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3 Reasons to Install Bath Grips

3 Reasons to Install Bath Grips

We should feel natural about adjusting our lives to ourselves and vice versa. There must be no embarrassment in this adaptation. Nobody questions that households have to be prepared for children or disabled people. However, it is still hard for us sometimes to acknowledge that we should also take care of ourselves and other adults although one feels healthy. Plus, getting older is a fact for everyone and, unfortunately, getting sick will be too for the majority.

The lack of bath grips or a walking cane does not make us younger or stronger; in some cases, it will just make us more prone to hurt ourselves or the person helping us out.

1) Falls happen too often

A third of people over 65 fall every year in the UK. We could prevent a lot of these falls following advice like the one in this complete guide (with a self-assessment checklist).

Take note that anyone can consult a specialist to evaluate the hazards in your household . You could be amazed how many and how fast they identify fall-risk spots and how easy it is to make them innocuous.

By the way, despite what one may think, just remaining motionless does not prevent us from falling at some point. Keeping fit helps in a lot of senses.

2) Furniture-walking is a clear sign

Some people call furniture-walker to the person that usually seeks assistance in any surface that sticks out to feel more confident when walking: columns, shelves, windowsills, sofa arms, towel bars or even toilet paper holders (so many have broken because of this). Moving slowly is also common.

It is probable that somebody close to you acts like this or yourself. You may already sense that it is time that independence goes back to oneself by installing proper grab rails at home and acquiring the most suitable walking equipment for going outside. Delaying such a decision is making nobody happier.

3) Society accepts support points

Our culture already internalised and sees unquestionable some grab handles in our daily lives, such as handrails on stairs or grab rails in public transport, or some types of walking sticks, like crutches when a leg is injured or trekking poles when exploring nature. Also shopping trolleys are very common to carry groceries.

Understanding bath grips as natural part of the room could take a few years, but it seems very likely to happen. Professionals and individuals will eventually realize it is impossible to get out unhurt of some bathtubs without one grab rail somewhere!

We normally go to the WC 8 times a day on average. When we are taking medications and/or have a urinary condition, visits to the toilet increase, especially at night. Furthermore, we take showers and clean our teeth. In conclusion, we spend a lot of time in the washroom . Darkness, obstacles, rush and slippery surfaces might end up being enemies if we don’t take the appropriate measures. Let’s fall-proof our homes.

To find out more about our domestic and commercial bath grips , please view the section online or call us now. Note that we also supply sensor taps, automatic soap dispensers and hand dryers for accessible toilets. We intend to provide you with abundant and precise information about every item, so you can make the best choice. In case you needed extra guidance, we would encourage you to contact an occupational therapist .

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