• 500 individual liners for Koala baby changing table
  • Each bed liner is 330.2mm x 482.6mm if unfolded
  • 3-ply chemical-free biodegradable paper, 100% recyclable
  • 50% recycled paper
  • Dimensions of the box: 343mm (W) x 457mm (H)
  • Koala Kare product, a division of Bobrick
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Every box contains 500 individual liners that are compatible with Koala Kare baby changing tables, whose built-in liner dispensers usually hold approximately 25 or 50 liners, depending on the model. These disposable bed liners are designed to act as sanitary three-ply barriers between the child and the table surface. Each item is made of chemical-free biodegradable quilted paper, 100% recyclable and moisture resistant. When completely unfolded, the liner will be 33 cm x 48 cm. 

Applications:Baby Changing Facilities

What do building regulations say about baby changing tables?

English regulations regarding access and use in buildings are mainly gathered in Approved Document M. This file suggests the following in relation to baby changing facilities:

  • Sanitary facilities should be available to everybody, including users of either gender with babies.
  • Wheelchair-accessible unisex toilets should not be used for baby changing.
  • An enlarged cubicle 1200mm wide in a separate-sex toilet washroom could benefit parents with children, among other users; besides other fittings like bathroom grab rails, one should consider to install a fold-down table inside such a compartment.
  • In large buildings, it is "desirable" to provide separate facilities for baby changing.

With similar suggestions, Irish booklets on the matter add:

  • Hand washing and drying facilities should be provided adjacent to the baby changers, along with nappy disposal bins, and a shelf or table for personal belongings.
  • An accessible place for breast-feeding (separate from the toilet facilities) should be furnished wherever space allows so. It is expected to be equipped with a comfortable chair and have room for a large pram or pushchair.

Please, read the source texts or consult a professional to confirm this information.

Is there a quick way to compare all Koala baby changers?

We have created a comparison table here with all models of Koala baby changing tables, so that choosing the most suitable product can be more visual and handy.

What are the pros and cons of each finish?

We have written a blogpost about it. Please, click here.

What if an adult with reduced mobility handles this baby changing table?

This blog post has some accessibility indications when choosing or installing a baby changing table, since the child's guardian or babysitter could be disabled or with limited mobility, like it could be quite common for example in the case of grandparents.

ConstructionPacked Weight4.54 kg
DimensionsPackaging Height457 mm
Packaging Width343 mm
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