If you don’t currently have a pre-existing, dedicated electrical circuit available in your washroom, don’t worry, we can get this sorted for you.

Just contact one of the team and we will get a quote organised for you.

We can handle anything from a simple swap over of an old dryer through to a completely new electrical install.

Have your own qualified person or trusted contractor? That’s fine too! Feel free to ask your contractor to contact us as we can offer credit and special trade terms.

We are actively recruiting reliable electrical installers to join our nationwide network and facilitate our growing customer demand.

If the initial install cost is putting you off making the investment in a highly efficient, high speed dryer, that will generate long term cost savings, we can help!

You can bundle it all up with the purchase and make monthly payments to minimise the upfront outlay.

Alternatively, you might want to select a rental package for extra peace of mind and further reduce the initial outlay.

Often customers can make the purchase cost neutral in the short term and will quickly reap a large return on investment in the mid to long term as the dryers are paid off.