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Review 2022 – Puff The Magic Dryer

Review 2022 – Puff The Magic Dryer

Puff The Magic Dryer was designed to make drying hands a fun experience for small children. Any teacher or parent will tell you that little ones aren’t always easy to get to wash and dry their hands thoroughly. The Puff dryer comes with a colourful back board and an attractive design on the hand dryer. So what did our expert think?

From £469.95 + VAT


At £469.95 + VAT this is an expensive dryer, the base unit is good quality and the graphics are well done but we think it’s a little too pricey when you consider the dryer itself is available for £247.50 + VAT. If you are looking for something a little better value, check out the Bamboo Bobbi hand dryer .

Dry Speed

The Puff The Magic Dryer is stated by the manufacturer as having a 17-second dry time and our tests agree with this. It’s deceptively fast-drying, although it doesn’t feel that powerful, the dual airflow configuration seems to really get the job done.

Energy Efficiency

Calculating the energy efficiency of a dryer depends on 2 things, rated power and the dry speed.

The Puff the Magic Dryer has a rated power of 1.7kw and a per dry consumption of 8.06 watt/hours according to the manufacturer. This is good in comparison with traditional dryers that use 20-30 watt/hours per dry, but 75% more energy than the most energy-efficient hand dryers on the market. 1000 dries would cost approximated 96p which is a 93% saving vs paper towels.

Quiet Operation

71 dB(A) is the manufacturers stated noise level. It is worth mentioning that hand dryers are often louder in real environments than the test data shows, this is because sound bounces off surfaces and amplifies to different degrees depending on the design of the washroom. High-powered dryers often get a little louder when the airflow comes into contact with the hands. In testing, the Puff The Magic Dryer recorded a constant 71 db(A) under normal conditions. This is excellent for an effective dryer and makes it appropriate for use by young children and those that are particularly sensitive to noise.

Vandal Resistance

Essentially this is a tough, vandal-resistant base dryer, obviously, the graphics and backplate may make it a little more of a target for vandalism but this dryer is not going to be located in a rough pub or nightclub, so there will be no problems in the location.

Life Expectancy

If you are buying a Puff The Magic Dryer for a nursery or school it may be the last dryer you ever have to buy. With an expected lifespan of over 2 million uses, even if it was fitted in a busy shopping centre for child users, it is going to really last. It is also backed by a 7-year warranty.


The Puff The Magic Dryer is built to last, so if you think you may change some dryers 5-10 times within the lifespan of this dryer, it brings home the environmental benefit of buying quality. If looked after, this dryer can easily last 20-25 years in many locations, The embedded carbon in the product are a 28.8kg/co2. The packaged is mainly recycled and recyclable cardboard with limited plastic used to protect the cover. As mentioned earlier the energy-efficiency could be better, that said after only 2000 uses you will begin to generate considerable carbon savings vs paper towels even taking into account the entire footprint of the product. Each dry generates 1.76 grams of co2 based on the current UK grid mix, vs 15-25 grams co2 generated by each dry with paper towels.


The Puff The Magic Dryer is a great way to brighten up a washroom for young children and make washing hands a more enjoyable experience. The dryer its self is nice and quiet and will really last. The energy efficiency is ok but obviously, there are far more efficient dryers, the dry speed is good enough to dry small hands quickly. We think a children’s dryer like this should be situated in every public washroom to help the younger ones feel comfortable. Too often public washrooms only have an ultra-fast, loud dryer that can be quite challenging for little ones, so it makes sense to add a unit like Puff The Magic Dryer at a lower height. The only downside of this dryer is that the price feels high, please contact us to discuss alternatives if your budget won’t quite stretch.

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