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Which air steriliser should I choose?

Which air steriliser should I choose?


We’ve talked about air sterilisers alongside other products when it comes to getting public and work spaces back up and running. And they form an important part of our ‘To the Pump’ range of products.

But we thought we’d break down this product range and talk about each product type in more detail so you know exactly what you’re getting for your space. And first up are our air sterilisers .

So, what exactly are they?

Air sterilisers are units that effectively take in air, clean that air, and release it back into the space. Plus, the processed air that leaves the unit actually becomes an efficient cleaning agent, targeting the pathogens in the air and on surfaces. A double win!

They tend to use a technology based on a combination of: ultraviolet light , ozone, plasma and negatively-charged ions. All of which already exist in nature.

This technology controls bacteria, viruses and moulds both in the air and on surfaces. With this control, it can eliminate odours from a given space, reassuring users that the space is nice and clean.

They’re fully automated units and chemical-free – providing 24/7 cleaning to compliment your usual cleaning routine.

Why do I need an air steriliser?

These nifty units have a number of benefits:

  • They provide 24/7 cleaning support, as they kill and reduce up to 98% of germs. Of course, they aren’t a replacement to your regular cleaning routine and spaces should absolutely still be cleaned as normal. But what these units do is to make sure that your space is as clean as possible, especially in between cleans. This is especially useful in spaces such as public or workplace washrooms, which require more regular cleaning.
  • It removes the need of constantly replacing and buying air fresheners, because air sterilisers don’t just mask the smell (as air fresheners do), but actually gets rid of the odours.
  • This not only saves you money in the long run, but is also environmentally friendly as air fresheners and the like are usually disposable products, so reducing your waste too!

What do you offer in air sterilisers?

Well, we have three different types of air steriliser: the Dryflow, BioZone Air Care, and the BioZone Portable.

Dryflow® Air Steriliser

The Dryflow is a fixed vertical unit that kills up to 98.11% of odour causing bacteria and viruses in air and on surfaces including: Clostridium Difficile, Listeria, Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus epidermis, MRSA, and E coli.

Just to note: The fixed installation air sterilisers we currently sell on our website are only recommended for washrooms or other transient areas where people only spend a short period at a time.

We have three different Dryflow models – these range in the distance covered by the unit, and is dependant on how much use the space gets.

  • 30m2 – Low/medium traffic up to 30 sq metres
  • 20m2 – Low/medium traffic up to 20 sq metres
  • 10m2 – Low traffic up to 10 sq metres

BioZone AirCare Air Steriliser

The BioZone AirCare is a fixed horizontal unit that destroys viruses including Coronavirus family of viruses H5N1 – Avian Flu (with a 99.9998% reduction in 0.44 seconds). It’s not yet been tested specifically on the strain COVID19. Tesed on flu, E.Coli, Salmonella and Streptococcus.

Just to note: The fixed installation air sterilisers we currently sell on our website are only recommended for washrooms or other transient areas where people only spend a short period at a time.

We have three different BioZone models, and these are specified based by volume or number of odour sources.

  • AC10 – small to medium, up to 3 odour sources
  • AC20 – medium, up to 6 odour sources
  • AC30 – large, up to 8 odour sources

These sources refer to things like toilets and urinals, rather than the actual type of odour. So, for example, if you have a large washroom with 10 toilets, you’ll want to go with the AC30 model.

BioZone Portable Mini-PowerZone MPZII Air Steriliser

This BioZone model unit comes with the added benefits of being portable and has a built-in timer, so it can be programmed to disinfect either continuously or in ten-minute increments.

It’s perfect to transport and put in an unoccupied space, but can also be fixed and switched on when required. It’s a completely versatile unit that ticks a lot of boxes.

Spaces, such as hotel rooms, between occupancy and washrooms during cleaning times benefit greatly by removing things like viruses and bacteria, as the unit doesn’t just mask odours, but actually destroys the substances that cause the odours.

It can also be used in work environments, where you could turn it on overnight and then turn it off during the day when people are present in the space.


Air sterilisers are great additions to spaces that may need that extra bit of cleaning, like your washrooms. They’re easy to install and use, provide 24/7 cleaning support, reduce waste, and could save you on costs in the long-term.

For more information or for help in finding your ideal washroom product, please contact us on 0114 3540047, use our contact us page by clicking here or click to visit the website .

In the trade? Don’t forget we can set you up with a trade account for your purchases.

We have wholesaler, contractor, public sector and charity discounts available, please don’t hesitate to ask or find out more information by clicking here .

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