Dryflow® Dri-Tap Hand Dryer - DECK mounted (Satin)


Applications: Wash basin, Bars, Cinema/Theatre, Hotel, Leisure Centres, limited space washrooms, Medium use (101 to 300 uses per day), Museum, Office, Public Toilet, Pubs, Restaurant, Retail Outlet, Spa & Wellness

The Dry-Tap is available in a deck mounted or wall mounted option.

There are also matching soap dispensers and water taps available.  Please contact us and see the downloads section at the bottom of this page for more information.

'An altogether more efficient system of drying'

The Dryflow Dri-Tap is our latest, exciting innovation. First wash your hands, then use the elegant Dryflow Dri-tap to dry and drain the excess water into the basin. This system ensures floors are kept perfectly dry and cleaning requirements are reduced. This overcomes a problem inherent in both paper towels and normal hand dryers.

Considered design

The Dri-tap is powered by a high-speed motor concealed below the counter top, creating more space and a more efficient washroom experience. The airflow direction and speed has been carefully configured to ensure that there is no excess splashing or spray created and therefore works with a huge range of sinks. When the hands are placed under the Dryflow Dri-tap a sheet of air is activated to scrape moisture in a controlled manner into the sink below.

Intelligent performance

The Dryflow Dri-tap is adjustable so you can create the right airflow and noise output to suite the sink and washroom ambience you are looking for. At 68.5 to 70.5 dB(A) it is much quieter than the other hand dryer taps on the market. The intelligent heat system adjusts to the airflow speed ensuring a continuous, comfortable air temperature. There is also the option of removing the heat altogether in high traffic washrooms.

With 20 - 25 second dry times and adjustable rated power of just 0.5kw to 1kw, this is a high energy efficient, low cost solution with 1000 dries costing as little as 38p!

Less cost, less waste, less demands on cleaners, more space in your washroom.


This product is ideal for retro-fit as well as during construction, opening up the possibility to make virtually every washroom operate more efficiently. The cost is more accessible than all in one options and prevents wasting the perfectly good sensor taps that have already been purchased.

Elegant design

Constructed of Chromium Nickel Stainless Steel, the Dryflow Dri-tap is a beautifully crafted unit that will complement and washroom design. A gradient light on the end of the Dri-tap further enhances the look.

Recommended locations

We particularly recommend this product in washrooms where the traffic is high and space is limited. The Dryflow Dri-tap frees up excess space where hand dryers would normally be fitted and prevents any queues forming near exits. This is of huge benefit for sports venues, transit locations and also factories that have defined shift changes.

The lifespan of the motor is 1500 hours or in drying terms as many as 432,000 uses. At the end of the units life only the dryer motor itself will need replacing.

The Dryflow Dri-tap is an exciting option for household installations and hotel rooms due to its minimalistic design.

Technical drawing

RIBA Architect classification N13-472 hand driers/hand dryers

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Performance Rating

  • Energy Consumption

    This rating is based on the watts per dry of the hand dryer which is derived from the rated power and the time taken to dry the hands. We have used the figures based on either the manufacturer’s dry time, if yet to be in house tested or based on the in house testing dry time we have conducted. This will also be based on the most energy efficient setting, if the hand dryer is adjustable for speed and/or heat.

    Watts per dry:

    • 0 – 1.99W = star rating 5
    • 2 – 2.99W = star rating 4.5
    • 3 – 3.99W = star rating 4
    • 4 – 4.99W = star rating 3.5
    • 5 – 5.99W = star rating 3
    • 6 – 6.99W = star rating 2.5
    • 7 – 7.99W = star rating 2
    • 8 – 8.99W = star rating 1.5
    • 9 – 9.99W = star rating 1
    • 10W and above = star rating 0.5
    4.0 out of 5
  • Quiet Sound Level

    This rating is based on the manufacturers stated sound level, usually at 1m. Please see the section titled "how quiet is the." for more information and independent test results, which give a more accurate noise decibel level. These ratings will also be based on the low noise setting, if the hand dryer is adjustable for speed. Therefore at full speed the hand dryer may not be quiet, however it may be adjustable to become quiet if this is required.

    Decibels (dB):

    • Up to 68dB = star rating 5
    • 69 – 70dB = star rating 4.5
    • 71 – 72dB = star rating 4
    • 73 – 74dB = star rating 3.5
    • 75 – 76dB = star rating 3
    • 77 – 78dB = star rating 2.5
    • 79 – 80dB = star rating 2
    • 81 – 82dB = star rating 1.5
    • 83 – 84dB = star rating 1
    4.0 out of 5
  • Life Expectancy

    This rating is based on the number of motor life cycles (number of uses) the hand dryer, in theory, will last for. This is based on the motor life expectancy given to us in hours, from the manufacturer.

    The number of cycles (uses) has been calculated as follows:

    (Number of seconds in the hour / seconds per dry) x motor life hours

    For a more individualised longevity calculation based on your own usage numbers please use the life expectancy calculator on each product page.

    Number of motor life cycles:

    • 1,000,000 and over = star rating 5
    • 800,000 – 999,999 = star rating 4.5
    • 600,000 – 799,999 = star rating 4
    • 400,000 – 599,999 = star rating 3.5
    • 200,000 – 399,999 = star rating 3
    • 100,000 – 199,999 = star rating 2.5
    • 80,000 – 99,999 = star rating 2
    • 60,000 – 79,999 = star rating 1.5
    • 40,000 – 59,999 = star rating 1
    • 39,999 and under = star rating 0.5
    3.5 out of 5
  • High Speed

    These ratings are based on the in house testing we have conducted regarding dry times. They show realistic comparisons of what to expect from each hand dryer. Please note that the manufacturer stated dry time is not always accurate when compared to the hand dryer being used in realistic conditions. The ratings are based on the hand dryer being placed at its high speed setting if it can be manually adjusted.

    Dry Speed (seconds):

    • 10 – 11 seconds = star rating 5
    • 12 – 13 seconds = star rating 4.5
    • 14 – 15 seconds = star rating 4
    • 16 – 17 seconds = star rating 3.5
    • 18 – 19 seconds = star rating 3
    • 20 – 21 seconds = star rating 2.5
    • 22 – 23 seconds = star rating 2
    • 24 – 25 seconds = star rating 1.5
    • 26 – 27 seconds = star rating 1
    • Over 28 seconds = star rating 0.5
    3.0 out of 5
  • Enhanced Hygiene

    Hand dryers are a hygienic method of drying the hands. The better the dry, the less the risk of carrying germs on wet hands. Some hand dryers however have gone that little bit further to enhance the hygienic aspects of the hand dryer. These ratings are based on these extra factors that have been added to aid the hygienic properties. These ratings are based on an added together scoring system where the higher the rating the more enhanced the hygienic properties of the hand dryer. Cold Plasma Clean (CPC) is the most advanced hygienic property on the market and scores a maximum of 5 stars.

    Enhanced Hygienic properties:

    • Cold Plasm Clean Technology = score 5 
    • Fast dry (<15secs) = score 0.5
    • Touch Free = score 0.5
    • Heat Sanitation = score 0.5
    • UV-C cleaning = score 0.5
    • HEPA filter = score 1.5
    • Anti Bacterial Coating = score 0.5
    • General filter = score 0.5
    • Ioniser = score 0.5
    4.0 out of 5
  • Vandal Resistance

    Some hand dryers would not be suitable for some locations where abuse may be likely such as a train station or night club. However the same hand dryer would be suitable for an office or school location. These ratings are based on an added together scoring system where the higher the rating, the more suitable we would recommend for areas where abuse may be likely.

    Vandal Resistance score

    • Compact size = score 0.5              
    • Decreased blockage potential = score 0.5
    • Additional Backplate/ fixings strength = score 1
    • Anti-vandal extras = score 1
    • Metal / ABS = score 1    
    • Cover thickness 1.5mm or more = score 0.5        
    • No leverage points (design) = score 0.5
    4.5 out of 5
  • Keep water in the sink - hand drying all in the same location
  • Matching automatic soap dispenser and water tap available
  • Retrofit next to existing water taps and accessories with ease
  • Deck mounted or wall mounted options
  • Smart air outlet design - The airflow direction and speed has been carefully configured to ensure that there is no excess splashing or spray created and therefore works with a huge range of sinks.
  • Low noise
  • Made from high grade, solid chromium nickel stainless steel
  • Produces dry times that do not disappoint
  • Highly energy efficient, rated power between 0.5kW and 1kW, costing just 38p - 77p per 1000 dries
  • Intelligent temperature control.
  • Adjustable motor speed, heater element and sensor
  • Three safety protections
  • Gradient LED light
  • Carbon filter protects the motor from dust and debris
  • IP35
Fast, quiet, hygienic and energy efficient hand dryers – do they exist?

We ask, is it possible to get a balance between speed and noise in a hand dryer that satisfies the user. Of course faster airflow and particularly fast, condensed airflow is going to create more noise, so it’s a real challenge to hand dryer designers and engineers to create a dryer that people are happy with the performance, the noise levels and the energy efficiency,

Blade hand dryers

The Mitsubishi Jet towel is an example of a product that nearly meets this objective. Our independent results* measured the Mitsubishi Jet Towel at 75 dB(A) in a anechoic chamber (sound proof room) with hands placed into the airflow for a realistic noise measurement. 75 dB(A) is considerably higher than the 58 to 64 dB(A) advertised for the Mitsubishi Jet Towel however the generation 8 model dries relatively quickly (around 16 seconds in stringent test conditions, less in normal circumstances) and it uses as little as 0.55kw rated power. 75 dB(A) on a scale using deafening, very loud, loud, moderate, faint and very faint to describe would be on the lower end of loud, very few people would be expected to be irritated by this level.

It must be noted though that this measurement did not take into account noise amplification in a normal room, a previous study at Intertek revealed the Mitsubishi Jet Towel hand dryer measured at 79 dB(A) in a representative room. Upper 70’s in dB(A) are considered to irritate a small minority of people but with a hand dryer it is a very short lived experience, certainly in terms of safety, 80 dB(A) is considered safe for up to 8 hours exposure per day so there is no issue from this perspective. A little more detail about pitch is needed to complete the overview of the perceived sound on hand dryers but from this basic information the Mitsubishi Jet Towel achieves a good balance.

From a hygiene perspective, it has NSF approvals, although these kinds of approvals are done based on testing on brand new hand dryers. What is important is how hygienic the hand dryer will be 2 years after installing. The nature of this hand dryer with its water collection means that it must have a thorough and regular cleaning routine to maintain optimum hygiene standards.

The information we have on the new ‘quieter’ Dyson Airblade DB is incomplete, we only have a measurement in the sound proof chamber at 80 dB(A). You would expect a 4-5 dB(A) amplification in a normal room, if it followed the same pattern as the Mitsubishi Jet Towel and other dryers. Again, there is no safety issue at these levels considering the short term exposure but some users will certainly find these noise levels irritating. The Dyson Airblade DB is certainly fast drying (13-14 seconds in our stringent test and less than this under normal conditions) and uses an acceptable if not low rate power of 1.6kw. We have to say, based on the evidence, if you are looking for a good balance between energy efficiency, speed and noise the Mitsubishi is the overall winner here. With regards to hygiene, the same applies as with the Mitsubishi Jet Towel, all testing is based on a brand new unit, although the Airblade does not collect water if the HEPA filter is not properly maintained and cleaned there will surely be a difference between the hygiene levels provided by a new unit and one two years into its life.

‘Hands under’ type hand dryers.

The Dryflow Classic PLUS and Dryflow Elite are two dryers that are designed specifically to meet the objective of achieving an acceptable performance, at a quiet sound level with reasonable levels of energy efficiency. Another positive is that they are both very affordable hand dryers with outstanding motor lifespans. The Dryflow Classic PLUS is not a super-fast dryer but it is solid, it combines 45 m/s air speeds (traditional dryers 20-30 m/s, high speed 70 m/s upwards) with heat to achieve an approximate 20 second dry. The independent test measured the dB(A) at 72 in a sound proof chamber with hands under and because the Dryflow Classic PLUS is not relying purely on rapid airspeed we would expect amplification in a normal room to be minimal. We would describe this hand dryer as an excellent compromise, reasonable fast if not spectacular, with a very tolerable noise level with a rated power of just 1.35kw giving an energy efficient, if not hyper low energy performance. The Dryflow Classic PLUS is vandal resistant, very long lasting and at a price point where it is affordable for all. I guess the only question mark is that mild heat, in theory will increase bacteria levels if the dryer is not internally sanitized, we don’t have any clear evidence of this put this is the argument that has been pu forward by the paper towel companies for many years.

The eXtremeAir CPC hand dryer

The eXtremeAir CPC is a new innovation in the hand dryer market, this product contains a Cold Plasma generator that effectively creates a reaction from the moisture on the hands and in the air to form hydroxyl radicals that break down the molecular structure of bacteria and small viruses present on the hands, in the immediate surrounding air and surfaces. The eXtremeAir CPC has a completely adjustable motor and heat settings hence why it is included in this discussion.

On maximum speed the dryer tested at a relatively high 86 dB(A) with hands in the airflow, however it reduced to just 73 dB(A) on the lower setting. It is worth noting that at the lower dB (A) level it still had a motor speed of 14,000 rpm and airflow comparable, if not a little faster with the Dryflow Classic PLUS, so with this hand dryer you can find the balance to suit. The eXtremeAir CPC uses as little as 0.3kw on minimum motor speed and only 0.5kw on high motor speed. When you need it to be quieter, you can reduce the motor speed down and add heat. The issue of heat creating bacteria is negated by the cold plasma. Cold plasma is also self-sanitising in the sense that it continuously sanitises the surface of the hands, surrounding surfaces and inside the dryer, so we can say with assurance that the product remains as hygienic 5 years into its life as when it was first tested.

The eXtremeAir CPC is a genuine breakthrough in the market and we believe can be evidenced as the best current solution that can be described as potentially quiet, very hygienic (more so than any other method of drying in fact), very fast and energy efficient. It is also guaranteed for 6 years and highly vandal resistant so we think ticks all the boxes.

For more information on any of the hand dryers discussed please view the website or call +44 (0)114 3540047

What does renting a hand dryer involve?

When you rent a hand dryer, we will provide the installation, on-site breakdown cover and a yearly service check. The rental contract would be over a minimum 3 year contract (usually 5 years) and paid for by monthly direct debit.

All quotes are subject to a credit check and typically 3-6 months payment will be taken in advance to cover the install. We can only quote (without a site visit) if you have existing electrical spur points in place.

The hand dryer remains the property of 'Intelligent Facility Solutions Ltd' after the rental period and may either be extended, removed or purchased for a much reduced fee.

Is renting hand dryers the right option for me?

Renting hand dryers is an option that allows your business to avoid capital expenditure and reduce upfront costs on purchase and fitting. It also gives service backup and breakdown cover. Hand dryer rental agreements are a minimum of 3 years on hand dryers due to installation cost involved. Alternatively you may wish to buy hand dryers outright and reduce overall payments.

We always suggest you speak with us about your facility before deciding whether to buy or rent hand dryers. In many locations, rental will mean you are paying far more in the long run than is necessary, particularly as good quality hand dryers should last for many years without problems and if there is a rare breakdown, it will be a lot cheaper to have a service call, as a free unit will be provided within the guarantee. However you may just prefer lower monthly payments, particularly if you are used to rental or buying paper towels.

For public sector organisation's there is funding available for interest free loans for our energy efficient models which means it makes more sense to buy the product outright in most instances.

Most organisations can write off the value of a hand dryer in the first year of purchase so there is no depreciation necessary for accountants to worry about. If the hand dryer is on the ECA list then all organisations can write off the value in year 1.

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We provide very competitive discounted prices to wholesalers, trades and organisations such as charities and the public sector. So if you are looking for a contractor price for a project coming up, or you need a hand dryer for a community location such as a scout hut, please contact the relevant department below.

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What are the pros and cons of each finish?

We have written a blogpost about it. Please, click here.

Energy Consumption Electrical Supply Voltage 220-240 Volts
Electrical Supply Frequency 50-60 Hz
Standby Power Consumption 0.3-0.4 Watts
Performance Expected Motor Life 1500 Hours
Dry Time (max setting) 23 Seconds
Dry Time Notes In house testing dry times
Universal Brush Motor
Motor Speed (max setting) 29000 RPM
Motor Speed (min setting) 22000 RPM
Air Speed (max setting) 225.9 MPH
Air Speed (min setting) 187.9 MPH
Air Volume (max setting) 64 CFM
Operating Temperature Range (At ambient temp 25°C) 57 °C
Heater Element Power 500 Watts
Motor Cutoff Time 60 Seconds
Motor Class Class I
Rated Power Rated Power (max settings) 1000 Watts
Rated Power (min settings) 500 Watts
Rated Power Notes 500W Motor
Energy Per Dry (max setting) 6.39 Watt-hours (Wh)
Energy Per Dry (min setting) 3.19 Watt-hours (Wh)
Energy Per Dry Notes using in house tested dry times at full speed
Noise Operating Sound Level (max setting) 70.5 dB
Operating Sound Level (min setting) 68.5 dB
Sound Level Notes at 1 metre dB
Sensor Sensor type IR, adjustable 130mm +- 20mm
Guarantee 5 Years
Construction Materials Stainless steel
Net Weight 5.6 kg
Packed Weight 8.1 kg
Finishes Brushed Stainless Steel
Other Finishes Matching automatic water tap and soap dispenser available
Electrical & Safety IP rating IP35
Dimensions Product Height 170 mm
Product Width Ø 38 mm
Product Depth 220 mm
Certification CE
Replaceable Features General FIlter
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