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5 Grab Rails for Accessible Toilets Away from Corners

Designers and users have at their disposal several layouts of aid points when regular straight bathroom grab rails are not an option. Such a different type of handrail are made to be installed far from corners, for instance in peninsular toilets. They can be immovable or folding and will be fixed to the wall, floor or both.

1) Wall-mounted drop-down grab rail

Drop-down rails installed into the wall are nowadays the most common choice in commercial and public accessible washrooms. The double rail offers two support points when sitting on the toilet. Due to the hinged arm, you can fold-up or fold-down the grab rail to access or leave the WC. Furthermore, this item usually comes with a toilet paper holder that prevents the roll from falling.

As displayed in the picture, the resistance can be ensured with a supporting leg. In order to improve hand grip, there are models with a granular surface on the superior bar, like the Gamco pull-down rail we supply .

2) Floor-mounted pull-down grab rail

This layout has the same features like the previous one, but it is made for fixing mostly or completely to the floor, because of convenience. In some circumstances, the mounting might be easier or stronger to the floor than to the wall.

3) Wall-mounted support rail

When washroom space is premium, a folding handrail with support leg like the one below might be the solution. Furthermore, as this grab rail is lighter, it is easier to lift and manage.

4) Wall-to-floor handrail

With a slim design but with a strong fixing, a wall-to-floor rail is a permanent mobility aid with a preset height.

The mounting to the floor can be reinforced by adding one shorter rail. In order to avoid obstructions, the location of this extra foot may vary in relation to the grab rail location: on the left or right hand side of the toilet.

5) U-shaped grab rail

If you prefer no anchor on the floor, want a double rail and would like to choose the fixing height, a u-shaped rail seems interesting for toilets where there is enough front space to manoeuvre. Like the aforementioned type, the extra foot will be positioned on one side or the other depending on its fixing next to the WC.

The surface materials of the location and the placement of the washroom appliances or other fittings will indicate which type of grab rail is the most appropriate . Regarding the installation distances from the floor and other bathroom elements, we recommend this summary of what Document M advises about it for public sector and commercial buildings. Likewise, in this blog post there is guidance on the different material finishes in sanitary facilities.

We invite you to take a look at our assorted range of grab rails, not only straight or drop-down but also angled (l-shaped, for instance); some of these handrails are designed to act as safety bars in the bathtub or shower. In our store, you will find related accessories like folding shower seats and shower brackets. The IFS team would be glad to respond to any query by phone or through this contact form . Aware of the need for all users’ inclusion , we intend to provide accessible products: from hand dryers for disabled toilets to sensor taps or automatic soap dispensers, which are easy to operate.

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