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The differences between air purifiers and air sterilisers

So, you’ve decided to invest in a product that can help with keeping the air inside your space clean. Especially with the COVID-19 virus ever present. But after a bit of online searching, you come across the terms ‘air purifier’ and ‘air steriliser’, and you don’t really know what the differences between them are. Well, you’re not alone!

We’ve pulled together what the main differences are between an air purifier and a steriliser, so that your decision as a customer is made that much easier.

Air Purifier

  • Uses a series of filters, usually HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters, to capture airborne contaminants, and a fan that then circulates the air.
  • Doesn’t necessarily disinfect the air in the space, it just filters out some pollutants in the air, and then pushes that air back out.
  • The filters in most air purifiers require regular replacement to make sure the purifier stays effective and efficient, which can add up in costs.
  • Makes some noise, even though it is minimal.
  • Can just be popped down in a space and left to work. Great for places that regularly have people in it for long periods of time.

Air Steriliser

  • Works by electronically polarising the particles in the air through the use of negatively charged ions and UV light.
  • Sanitises and disinfects the air and surfaces in the space, including many types of bacteria and viruses.
  • Doesn’t require ongoing maintenance or additional costs.
  • Silent operation and low energy operation.
  • Because some of them produce ozone as a byproduct, which can be an irritant, they tend to be recommended only for transient spaces. Great for places that people frequent but don’t spend prolonged periods of time in, such as washrooms or entryways.
  • However, we now offer sterilisers that can go in any enclosed space and left to work all day every day.

For more information on air sterilisers , please have a read of our detailed guide on just how air sterilisers work .

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