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Which Hair Dryer for Demanding Locations? Valera Hotello Super or Mediclinics Machflow?

At high traffic locations, any commercial hair dryer must be equipped with a long-life motor as well as a hard-wearing manufacture to bear the heavy use of tens of visitors per day. As we explained in our Guide to Choose a Commercial Hair Dryer, heavy duty hair dryers are designed to last from 2,000 to 10,000 hours.

We currently supply two wall mounted hair dryers made by top brands in the field, Valera Swiss and Mediclinics, which will be suitable for public locations such as leisure centres, big swimming pools, gyms, changing rooms and campsites. So that you can clearly compare the common features and differences, we invite you to check the following table.

Valera Hotello Super Hair Dryer Model Mediclinics Machflow
6 months for professional use Guarantee 2 years
1,500 watts Rated power range 200 – 1,000 watts
N/A Switchable heating element Yes (600 watts)
N/A Air flow speed 87-127 mph, 140-205 Km/h
Below 70 dB(A) Sound level 65 – 73 db(A)
10,000 hours Expected motor life N/A
N/A Vandal resistance Locking system
T plate included Back plate Optional pug in kit
8 minutes Safety timer 1 minute
IP34 IP rating IP23
265 (H) x 150 (W) x 100 (D) mm Dimensions 330 (H) x 265 (W) x 170 (D) mm
1.2 metre Extendable hose 0.8 – 2 metres
1.81 Kg Weight 5.6 Kg
1-2 days Estimated delivery 5-7 days
Included Fixing material Included
White Finishes available White, satin stainless steel
EPANB8 Product code and page SC0009 , SC0009CS
£139.99 Current price excluding VAT (06/03/2018) £219-259.00
Cool touch Other key features CE marked, ROHS

The many pros of the Machflow hair dryer can be summed up as versatility, reliability and energy efficiency. Compliant with CE and ROHS, this lockable unit has a two year-guarantee that managers of locations with hundreds of weekly visitors appreciate. Its low energy motor is adjustable (set speed as needed) and the hose can be extended up to 2 metres. Also, there is a brushed satin version of the product and an optional plug and play back plate (currently in stock) that eases maintenance and replacement should this be required.

On the other hand, the extremely compact and affordable Valera Hotello Super will be especially ideal for swimming pools and gyms thanks to the IP34 rating, which makes it apt for walls next to water appliances. Since we have several in stock, this cool to touch, lightweight hair dryer can be delivered to the UK and Ireland via a next day service.

In both cases, the hair dryer motor starts when the user picks up the handset and stops when it is placed back. Whilst the Mediclinics hair dryer has a 60-second cut off time for safety and cost saving reasons, the Valera blow dryer will give 8 minutes of air flow, a range that guests may find more convenient.

Facilities and customers’ needs will suggest which unit is more appropriate for each situation. We always point out that choosing an inadequate dryer means underuse or overuse and therefore an unwise investment . Should you require further advice to pick a product, do not hesitate to contact us or check our different sections of washroom accessories and blog posts.

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