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3 Reasons to Choose Countertop Soap Dispensers for Bathroom

Whether suitable for delivering foaming or liquid hand soap, there are infinite designs of commercial soap dispensers, with different storage capacities and finishes. The mounting of soap dispensers on bathroom countertops or washbasins often needs planning in advance from the design phase. Usually if the design choice is made when a washroom is almost ready, facility managers tend to select wall mounted products instead.

We think, nonetheless, that there are at least three quite compelling motivations to consider counter mounted soap dispensers when sketching the facilities or even later to save on soap and maintenance efforts whilst improving sustainability and visitors’ experience.

1) A more accurate dispense

Countertop soap dispensers for bathrooms stand out for having long spouts, from 100mm to 170mm, which means that users can clearly identify where the soap comes from, with little chance to missing soap shots and wasting the consumable.

2) A cleaner area, quicker to maintain

Have you noticed those trays that are increasingly placed under wall mounted soap dispensers? Though most modern dispensers are drip free, some soap drops might still fall onto the countertop whether unintentionally or because of vandalism. However, a basin or countertop mounted soap dispenser will be right next to the basin bowl, so that any excess is deposited within that zone, generally humid and easy to clean with water by users themselves on the spot. It seems worthwhile noting that is common that suppliers offer soap dispensers that match up with the basin tap .

Not encountering soap scattered all over the countertop simplifies cleaning tasks and, undoubtedly important, reduces the likely annoyance that maintenance staff would feel when facing an untidy room.

3) Less wasted soap

If the hand soap does not miss the user’s hands and the mounting is less attractive for vandals, the expense on soap is bound to diminish, which in turn lessens soap replenishment periodicity. The decrease might not be very significant in small washrooms at low traffic locations, but high footfall premises will certainly appreciate the reductions. Likewise, both less waste of this consumable and less spending on washing contribute to a more sustainable society.

In other respects, basin or counter mounted soap dispensers have the same main features as other soap dispenser categories, for example counter soap dispensers can be operated by hand or automatically thanks to a motion sensor , as well as can be easily refilled, either from the vandalproof top or the concealed bottom.

If you need anymore information about identifying the right products for your facilities we provide detailed information about what we can offer, from energy efficient or high velocity hand dryers to multiroll toilet paper dispensers and stainless steel folding baby changing tables among other fittings. Should you have any question or special request, do not hesitate to contact us. There are discounts for multibuy and special prices for trade, wholesale, schools or charities.

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