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What we know about facility managers (and how we work with them).

What we know about facility managers (and how we work with them).

We’ve been working closely with facility managers since the day we launched back in 2012, and one thing has always been clear – when it comes to hand dryers and washroom accessories, the people responsible for keeping a building running like a well-oiled machine want products for life, with free repairs, lifetime guarantees, reliability, and durability.

We also know that quick turnarounds are a top priority when it comes to delivery, free repairs, spares and replacements.

However, in recent years, we’ve also seen sustainability and energy efficiency move further up the scale, for both cost saving and environmental benefits. More-and-more companies are placing responsible and sustainable practices high on their agendas, with things like Bcorp certification demanding organisations have ethical policies running through every single choice they make.

This means the ‘throw away’ economy could become a thing of the past for businesses, with increasing options for the facility manager to make choices that tick all the boxes, from speed and reliability, to cost efficiency and sustainability.

Well-known names vs innovative challenger brands.

We also know that well-known brands have historically instilled trust, but in this digital age, more people – including FMs – are turning to reviews and first-person experiences to help them make the right choice – rather than the obvious ones. Great news for emerging, innovative hand dryer brands that often perform as well as, if not better than, some of the famous market leaders.

At Intelligent, we have one of the widest ranges of hand dryers and washroom accessories in the UK – from famous names to niche brands, who choose to work with us due to our expertise. Whatever route an FM chooses to take, we cannot be beaten on stock availability and great customer service.

The last hand dryer you’ll ever need to buy.

Of course, most companies offer manufacturers guarantees (as do we). However, you’ll be hard pressed to find a business like ours that offers a lifetime guarantee over and above the manufacturer’s guarantee. This means that, in the event of a breakdown, we will repair and replace an item for free, at no extra cost, FOREVER. We do this because we’re committed to our customers and the planet. Ultimately reducing costs, carbon emissions and waste. Everyone’s a winner.

We are trusted by Facility Managers nationwide. We provide hassle-free service and exceptional products to give them total peace of mind.

We offer:


It’s OK if an organisation does not have an onsite electrician, as we have our own UK network of approved installers that can install anywhere in the country within 10 days. And if they don’t currently have a pre-existing, dedicated electrical circuit available in their washroom, we can also get this sorted.

End of life and aftercare.

Our passion is serving customers AND preserving the environment, which is why aftercare is such an important part of our process. We want to take care of products so they stay working for as long as possible, giving FMs excellent lifetime value and reducing waste. To help our customers minimise their own environmental impact, we ask them to register the products they have purchased so we can take care of them throughout their life.

Our philosophy is:

Reasons to rent.

Renting is sometimes not the most obvious route, but for many organisations, it makes perfect sense.

The benefits include:

  • Rolling all costs into low monthly payments to reduce capital expenditure
  • No surprises. 100% peace of mind if anything goes wrong,
  • Install and removal taken care of with upgrades to the latest technology, if and when desired

We provide flexible rental plans and nationwide installation on all our dryers and some washroom products, which includes a combination of installation and maintenance, or product only.

All our major hand dryer brands are available on rental contracts, with three and five-year terms being the most popular.

This side of our business also allows us to keep control over the product and prevent it from ending up in the landfill. We try to encourage all old products to come back to us, whether they have been rented or purchased, so we can use the parts or repair as a whole to be put back to good use.

We also have rental deals on feminine hygiene bins, nappy bins, and air and surface sterilisation.

Ethically-based choices.

Since the pandemic, paper costs have gone through the roof, and we have been helping more facility managers switch to hand dryers – cutting both costs and carbon footprints. Fundamentally, using trees for single-use products is a bad idea. Paper production is a very energy-intensive process, using excess fossil fuels and water to produce and transport. Paper towels are contaminated waste that rarely, if ever, get recycled.

What’s more, companies are more tuned into their supply chain than ever before. They’re increasingly selective about sources, materials, transportation, and where things are produced. As a result, organisations are choosing to do business with stable or democratic countries, which, of course, includes where items are manufactured. We pride ourselves on our diverse supply chain and work closely with FMs to ensure their company’s ethics are taken on board.

As for us. We put our ethics at the heart of everything we do. Our business was born out of a desire to reduce waste, and over the years we’ve taken significant steps to give back. We stopped airfreighting last year to cut our carbon emissions, we partner with 1% for the Planet, which sees us donating 1% of our profits to environmental causes, and we’ve even launched our 10 Minute Tidy initiative, engaging businesses in our local area to join us on weekly litter picks to improve our environment.

If you’re a facilities manager who’d like to discover more about our services or products, please drop a note. He’d love to hear from you.

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