From toilet paper made from the most sustainable material in the world, which happens to also have the lowest carbon footprint in the market. To new washroom accessories designed for new and previously underserved markets.

This financial year sees us donating to a range of charities.  

Action this day, Self Help UK, Children's Hospital, Community charities local to Sheffield. Such as food banks, schools, and grassroots football clubs.

Living Wage Employer

We are an accredited Living Wage employer. This means that as a business we’ve made the conscious decision to ensure that our employees are paid a fair day’s wage. The real Living Wage is independently calculated on an annual basis and is based on the best available living standards in the UK.

As a business, we’ve always wanted to reward the hard work and dedication shown by our employees.

The real Living Wage is an hourly rate that is calculated according to the cost of living in the UK and is the only wage rate that is voluntarily paid by more than 6,000 UK businesses who believe their employees deserve a fair day’s pay.

A Climate Neutral Company

We are certified by Climate Partner as a Carbon Neutral company.

We take responsibility for our entire footprint, including the raw materials, production and disposal of the products we sell, we even account for the emissions created by people travelling to work. It’s important to distinguish between this and companies that claim neutrality by offsetting only their directly produced emissions, like their office energy and cars for example.


1% for the Planet

At Intelligent, sustainability and our social responsibility are a key part of our values. As members of 1% for the Planet, we give 1% of our sales to environmental and social causes.
1% for the Planet is a global network of businesses giving 1% of sales to non-profit groups working on the front line of environmental preservation around the world

Leave it as you found it

Our 'Leave it as you found it' mantra sees us bring this to life as we seek to constantly help our customers, partners and colleagues make better decisions in understanding their impact on the environment. And what positive and simple adjustments we all can make to limit the impact we have on the planet.

Our commitment to this cause has seen us invest in environmental projects that benefit the planet x 3 more than the products we sell. As well as innovations that profoundly affect our offering and make us leaders in the marketplace.

We are focused on products that reduce environmental impact and deliver high performance and value. From automatic sensor taps, to reduce water waste, efficient hand dryers that save energy and money, and seeking to eradicate the use of paper towels in washrooms. Saving resources, reducing waste, transport costs, and unnecessary pollution.  

We look to understand and reduce the impact of the materials used, impacting our entire supply chain. Working with suppliers to remove unnecessary packing, use less impactful materials in manufacturing, reusing parts, and forcing change to multiple the positive effect.

The thought of a hand dryer ending up in a landfill is not a future we want to see. With our Infinite Life scheme. We take care of end-of-life items, ensuring customers’ old products don't end up in landfills.

Taking these unwanted items off their hands, and breaking them apart to find new applications for their components.

What cannot be used we put back into the system, taking care to consider the best case for the planet.

Meet the Team


Andrew Cameron


Barry Dunn
Managing Director


Mustapha Aldalou
Commercial Development Director


Stephen Twomey
Customer Operations Manager


James Marvin
eCommerce Manager


Aggie Heeley
Finance Manager


Tam McPherson
Customer Support


Kehinde Fashiku
Purchasing Manager


Rich Marvin
Shipping and Stock Control Supervisor


Kyle Dunn
Inbound and Returns Supervisor


Lindsay Hewson
Graphic Design