• Dimensions: 635 (H) x 322 (W) x 250 (D) mm
  • Rated power: 1,100 watts
  • Customisable with any painted colour, finish (matte or chrome) and branding on front panel
  • Cost saving and energy efficient preheat system
  • Coloured LED lights that create a relaxed environment
  • Bluetooth technology to send performance data to Telemetry app
  • Capacitive sensor allows lateral activation of the dryer
  • Air outlets create a "curtain effect" that prevents splashing
  • Laser diagnostics that projects on the floor to inform about full tank or technical faults
  • ABS material with antimicrobial additives
  • HEPA H13 filter for enhanced hygiene at healthcare and food preparation environments
  • Residual water tank
  • Easy installation, access and disassembly
  • 5 year guarantee for parts and 1 year for labour
  • IPX2
Cobalt Blue (Cobalt Blue Front & Back Panel / Light Grey Central Panel)
White (White Front & Back Panel / Light Grey Central Panel)
Matte Cyan (Matte Cyan Front & Back Panel / Dark Grey Central Panel)
Gold (24kt Gold Plated Front & Back Panel / Black Central Panel)
£1,230.00 inc. VAT

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  • Est. delivery 2 weeks (please contact us)
  • 5 Year

Performance Rating

  • Energy Consumption

    This rating is based on the watts per dry of the hand dryer which is derived from the rated power and the time taken to dry the hands. We have used the figures based on either the manufacturer’s dry time, if yet to be in house tested or based on the in house testing dry time we have conducted. This will also be based on the most energy efficient setting, if the hand dryer is adjustable for speed and/or heat.

    Watts per dry:

    • 0 – 1.99W = star rating 5
    • 2 – 2.99W = star rating 4.5
    • 3 – 3.99W = star rating 4
    • 4 – 4.99W = star rating 3.5
    • 5 – 5.99W = star rating 3
    • 6 – 6.99W = star rating 2.5
    • 7 – 7.99W = star rating 2
    • 8 – 8.99W = star rating 1.5
    • 9 – 9.99W = star rating 1
    • 10W and above = star rating 0.5
    3.5 out of 5
  • Quiet Sound Level

    This rating is based on the manufacturers stated sound level, usually at 1m. Please see the section titled "how quiet is the." for more information and independent test results, which give a more accurate noise decibel level. These ratings will also be based on the low noise setting, if the hand dryer is adjustable for speed. Therefore at full speed the hand dryer may not be quiet, however it may be adjustable to become quiet if this is required.

    Decibels (dB):

    • Up to 68dB = star rating 5
    • 69 – 70dB = star rating 4.5
    • 71 – 72dB = star rating 4
    • 73 – 74dB = star rating 3.5
    • 75 – 76dB = star rating 3
    • 77 – 78dB = star rating 2.5
    • 79 – 80dB = star rating 2
    • 81 – 82dB = star rating 1.5
    • 83 – 84dB = star rating 1
    4.5 out of 5
  • Life Expectancy

    This rating is based on the number of motor life cycles (number of uses) the hand dryer, in theory, will last for. This is based on the motor life expectancy given to us in hours, from the manufacturer.

    The number of cycles (uses) has been calculated as follows:

    (Number of seconds in the hour / seconds per dry) x motor life hours

    For a more individualised longevity calculation based on your own usage numbers please use the life expectancy calculator on each product page.

    Number of motor life cycles:

    • 1,000,000 and over = star rating 5
    • 800,000 – 999,999 = star rating 4.5
    • 600,000 – 799,999 = star rating 4
    • 400,000 – 599,999 = star rating 3.5
    • 200,000 – 399,999 = star rating 3
    • 100,000 – 199,999 = star rating 2.5
    • 80,000 – 99,999 = star rating 2
    • 60,000 – 79,999 = star rating 1.5
    • 40,000 – 59,999 = star rating 1
    • 39,999 and under = star rating 0.5
    3.0 out of 5
  • High Speed

    These ratings are based on the in house testing we have conducted regarding dry times. They show realistic comparisons of what to expect from each hand dryer. Please note that the manufacturer stated dry time is not always accurate when compared to the hand dryer being used in realistic conditions. The ratings are based on the hand dryer being placed at its high speed setting if it can be manually adjusted.

    Dry Speed (seconds):

    • 10 – 11 seconds = star rating 5
    • 12 – 13 seconds = star rating 4.5
    • 14 – 15 seconds = star rating 4
    • 16 – 17 seconds = star rating 3.5
    • 18 – 19 seconds = star rating 3
    • 20 – 21 seconds = star rating 2.5
    • 22 – 23 seconds = star rating 2
    • 24 – 25 seconds = star rating 1.5
    • 26 – 27 seconds = star rating 1
    • Over 28 seconds = star rating 0.5
    3.0 out of 5
  • Enhanced Hygiene

    Hand dryers are a hygienic method of drying the hands. The better the dry, the less the risk of carrying germs on wet hands. Some hand dryers however have gone that little bit further to enhance the hygienic aspects of the hand dryer. These ratings are based on these extra factors that have been added to aid the hygienic properties. These ratings are based on an added together scoring system where the higher the rating the more enhanced the hygienic properties of the hand dryer. Cold Plasma Clean (CPC) is the most advanced hygienic property on the market and scores a maximum of 5 stars.

    Enhanced Hygienic properties:

    • Cold Plasm Clean Technology = score 5 
    • Fast dry (<15secs) = score 0.5
    • Touch Free = score 0.5
    • Heat Sanitation = score 0.5
    • UV-C cleaning = score 0.5
    • HEPA filter = score 1.5
    • Anti Bacterial Coating = score 0.5
    • General filter = score 0.5
    • Ioniser = score 0.5
    3.5 out of 5
  • Vandal Resistance

    Some hand dryers would not be suitable for some locations where abuse may be likely such as a train station or night club. However the same hand dryer would be suitable for an office or school location. These ratings are based on an added together scoring system where the higher the rating, the more suitable we would recommend for areas where abuse may be likely.

    Vandal Resistance score

    • Compact size = score 0.5              
    • Decreased blockage potential = score 0.5
    • Additional Backplate/ fixings strength = score 1
    • Anti-vandal extras = score 1
    • Metal / ABS = score 1    
    • Cover thickness 1.5mm or more = score 0.5        
    • No leverage points (design) = score 0.5
    2.0 out of 5


ffuuss™ hand dryers are available to purchase in a 110-120V model and available for quick delivery in USA.  Please ask us for more information. ffuuss™ HD-1 is a highly customisable designer hand dryer that aims to provide a pleasurable hand drying experience by creating a delicate air flow and relaxing ambience at trendy restaurants and hotels. To personalise this stylish product, the cover and cavity can be painted with any colour in either a matte or chrome finish. You also have the option to brand the front panel with your own logos. The varied layout of the air outlets originates "air hugs" that comfortably caress users' hands, avoid splashing due to its "curtain effect" and allow lateral activation of the capacitive sensor, which favours children and wheelchair visitors. Above these multiple air outlets, there is a string of LED lights (blue, purple, green, red) that help contribute to clear minds and improve well-being through with a chromotherapeutic effect. Not only an enjoyable experience, it dries hands in approx 18 seconds (in house testing), a very respectable dry time which will not leave users disappointed.

Besides a low energy motor, HD-1 includes Preheat, an air heating system with energy saving environmental sensors and without conventional resistors that generally imply high consumption and several potential risks. Furthermore, to ease maintenance and facility planning, this hand dryer can share its data via Bluetooth 4.0+ with Android or iOS devices that use the Telemetry app. This usually eliminates the need to disassemble the dryer in the event of a breakdown. As a more obvious yet silent alarm, a red laser light shines on the floor when the water tank needs emptying or if there is a technical failure.

The hand dryer case is made of lightweight, corrosion resistant ABS, which has a low carbon footprint and reduces vibration and noise. To avoid cross contamination in commercial areas and especially food industry and healthcare, the plastic includes a silver ion based additive called Biomaster that stops bacterial growth. Likewise, the unit comes equipped with a HEPA H13 filter that cleans 99.97% of germs in the air flow.

ffuuss™ HD-1 customisation options and prices

Due to its size and relevance in users' hygiene, a hand dryer is an important element in the washroom. Designers frequently appreciate being able to match the hand dryer finish with the rest of the accessories and appliances.

ffuuss™ HD-1 has fully customisable front and back panels with respect to colour or pattern, printing (injected, painted, hydrographics) and gloss (matte or chrome). As you can see in the table below, the simplest and most affordable model is HD1., whose front and back panels have a durable injected white on surface, unlike any other colour, which would be painted.

Furthermore, any logo, picture or advert can be inserted as a plastic layer on the front panel thanks to a method developed by ffuuss™, with no minimum order required. Note that branding would incur a setup cost of £270 and £90 extra per unit (excluding VAT).

Regarding the central panels, there is always a standard colour, but you can choose from the other four for £49 plus VAT. The colours of the central panel are white (W), grey (G), white grey (W-G), dark grey (DG), light grey (LG) and black (B), which replaces the default light grey when picking chrome, vinyl or gold finishes.

Picture Code Front and back panel Central panel Selling price excl. VAT
HD1. thumbnail HD1. White (injected) LG £715
anycolour_HD1.02.2.XXX.X HD1.02.2.XXX.X Any RAL or PANTONE colour, shiny or matte Any £1115
HD1.02.2.XXX.X_Water-printed HD1.02.2.XXX.X Any colour with water transfer print Any £1025
HD1.02.2.XXX.X_Vinyl HD1.02.2.XXX.X Any design in vinyl (varnished) Any £1115/unit + £315 setup
HD1. HD1. Pearl grey  W £799
HD1. HD1. Traffic black W £950
HD1. HD1. Matte black W £950
HD1. HD1. Matte white LG £950
HD1. HD1. Pure red LG £950
HD1. HD1. Cyan DG £950
HD1. HD1. Honey yellow LG £950
HD1. HD1. Purple red LG £950
Cobalt Blue HD-1 ffuuss Customisable Hand Dryer HD1. Cobalt Blue LG  £1025
HD1. HD1. Pearl copper LG £1025
HD1. HD1. Gentian blue W £1025
HD1. HD1. Pearl gold W £1025
HD1. HD1. Mustard W-G £1025
HD1. HD1. Matte Mustard W-G £1025
HD1. HD1. Coral red LG £1025
HD1. HD1. Matte coral red LG £1025
HD1. HD1. Grey white DG £1025
HD1. HD1. Matte cyan DG £1025
HD1. HD1. Chrome blue B £1025
HD1. HD1. Chrome glossy B £1025
HD1. HD1. Chrome red B £1025
HD1. HD1.02.2.200.X 24Kt Gold plated  Any £3400
HD1.02.2.XXX.X_Branded CHD1.02.2.XXX.X Plastic layer with branding ... +  £90/unit + £270 setup
Picture Code Front and bach panel Central panel Selling price excl. VAT

Please do not hesitate to contact us, should you have any question or request. Please bear in mind that lead times would be at least 10 days for the basic colours and a minimum of 3-4 weeks for personalised finishes.

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Applications: Bars, Hotel, Restaurant, Adapted bathrooms for disabled, Cinema/Theatre, College, Healthcare, Office, Public Attractions, University

What extra hygiene aspects does the ffuuss™ HD-1 have?

Washing hands correctly is the best way to ensure high levels of hand hygiene. Making sure hands are completely dry is the next important aspect of hand hygiene.

Most modern hand dryers have standard hygienic properties such as fast dry times and touch free sensors to activate. However, for added peace of mind some models have enhanced hygienic properties.

The extra hygiene aspects the ffuuss™ HD-1 hand dryer has are:

  • The ABS case has a Biomaster Silver Ions additive that prevents the growth of bacteria and therefore microbe transfer between users.
  • The HEPA H13 filter that catches 99.97% of germs in the air flow before being blown on the hands.
  • Touch free activation sensor.

To view our full range of hand dryers with extra hygienic properties please click here – this includes our eXtremeAir CPC model with Cold Plasma technology.

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How vandal resistant is the ffuuss™ HD-1?

Depending upon the location, hand dryers can be damaged through vandalism. This includes being leveraged off the wall, damaging the outer casing and putting foreign objects into the openings. Locations this is likely to occur include pubs, nightclubs, train stations, stadiums, schools, arenas or unattended public toilets to name a few.

  • The ffuuss™ HD-1 cover is made of resistant ABS and the mounting is galvanised steel.
  • To avoid overheat and misuse, the motor stops after 25 seconds running.

To view our full range of hand dryers with enhanced anti vandal features please click here.

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How suitable is the Ffuuss HD-1 for disabled users?

There are a few points to consider when choosing a hand dryer with disabled users in mind. These include:

  • Wheelchair access with regard to users being able to position their hands correctly.
  • The amount of moisture that will be left on the floor after drying if units are to be used by people physically impaired.
  • The noise level of some high speed hand dryers may be too loud for some users, such as users with autism, multiple sclerosis, etc.

Disabled areas often double up as baby changing facilities, so considerations include leaving extra space for double buggies, noise levels for children, etc.

The ffuuss™ HD-1 hand dryer has the following features that may negate these concerns:

  • Residual water tank collector to prevent excess water going onto the floor or onto the user.
  • Lateral activation of the sensor so that wheelchair users and other people with disabilities can effortlessly access the hand dryer. 
  • Electrical motor with vibration absorption (seismic mass).
  • A string of lights and "air hugs" that does not cause as much stress as other hand dryers.

To view our full range of hand dryers with suitable properties for disabled users please click here.

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Which ffuuss hand dryer? HD-1 or HD-2?

ffuuss™ HD-1 and HD-2 hand dryers have the same performance, almost identical layout with a pleasant airflow that massages hands, antimicrobial plastic, water collector, HEPA filter and Bluetooth technology, Both being ideal for modern restaurants and hotels.

However, there are a few differences between both models that could seem insignificant for some or fundamental for others.

  • HD-1 hand dryer offers a nearly endless list of colours, matte or chrome, as well as the option to add a logo onto the front cover, though colours will be painted on the cover making them less hard-wearing. Personalisation means unique products, but longer lead times. As a chromotherapy feature, the LED light on top are coloured creating a peaceful ambience. Its Preheat system saves energy and avoids possible risks that resistors might entail in other dryers. Also, a diagnosis laser silently warns on the floor about maintenance needs.
  • HD-2 hand dryer has injected and therefore long-lasting colours, although there are only six to choose from. Moreover, visual diagnostics will be through a LED light and co-branding options are available for distributors with a small logo on the front panel. 
Energy Consumption Electrical Supply Voltage 220-240 Volts
Electrical Supply Frequency 50-60 Hz
Standby Power Consumption 13.2 Watts
Performance Expected Motor Life 1736 Hours
Dry Time (max setting) 18 Seconds
Dry Time Notes In house tested dry time
Universal Brush Motor
Motor Speed (max setting) 23000 RPM
Motor Speed Notes Motor lasts for at least 250,000 cycles (on/off)
Air Speed (max setting) 186.4 MPH
Air Volume (max setting) 154 CFM
Operating Temperature Range 104 °F
Operating Temperature Range 40 °C
Motor Cutoff Time 25 Seconds
Motor Class II
Rated Power Rated Power (max settings) 1100 Watts
Energy Per Dry (max setting) 5.5 Watt-hours (Wh)
Noise Operating Sound Level (max setting) 72.9 dB
Sound Level Notes According to Applus lab, at a distance of 2m dB
Guarantee 5 Years
Guarantee Notes 5 years for parts and 1 year for labour
Construction Materials ABS (cover) and galvanised steel (mounting)
Net Weight 7.3 kg
Packed Weight 8.8 kg
Finishes Other Finishes Matte Cobalt Blue (customisable in any other colour, either with a matte or chrome finish)
Electrical & Safety IP rating IPX2
Dimensions Product Height 635 mm
Product Width 322 mm
Product Depth 250 mm
Packaging Height 690 mm
Packaging Width 360 mm
Packaging Depth 285 mm
Mounting Instructions Men 996 mm
Women 946 mm
Disabled 806 mm
Certification CE
Replaceable Features HEPA Filter
General General Notes This unit has Bluetooth technology
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Here is a list of spares and accessories available for the ffuuss™ HD-1 Hand Dryer.

If you do not see the specific part you are looking for, please contact us.

  Spare Part or Accessory Part Code
ffuuss™ Hand Dryer Colour Sample Box (HD-1 & HD-2 finishes) 39007 000
ffuuss™ HD-1 Hand Dryer Front Panel - Any Colour Available 39000 XXX
ffuuss™ HD-1 Hand Dryer Rear Panel - Any Colour Available 39001 XXX
ffuuss™ HD-1 Hand Dryer Central Cover Set - Light Grey 39002 000
ffuuss™ HD-1 Hand Dryer Central Cover Set - White 39002 001
ffuuss™ HD-1 Hand Dryer Central Cover Set - Dark Grey 39002 002
ffuuss™ HD-1 Hand Dryer Central Cover Set - Grey White 39002 003
ffuuss™ HD-1 Hand Dryer Central Cover Set - Black 39002 004
ffuuss™ HD-1 Hand Dryer Motor Set 220-240V 39003 002
ffuuss™ HD-1 Hand Dryer PC Board Set 220-240V 39004 002
ffuuss™ HD-1 Hand Dryer Chromotherapy Set 39004 004
ffuuss™ HD-1 Hand Dryer Laser Set 39004 006
ffuuss™ HD-1 Hand Dryer Water Tank Switch 39004 007
ffuuss™ HD-1 Hand Dryer Wall Support 39005 000
ffuuss™ HD-1 Hand Dryer Wall Support 5Va 39005 100
ffuuss™ HD-1 Hand Dryer Deflector Set 39005 001
ffuuss™ HD-1 Hand Dryer Deflector Set 5Va 39005 101
ffuuss™ HD-1 Hand Dryer Lower Cover 39005 002
ffuuss™ HD-1 Hand Dryer Air Intake HEPA Filter (x 1) 39005 005
ffuuss™ HD-1 Hand Dryer Water Tank Set 39005 006
ffuuss™ HD-1 Hand Dryer Silentblock Set 39005 007
ffuuss™ HD-1 Hand Dryer Cover Set 39005 008
ffuuss™ HD-1 Hand Dryer Optical Set 39005 009
ffuuss™ HD-1 Hand Dryer Wall Bracket Set 39006 000
ffuuss™ HD-1 Hand Dryer Cleaning Brush 39006 001
ffuuss™ HD-1 Hand Dryer Instruction Manual Set 39006 002
ffuuss™ HD-1 Hand Dryer Packaging Set 39006 003