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5 Reasons to Install a Hair Dryer at Your Facilities

Some facility owners may discard the installation of a hair dryer assuming it is a dispensable washroom accessory, sort of a deluxe item that no one will miss. However, we consider there are several compelling reasons to place a commercial hair dryer for added users’ comfort, from hair health to fashion and handiness.

1. Hair care

To dry our hair the healthiest way, we have to consider several actions that can damage the surface and core of every hair shaft.

Studies conclude that washing, brushing and towel drying are related to friction, while too much sunlight has an impact on hair dryness, roughness, decolouration and brittleness. Also, should we blow dry our hair or leave it to dry naturally? Evidence have also proven that applying excessive heat too close to the hair causes damage on the protection layers of the hair (cuticles); on the other hand, natural drying implies leaving water pressing hair for approximately two hours, what eventually harms the inner part of the hair (CMC or cell membrane complex). Certain chemical agents may hurt the hair as well, yet some products can strengthen it against overheat, for example.

Researchers seem to recommend middle term solutions: try to treat hair gently, do not overbrush ( especially if it is wet ) and, if one wants to remove moisture fast, use a hair dryer at 15 cm distance with a reasonable warmth setting.

2. Style

Although we can find on the Internet a lot of tips to air dry hair without making it frizzy or giving up on volume, most hair dryers have ideal inner materials for each hair type and cool setting buttons for those final style touches, performing faster than air drying and quite straightforwardly. Whether on a business trip, a leisure break or playing sports, having the chance to control how the hair looks after having a shower seems paramount to a lot of users.

3. Reputation

If we check a few reviews on hotel aggregators websites and travel forums, we will find comments appreciating the hair dryer, warning future guests about the lack of one or questions asking about it to previous visitors before raising the question to the hotel. Customers also share their good and bad impressions on the performance of hotel hair dryers and other useful information like the cord length. Therefore, it is not enough to have a good commercial hair dryer, but also the most suitable for the location and guests’ possible needs.

One may think that hotels with few stars, campsites or other accommodations like hostels and guest houses could be just fine without offering a blow dryer. They technically will, but as soon as they can afford to upgrade rooms, purchasing a hair dryer can be a apparently luxurious but actually non-expensive add-on that increases customers’ satisfaction, positive ratings and, in the end, revenue. It is true that some businesses have some hair dryers at reception, to lend upon request, but it looks far more beneficial to guests placing commercial hair dryers in the bathrooms. The market provides models with features for public or individual use with safe, vandalproof and simple to use designs.

4. Staff

When facilities have hair dryers, it is advisable to properly inform about it, for instance by sharing bathroom pictures where hair dryers are clearly visible. The better explained, the fewer questions the staff will receive about there being a bathroom hair dryer or not.

5. Energy and cost saving

From the visitor’s point of view, should all accommodations have bathroom hair dryers, the suitcase space and weight, and potential money a portable hair dryer takes up and costs, could be gladly used for something else. If we extrapolate this to worldwide transportation, we could calculate the amount of hair dryers that accompany travellers, per day and vehicle, and estimate how many tons of fuel and pollution could be saved as well per year.

As we have just exposed, there can be varied goals that lead to acquire commercial hair dryers, from users’ health and convenience to facilities’ ultimate interests or, less likely, environmental consequences. In case you wish to explore an extensive range of hair dryers, suitable either for high duty or low use locations, feel free to visit our dedicated category . We also supply other drying fittings, like high speed hand dryers , paper towel dispensers and combination units , among many other washroom accessories. Please do not hesitate to contact our team if you have any question or request.

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