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Dryflow® Any Room Air & Surface Steriliser

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  • RENTAL AVAILABLE: low weekly rates from £2.99 ex VAT - Call now for more details 0114 3540047
  • Totally safe to use in continuously occupied enclosed spaces like offices, hospital bedrooms, even private households; improving infection control, preventing illness and the spread of viruses
  • Provides continuous sanitisation of the air & exposed surface as opposed to temporary solutions like disinfectant fogging, pure UV light and bleach & other chemical disinfection.
  • Protect your colleagues and customers at all times, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Uses 5 technologies to kill 98.11% of airborne and 99.6% of surface micro-organisms, improving air quality.
  • The only system checked by the Health Protection Agency with the efficacy tested by the UK Public Health laboratories (Efficacy data can be provided upon request)
  • Completely silent operation makes is suitable for a host of noise sensitive areas
  • Significantly improves the environment for residents, staff and visitors; helps to reduce staff absenteeism
  • Easy to install and maintain with no filters to service, just one annual bulb change
  • Comes in 2 options depending on the size of area that needs cleaning, covering areas of 10m2 (IFSAR10) and 20m2 (IFSAR20)


RENTAL AVAILABLE includes break down cover and annual tube change. Suitable for use in continuously occupied enclosed spaces like offices, boardrooms, hotels, classrooms, library’s, retail spaces, residential care homes, hospital bedrooms, waiting rooms, consulting rooms, dental surgeries, hairdressing salons, cafés and even private households for essential 24/7 room cleaning. Controls odours and infections by purifying the air and cleaning exposed surfaces by destroying volatile organic compounds, harmful bacteria, viruses, mould, fungi, pollen, pollution and smoke. A totally silent motor makes sure you won’t even notice it working apart from the extremely noticeable clean fresh air from bacteria and odour removal. Two options allow for rooms up to an area size of 20m2.

The technology is so powerful it cleans deep into fabrics, prolongs life of carpets and soft furnishings and eliminates the need for masking agents and environment damaging chemicals. For vertical wall mounting only via 2 fixing points. The unit is efficient to run and needs just one annual lamp change.

Units should be wall mounted as high as practical for best operation. Designed to be plugged in, with an inline switch, but can also be wired into a fused spur.

Installation and Rental


Need installation? No problem! We have our own UK network of approved installers that can normally install anywhere in the country within 10 days. Please contact one of the team here or choose "Ask a question" at the bottom of these tabs now. Also view here for more information.


We provide flexible rental plans and nationwide installation on all our dryers and some washroom products – for more information view here

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Here at Intelligent Facility Solutions Ltd we are confident that our products will exceed expectations, however, if you feel you have a valid reason to return the hand dryer(s) or other products please contact us in the first instance to receive a unique returns number. Either call 0114 3540047 or email

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Is it safe?

Approved Technology

BioZone Scientific has certified the BioZone AC with SGS, a world leading certification institute. SGS has granted GS, SGS FI certifications for the BioZone AC product. This certification demonstrates that the BioZone AC meets the requirements for harmonized EN and IEC standards.

The Biozone unit produces a combination of Ultraviolet light, ozone and photoplasm. Each of these states of matter and reactions can be found in nature and act as powerful and effective disinfectants which destroy viruses, odours, bacteria, mildew, mould and even break down unwanted compounds and chemicals. The Biozone carefully controls the output and the positioning of the unit to ensure that the application is safe in an enclosed human environment.

Many competing devices produce just ozone or just UV-C but it is the combined effect that makes Biozone so effective and a globally recognised solution.

How does it work?

A Guide to Ultraviolet Light

Ultraviolet light (UV) has been used safely for over a hundred years to disinfect drinking water, medical instruments and sterilize air and surfaces. Departments like the US EPA, US FDA, US Government, and ASHRAE all approve UV technologies for a series of disinfection and sanitation purposes. Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) technologies have developed significantly in recent the years. BioZone’s unique, patented high-output UV technology requires low energy consumption and maximises the lifespan of the UV lamps. UV light penetrates the cell walls of microorganisms and break down the DNA, making it impossible for them to reproduce.


Plasma is the fourth state of matter, energised to a state beyond solid, liquid, or gas. Photoplasma can be found naturally and is often referred to as the Earth’s “detergent”, due to its ability to break down many harmful pollutants. BioZone’s patented technologies are acknowledged as some of the most efficient and cost-effective methods for producing photoplasma.


Ozone is a powerful oxidant found naturally in the environment. It is occurs when there is a reaction between oxygen and UV light. The effect is proven to destroy germs, bacteria, viruses, odors, and micro-contaminants. Ozone also breaks down unwanted organic compounds including harsh chemicals. Ozone can break down urea, which is the main cause of smells in washrooms. This reaction has many medical, social and industrial applications. Ozone can be a harmful irritant in high concentrations. BioZone’s patented processes and methodologies produce a controlled ozone output well within the EU standard limits.

Photocatalytic Oxidation

Photo Catalytic Oxidation, or PCO, is an advanced oxidation process that combines the power of deep UV light and a highly reactive metallic catalyst to accelerate photoreactions. In the PCO process, the UV light’s energy reacts with the catalyst to create an energy gap that is used to generate free radicals, including hydroxyl radicals. The radical species are highly reactive with organic compounds, and quickly and efficiently oxidize odors, bacteria, viruses, and harmful or unwanted chemicals.

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