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Executive Hand Dryer

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  • Elegant design with attractive LED activation lights
  • Recommended Ave Daily Use: 300+ (High traffic)
  • 1285 dries possible per £1 spent on electricity^ compared to 143 dries per £1 spent on paper towels^^
  • Enhanced Hygiene with HEPA filter and Anti-microbial coating; HACCP Certified
  • Intelligent Filter (LED) change system to maintain good hygiene
  • Fast Drying - Blade Dryers in general offer consistent performance
  • Energy efficient - 0.7kW and 1kw rated power
  • Drip tray prevents wet floors and maintains safety
  • Additional air freshener and hand moisturising option available


The Biodrier Executive is a fantastic looking blade hand dryer that offers high level features at an affordable price. We would suggest this hand dryer for mid traffic level locations (200-400 uses per day) where looks and image are all important. 

It has a brushless motor adding to its long lasting capabilities and energy efficiency. An optional inclusion is the Antibacterial UV which eradicates offensive odour, bacteria, mould and viruses.  There is also the optional Intelligent Motor Diagnosis which gives feedback on time and when planned maintenance needs to be carried out.

The LED display on top of the dryer counts down the hand drying time and indicates when the drip tray and HEPA filter need to be changed.

How fast drying is the Biodrier Executive hand dryer?

The Manufacturer states a dry time of under 10 seconds

We will shortly post and in house video demonstration and independent test results according to a standardised protocol. For now we can say this is undoubtedly a quick drying hand dryer, the manufacturer's suggestion of under 10 seconds is not realistic as it is not the fastest blade hand dryer we have used and we are yet to come across any sub 10 second dryer. The Biodrier Executive will not doubt be around the 15 second mark.

All blade hand dryers tend to have genuinely good drying times as the way the hands are dried is logically more effective i.e dual sided drying, working with gravity. Although we have not subjected the Biodrier Executive to independent testing as yet it is clearly a high performance hand dryer with air speeds of 150 m/s from both sides. It will dry your hands in around 15 seconds (no dryer in reality consistently does 10 as claimed) and is rated between 0.7kW and 1kW so the energy consumption is probably very close to the Dyson Airblade, as the few seconds you lose in drying time is made up for by lower overall power.

What are the running costs of a Biodrier Executive hand dryer?

We would anticipate that based on a 12p per kw of electricity unit cost, the Biodrier Executive hand dryer would cost approximately 0.06p (£0.0006) per average drying cycle, so 1000 dries could be achieved for approximately 60p.

Compared with:

  • Paper towels based on 2.5 towels at 0.4p each per dry = £10 per 1000 dries
  • Standard warm air hand dryer use approx 25 watts per dry and cost(£0.003) = £3.00 per 1000 dries.

Carbon emissions (per 1000 dries)

  • Biodrier Executive hand dryer = 2.71kg/Co2 
  • Paper towels = 28kg/Co2
  • Standard warm air hand dryer = 13.5kg/Co2

Paper towels are based on 15.5gms/Co2 per dry and hand dryers are based on Carbon Trusts measurement of 1 kw = 0.54 kg/Co2

How quiet is the Biodrier Executive hand dryer?

Hand dryer sound levels are typically measured in terms of decibels dB(A) @ a 1 metre distance in a sound proof chamber. This measurement does not take into account the increase in noise when hands are positioned under the dryer or when the sound bounces off walls. Where possible we supply manufacturer's stated dB(A), and 2 independent tests which are more reflective of 'real conditions. Biodrier Executive hand dryer has not yet been tested independently.

  • Hands under in a normal room (represents max expected real life volume) = n/a
  • Hands under in a anechoic chamber (sound proof) - n/a
  • Manufacturer stated 58 - 80 dB(A)

The Biodrier Executive has a Noise Absorption Module inside the unit which minimises air friction and mechanical sounds from the motor. This plays a large part in keeping the overall noise of the unit down. On top of this there is an adjustable motor which allows you to reduce the noise level even further, down to just 58dba @ 1mtr

How Hygienic is the Biodrier Executive Hand Dryer?

There is hand hygiene and general washroom cleanliness to consider. The Biodrier Executive hand dryer has a decent drainage system, albeit not as serviceable as the Mitsubishi Jet Towel or D-Flow blade hand dryers but this helps to maintain splash free washrooms. In terms of hand hygiene it has followed Dyson's lead and incorporated a HEPA 13 filter which is 99.97% effective against bacteria and viruses down to 0.3 microns. Anti-bacterial plastics and touch free operation enhance the Biodrier Executive hygiene credentials further. It also has been certified by the HACCP as a food-safe hand drying device. This dryer will shut off after 22,000 cycles if the filter isn't changed which could be a little irritating in some high traffic locations but at least ensures that hygiene standards are maintained.  

  • Gel Block – Air is infused with Organic Gel Blocks which moisturises hands, freshens the surrounding air of the room and sanitizes the hand dryer unit all at once.·        
  • New Feature – Antibacterial UV - Transforming the washroom environment by eradicating all offensive odours, eliminating bacteria, and controlling infection.·        
  • Drip Tray - With the Biodrier Executive the water is collected in a drip tray in the bottom of the unit, keeping the surrounding area clean and safe and prolonging the life of the dryer. The drip tray has an intelligent sensor which informs you when it needs to be emptied.·        
  • Outer Shell – This has an Ionpure® anti-microbial coating.

How easy is the Biodrier Executive hand dryer to install? 

Blade hand dryers take a little longer than hands under type dryers to install due to their physical size, the connection point in some instances may also require moving but this dryer is fairly lightweight and simple to install.

How suitable is the Biodrier Executive for disabled users?

We generally do not recommend blade style hand dryers for disabled users, the reason being that they are less accessible from a range of angles particularly for wheelchair users. The Biodrier Executive has a reasonably large opening for the hands to go between and it is also tilted to make access more comfortable.

What is the Intelligent Motor Diagnosis of the Biodrier Executive?

By simply pointing the a hand set at the dryer the Diagnostic Reader will be able to tell you:

  1. How many operations the dryer has preformed
  2. When the filters should be replaced (ideal for planned maintenance)
  3. Total run time
  4. How many people have used the dryer (Ideal for auditing foot flow)

RIBA Architect classification N13-472 hand driers/hand dryers


^Based on £0.20 per kWh. ^^Based on average 143 paper towels per £1 spent, using 1 paper towel per dry.

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Adjustable settings Yes
Air speed 346 MPH
Dry time 10 - 15 Seconds
Expected motor life -
Low noise No
Motor speed 30,000 RPM
Motor type Brushless Motor
Quiet mark approved No
Recommended daily uses 300+ (High Traffic)


Electrical supply frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Electrical supply voltage 220 - 240V
Energy per dry 3.89 - 4.17 Wh
Heater element power -
Ingress protection IP33
Isolation Class II
Rated power 0.7 - 1 kW


As standard 5 Years
Extended enhanced available No
Type Parts and Labour

Dimensions and Weight

Dimensions and Weight
Depth 230 mm
Height 670 mm
Net weight 9 Kg
Packaging depth -
Packaging height -
Packaging width -
Packed weight 10 Kg
Width 330 mm


Antibacterial additives Ionpure Coating
Cover material ABS
Finishes available White, Silver, Blue
Hepa filter Yes
Notable extras Water collection system


Certificates CE, WEEE, GS, ROHS, HACCP, Greenspec



Why have I seen this product with a different dry time elsewhere?

We pride ourselves on strictly testing the majority of the hand dryers we sell to make sure you are getting true performance information. Where we haven't yet tested we will use the manufacturers guide.

In our experience only a handful of hand dryers can dry the hands satisfactory in around 10-12 seconds, and certainly none under 10 seconds.

What height should a hand dryer be installed?

The install and user manual should provide guidelines for specific products, however the following can be used as a guide also:

For "hands under":

From the air outlet to the floor:

  • Men’s washrooms - 1170 mm
  • Women’s washrooms - 1120 mm
  • Children’s washrooms, ages 4-7 - 810 mm
  • Children’s washrooms, ages 7-10 - 910 mm
  • Children’s washrooms, ages 10-13 - 1020 mm
  • Children’s washrooms, ages 13-17 - 1120 mm
  • Disabled Mounting Height - 940mm

For "hands in":

Align the top of the hand dryer above the floor to:

  • Male - 1050 mm
  • Female - 975 mm
  • Child/Disabled - 875 mm

Please note that blade hand dryers require different levels of clearance space in order to access the drip tray or other serviceable parts. Please consult the manufacturers' instructions.

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