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2022 Review – Dryflow EcoSlim Hand Dryer

2022 Review – Dryflow EcoSlim Hand Dryer

Dryflow EcoSlime

As the name would imply, the EcoSlim is a slim-line hand dryer specially designed for limited space and disabled washrooms. It is an older cover design with recent upgrades to the internals, including the addition of a HEPA filter. The EcoSlim is produced in Europe. 

The EcoSlim is available in 4 finishes, white, brushed satin, black and polished steel. We can also customise into any colour if required. Let’s see how the Ecoslim shapes up: 

There is a lot to like about the EcoSlim, it has the flexibility to reduce the noise and still be a reasonably effective dryer, plus it is very compact and attractive on the eye. It’s also highly vandal resistant and comes with a HEPA filter as standard. It is exceptionally low energy and low cost to run. The only down-side is that it could be a little faster, the blade of air used requires the user to manoeuvre their hands more than on some of the faster dryers. In summary, a good all-rounder!

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The Dryflow EcoSlim - Value

This is not a low-cost hand dryer, however, it scores well on overall value. The EcoSlim is a mid to upper-priced ‘hands under’ hand dryer. If energy efficiency and vandal resistance are your key criteria, then this dryer is excellent value. The EcoSlim compares favorably with the Warner Howard Airforce on energy efficiency, noise, vandal resistance, and life expectancy , but is weaker in most areas compared with the Mitsubishi SMART or G-Force Mark II. It’s important to consider your own needs before judging the intrinsic value.

The Dryflow EcoSlim  - Speed

The EcoSlim will achieve a 16-second dry time on maximum power and 22 seconds on the reduced speed/energy mode. Certainly not one of the fastest dryers but this is better than you might think, with most dryers claiming a 10 second dry, actually being in the 15-25 second zone. Compared with the Mitsubishi SMART, G-Force MKII, Turboforce and, even cheaper dryers like the Jetdri MKII and Turboforce Junior, the Ecoslim does seem to be a bit laboured.

The Dryflow EcoSlim  - Efficiency

Calculating the energy-efficiency of a dryer depends on 2 things, rated power and the dry speed. When you consider the rated power is just 0.18 kW – 0.85 kW providing a 16-22 second dry and consuming 1.10 – 3.78 W/hour per dry, you can forgive the Ecoslim for not being quiet as fast as others. 4347 dries possible per £1 spent on electricity compared to 143 dries per £1 spent on paper towels. From an energy efficiency perspective this would definitely be a 5/5 on the eco setting, but we have to factor that a 16 second dry time on 0.85 kw setting is bettered by other models such as the Mitsubishi SMART.

The Dryflow EcoSlim  - Quiet operation

It is always difficult to assess manufacturer’s stated sound levels as there is no single uniform standard. The EcoSlim is measured by the manufacturer at 57 – 65dB(A) from a 2-metre distance which is about the noise level of a normal conversation, this is likely to increase by at least 10 dB(A) from 1 metre which is in effect a doubling of the sound, so 67 dB(A) to 75 dB(A). The dryer has been independently assessed by the Quiet Mark and was one of only 11 products to currently have this status. We have only scored 3.5/5 because it is an adjustable hand dryer so you can consider this to have a moderate sound level on full power and a quiet sound output on eco settings.

The Dryflow EcoSlim  - Vandal resistance

A tough and slim-line stainless steel cover with metal back-plate make this a really robust dryer, certainly appropriate for the most demanding locations.

The Dryflow EcoSlim  - Life expectancy

This dryer has an expected motor life of 2000 hours or 450,000 uses at full speed. This is more than enough to last a very long time in all but the very busiest locations. European produced by a very experienced and high-quality manufacturer.

The Dryflow EcoSlim and the environment

The manufacturer has been doing what they can to reduce the use of plastics in their packaging, they are also working with us to create circularity where components can be re-used and still pass quality control. We have carbon footprinted this product in detail and it came out at 21.36 co2/kg from production through to end of life. We hope to reduce this further but already this is considerably lower than many dryers on the market.

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