• Operation: Mains supply (240V mains transformer)
  • Flow rate at 3 bar: 7 lpm
  • Guarantee: 1 year (parts included)
  • Type of water mixing: Cold or premixed
  • Connector: 3/8
  • Mounting: Wall mounted
  • Minimum/Maximum flow pressure: 1bar / 8bar
  • Dimensions: Ø 60mm base x Ø 28mm body x 220 spout length (mm)
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Prestige IFS8131A wall mounted sensor tap is cost saving and suitable for high traffic areas, yet with an elegant simple layout. Since the infrared sensor only opens the water flow when visitor's hands are detected under, this automatic faucet significantly reduces water waste and avoids bacteria transfer. Furthermore, the single water outlet allows to preset a constant temperature, cold or premixed, which can prevent from microbial proliferation, scalding or just freezing water in winter. The features of such a hands free tap make it suitable for commercial or public toilets, as well as hospitals or schools. 

Comparing with traditional basin taps, its touchless and wall mounting design remarkably reduces cleaning needs in the vanity area. On the other hand, possible blockings and therefore maintenance are cut down thanks to a removable strainer and special needle.

Built for British pipe standards and most common water pressure levels, this smart tap is an excellent upgrade for contemporary washrooms with a lot of users.

Technical description

According to manufacturer's tests, the mechanism lasts on average at least 5 years. Regarding the materials, brass has been well known for its durability. Misuse would not be an issue, because this wall mounted sensor tap will cut off water if running for more than 60 seconds. IFS8131A comes with a 240V>6V transformer and plug.

Should you intend to provide warm water, please, note that a blending valve is required to premix water before reaching the faucet inlet. We supply a couple of compatible mixing valves: thermostatic or manual.

Take into account that all taps need often cleaning of the filters. Also, we advise to disinfect the faucet internal parts once in a while. Beware too that other sensors and reflective surfaces (mirrors, clothes) could interfere with the tap sensor, so it is highly recommended to follow the suggestions of the installation manual.

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Applications:Adapted bathrooms for disabled, Airports, Healthcare, Public Toilet, Wash basin

  • Operation: Mains supply (240V mains transformer)
  • Flow rate at 3 bar: 7 lpm
  • Guarantee: 1 year (parts included)
  • Type of water mixing: Cold or premixed
  • Connector: 3/8
  • Mounting: Wall mounted
  • Minimum/Maximum flow pressure: 1bar / 8bar
  • Dimensions: Ø 60mm base x Ø 28mm body x 220 spout length (mm)
  • Removable strainer to clean and solenoid valve with antiblocking needle inside
  • Max. temperature: 70 ºC
  • Self-adjusting sensor location
  • Tap aerator
  • Automatic cut off: 60 seconds
  • Average minimum operation time: 5 years
  • Material: chrome-plated brass
Why would (not) you recommend a sensor tap?

We've compared different types of faucets and we've found a lot of advantages of sensor taps, specially for commercial bathrooms and public toilets. You can read them in this blog post, including a few less positive considerations.

You can also check this summary:

  • Advantages
    • Water conservation
    • Energy saving
    • Reducing costs in the bill
    • Easily operated by any user
    • Cut off time to prevent misuse
    • Customisation once for good
    • A cleaner washroom (no dirty handle, less splashes, no sink overflow)
    • No cross-contamination
    • No corrosion (depending on the model)
    • One remote control can adjust infinite taps
  • Neutral features
    • Users will have to learn how to use them (once)
    • Maintenance is required, like any other tap
    • Batteries must be replaced
  • Disadvantages
    • Greater initial investment
    • Remote control to change settings
    • Power cut would entail no operation
    • Infrared sensors can make mistakes
    • Animals activate them as well
    • Some internal parts may favour bacteria
    • More likeliness to replace the whole unit

We advise you to assess what points are more relevant and frequent according to your needs and the location of the tap.

Anything practical to know about infrared sensors?

The proximity sensors in our taps and some soap dispensers use active infrared technology: they detect the infrared radiation that a close object (in their range) reflects back. This means that hands, washroom accessories or just even dirt near them will activate them.

Furthermore, infrared sensors can misinterpret certain situations and open the solenoid valve when they are not suppose to:

  • Mirrors and very reflective finishes (like polished chrome) in front of them will send confusing signals if they are closer than 1.5 metre to the tap. One must be careful for example with the elements of the basin bowl: the spout of wall-mounted sensor taps should be at least 300mm away from the bottom of the sink and not facing a shiny basin plug. Tap sensors can also react if a person is wearing striking garments.
  • Other infrared sensors opposite them also imply unintended triggers.

Therefore, we encourage you to read the installation guidelines the manufacturer provides and accept that accidental unlocks are a (rare) fact.

How do infrared taps work?

By clicking here, you will access an infographic that depicts how sensor taps work.

How often to clean the filters?

This sensor tap has one filter per water supply (included in the package), in order to be placed before the solenoid valve. Furthermore, the tap aerator in the spout will also act as a filter.

Sensor tap aerator

Filter before the solenoid valve of a sensor tap

Like in any type of tap, filters must be taken out and washed regularly with running water. In particular, the solenoid valve diaphragm should be checked every 6 months.

There are two situations when the upkeep is essential:

  • After the installation, since a lot of dust is spreaded during the process.
  • After a water cut, this liquid will have dirt.

Is this sensor tap Doc M compliant?

Automatic taps should be easily operated, as Approved Document M requires. Other requirements will be up to the installer, like fixing the basin tap at the right distance from the WC and floor or setting a safe temperature for the users.

For further details about these topics, please, read our blog post about Doc M taps.

What are the pros and cons of each finish?

We have written a blogpost about it. Please, click here.

Guarantee1 Year
Inc. Parts
Packed Weight1.910 kg
FinishesPolished Chrome
DimensionsProduct Height60 mm
Product Width28/60 mm
Product Depth220 mm
Packaging Height75 mm
Packaging Width215 mm
Packaging Depth385 mm
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Here is a list of spares and accessories available for Prestige Sensor Taps.

If you do not see the specific part you are looking for, please contact us.

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