• Dimensions: 710 (H) x 355 (W) x 5 (D) mm
  • Minimum recessed depth: 102mm
  • Paper towel dispenser capacity: 350 C-fold or 475 multifold sheets
  • Waste receptacle capacity: 7.6 litres (2-gal)
Satin (Recessed)
Satin (Surface-mounted)
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Bobrick B-369 is a recessed hand drying combination unit that consists of a paper towel dispenser for multifold or C-fold sheets and a waste receptacle right underneath to maintain the washroom clean. Secured to the all-welded cabinet, the hinged door is equipped with a knob latch. Unlike some models in the market, this hand towel dispenser does not need any adapter to operate. In order to dispense one paper towel at a time properly, without usual troubles such as sagging or bulging, TowelMate® can be used as an accessory. The waste bin comes with hemmed top edges for safe servicing and retaining hook. Inside, a 7.6L leak-proof plastic container that is removable. The whole unit is finished by a drawn, bevelled flange as well as the elegant, solid lines typical of the ClassicSeries. Its design and 304 stainless steel manufacture ensures vandal resistance and durability.

Applications:Adapted toilets for disabled, Airports, Factories, Museum, Office, Public Toilet, Pubs

Could you provide some data on Paper Towels vs. Hand Dryers?

We believe that hand dryers are often the most energy efficient, cost saving and hygienic option to dry hands in commercial washrooms, however, paper towel dispensers may be the best solution for those facilities that lack power supply or require complete silence.

For the circumstances where both drying solutions are possible, here you have some blog posts and guides we have published over the years, which hopefully will help you decide:

Do not hesitate to contact us by phone if you have any question.

How to handle human hygiene waste?

The UK has different regulations and recommendations to handle sanpro waste (sanitary towels, nappies, incontinence pads) depending on its hazard level and the facilities where it is disposed.

We encourage you to read through the official guidance on the subject. As a summary, we understand that:

  • If it originated from a healthy population, it can be disposed with general household waste.
  • Should it be produced in large amounts, like may happen in nurseries, schools or motorway services areas, it is advisable to package it away from other waste.
  • When the household waste is classified as hazardous, it must be securely transported and disposed in appropriate containers by a healthcare professional or collected as healthcare waste by the local authorities (who may charge for it).
  • Clinical waste must be handled following the law by entities with a waste management license. You will find more information in the webpage linked above and this guide.
What are the pros and cons of each finish?

We have written a blogpost about it. Please, click here.

What features to look for when buying bathroom waste bins?

This blog post sums up the main features we would look for when purchasing a sanitary or general waste bin for bathrooms, especially at commercial facilities with high traffic.

Any advice to avoid toilet blocks with paper towels?

This unpleasant situation is quite common in public areas, especially school washrooms. We have gathered a few ideas on this blog post on how to discourage users from throwing paper towels into the toilet.

Here our main suggestions:

  • Ensure there is toilet tissue in the dispenser
  • Place easy to use waste bins on visible spots and try to avoid they are not full often
  • Think about offering electric hand dryers as an alternative method
  • Choose a towel dispensing system with a controlled, paper saving delivery
  • Make the most of technology to monitor consumable level and notify staff when there is an issue or shortage.

Here is a list of spares and accessories available for the Bobrick B-369 Combination unit.

If you do not see the specific part you are looking for, please contact us.

  Spare Part or AccessoryPart Code
Bobrick TowelMate®B-369-130