• High quality hand sanitiser dispenser stand made from AISI 304 stainless steel and powder coated steel
  • Comes complete with automatic alcohol GEL dispenser IFS72W
  • Dimensions: H1320mm x W170MM
  • * Please note the specification is subject to change depending upon availability
Stand + GEL Dispenser
Stand + LIQUID SPRAY Dispenser
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This hand sanitiser dispenser stand* comes complete with the automatic Cleanflow 1.1L Auto Lotion Soap and Hand Sanitizer GEL Dispenser - IFS72W which dispensers alcohol gel. Compatible hand sanitiser refills: CBGR (alcohol gel); IFS2PK074101 (alcohol free). Compatible liquid soap: IFS099. The dispenser is situated on high quality 304 stainless steel and comes complete with a drip tray to catch any surplus gel that may drop from the dispenser.  A solid powder coated steel base and main support make a robust and durable station for hand sanitisation. The stainless steel backplate is suitable for adding instructions or any advertisements you wish.

Dispenser Details (spec sheet in downloads)

IFS72W - This compact, solid ABS automatic hand sanitiser dispenser, suitable for both lotion soap and hand sanitiser GEL, provides a touch free way of providing hand sanitation by reducing cross-contamination and the spread of germs. It has a large refill capacity of 1100ml and gives 1ml per shot, minimising waste. Battery powered it works on just 0.5W rated power.  The battery life is good for around 70,000 uses. A window is provided so that liquid levels can be monitored and the unit is easily refilled under a lockable cover.

The unit requires 4 AA / LR6 Alkaline batteries

* Please note the specification is subject to change depending upon availability

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