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2022 Review – Dryflow® Classic PLUS II Hand Dryer

2022 Review – Dryflow® Classic PLUS II Hand Dryer

The Dryflow® Classic PLUS II hand dryer is a modern British design , encapsulating old-fashioned British values. It has an elegantly contoured exterior but the focus is on building a sustainable product that lasts

It is available in a polished chrome, black or white version as standard, with any finish available as a special request.

According to the manufacturer, the Dryflow® Classic PLUS II was developed to provide a balance of longevity, performance, energy-efficiency and noise. So, does it hit the mark or does compromise make it distinctly average?

We really like this dryer, and really like the look of the product. The Dryflow® Classic PLUS is very well-made and is a good all-round dryer, particularly excelling in the areas of low noise, lifespan, and vandal resistance. It dries quickly and effectively and is quite, low cost to run. We think it is great value for money and has a very high build quality!

From £259.95 + VAT

At £259 + VAT, the Dryflow Classic PLUS Mark II fits into the mid-range price bracket for a ‘hands under dryer.’ We feel it more than justifies this price point because of the exceptional build quality and life span, coupled with good all-round performance. It is half the price of a Dyson V , and two-thirds of the cost of an Airforce .

The Classic Plus Mark II is pitched by the manufacturer as having a 15-second dry time . Our in-house tests confirmed it consistently dried in 15-17 seconds, making it faster than many dryers that are perceived as faster due to greater noise and air velocity. For comparison, it’s only 4 seconds slower than our fastest ‘hands under’ dryer and considerably faster than the well-known Airforce hand dryer.

Calculating the energy-efficiency of a dryer depends on 2 things, rated power and the dry speed.

The Classic Plus mark II has a rated power of 1.4kw and a consumption per dry of 5.83 watt/hours. For comparison the most energy efficient dryer we have looked at is just under 2 watt/hours, traditional heated warm air dryers use 20 to 30 watt/hours per dry. A Dyson Airblade AB14 uses 4.44 watt/hours. 1263 dries possible per £1 spent on electricity compared to 143 dries per £1 spent on paper towels, this is a 95% cost saving vs paper towels. 2.5 out of 5 may seem a harsh score and it is in many ways as it is very fine margins between the most energy-efficient hand dryers. The Dryflow Classic PLUS does offer serious energy reductions compared with traditional dryers.

The manufacturer states 72 dB(A). Now it is worth noting that hand dryers are often louder in real environments than the test data shows, this is because of the acoustics in tiled washrooms that often amplify sound. Also, really high-powered dryers often get a little louder when the airflow comes into contact with the hands. We found the Dryflow Classic PLUS Mark II remained at a constant 72 db(A) under normal conditions, hence why the dryer receives a good score for quiet operation.

An incredibly sturdy hand dryer, you will be hard-pressed to find a dryer as secure and vandal-resistant as this one. Thick casing, steel back-plate, anti-vandal screws, and cover attachment, plus it’s very hard to get any grip or leverage on it. Ideal for heavy-duty locations.

The motor-life in this product is 2 nd to none. The motor itself is expected to last 2 million-plus cycles and is covered by an exceptional 7-year warranty. The build quality is excellent.

The product is built to last so from this perspective it is very good for the environment. The primary driver of emissions is increased consumption and waste, this product should last well over a decade if not longer in most environments.

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