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Alternative to the Dyson Airblade V? A Hand Dryer You Can Get Excited About!

Alternative to the Dyson Airblade V? A Hand Dryer You Can Get Excited About!

You know the scenario, the washroom project you are working on has ran over budget or the client has requested some cost savings. You look down the specification and everything seems intrinsic to the layout and design, then you get to the accessories and one product jumps out at you, the hand dryers from Dyson are £769 + vat and there are 20 throughout the building!!  Now there’s an opportunity, surely we can swap the dryers over and save a bucket load!

Then you take a look at the Dyson V specification and it feels like its going to be hard to match all the features and detailed specification and suddenly you feel a little deflated.

Don’t worry, the Dryflow infinity is here.

The Dryflow Infinity is a beautifully crafted hand dryer that matches the Dyson V performance in every respect, then gives you a bit extra.



How do they match up?

  Dyson V Infinity
Dry Time 12 Seconds 10 Seconds
First Fix Install Yes Yes
Warranty 5 Years 10 Years
Power Consumption (min) 1000W 700W
Sound Level 79 dB(A) 72 dB(A)
IP Rating IP24 IPX4
Easy Plug-In Install Yes Yes
Dimensions 394x234x100mm 386x235x98.5mm
HEPA H13 H12
Out of Warranty FREE Repairs No Yes
Carbon Measured and Balanced No In Progress
RRP (ex VAT) £769.99 £449.90
Contractor Discount 5% 20%
Wholesaler Partner Discount 8% 35%


There are a couple of standout elements of the Dyson V that usually make it difficult to substitute:

Stand out features of a Dyson V hand dryer

  1. Slimline – 10cm deep
  2. Extremely high-powered motor
  3. 1kW low energy brushed digital motor
  4. First Fix installation
  5. Easy plug-in installation
  6. High ingress water protection
  7. High quality HEPA filter
  1. Slimline

The 10cm meter depth is important particularly in accessibility washrooms and follows ADA compliance. The Infinity is ever so slightly more slimline at 9.85cm, so no worries there.

  1. Super High-Powered Motor

The high powered digital brushless motors in a Dyson has never had a close rival in terms of its super high RPM level, however the Dryflow infinity operates at 65,000 rpm which is the closest alternative available. RPM’s are not essential to a specification as the dry time is identical and the Infinity consumes a little less power.

  1. Low energy rated power

The Dyson V has no heater element, only a high-performance 1kW brushless digital motor. The Dryflow Infinity motor is also a brushless digital motor drawing just 0.7kW. There is the added benefit of a heater element, if the dryers are situated in very cold areas like farm yards or temporary buildings

  1. First fix system

Both have a very similar backplate with first fix install system. This makes it really easy for electrical contractors to get all their wiring done and leave the builders/decorators to get on with the painting and tiling. Then the dryers can simply be dropped onto the backplate without needing any electrical expertise before hand over, avoiding any potential damage. If there are any issues there is also no need to return to site, the dryers can be easily removed without wiring and returned for a quick swap over.

  1. High Ingress protection

Some facilities particular need high ingress water protection, often washrooms in food processing facilities for example require this as they may be sprayed down and sanitised. A popular IP rating for hand dryers is IPX4 so both match up here.

  1. Easy plug-in installation

Should a Dyson V or Dryflow Infinity develop a fault, both can be exchanged easily and safely by someone with no electrical qualifications thanks to the easy plug-in system. Large facilities can carry a couple of spares so there is never any downtime where costly paper towels need to be purchased while a repair takes place.

  1. High quality HEPA filter

The Dyson V is fitted with a single HEPA 13 filter, the Dryflow infinity is fitted with a HEPA 12 filter. While the HEPA 12 captures 99.5% of 0.3µm particles, the H13 will capture 99.97%. This means the HEPA 13 is better right? Well not exactly, the HEPA 13 actually creates more air resistance so less of air is able to travel through the filter, as much as 20-25% less in fact. Even though the HEPA 13 gives a marginal gain in the number of particles filtered, airflow is lost and therefore less air is actually cleaned and more energy is required to readdress this balance.

Does the Dryflow Infinity have any advantages over the Dyson V?

Yes, a couple of features really make the Infinity stand out. Firstly, the Dryflow 10-year warranty and lifetime free repair guarantee offer huge value. As part of Dryflows environmental commitment, they want to keep machines on the wall and operating smoothly for as long as possible rather than needing to manufacturer a new unit. For the first 10 years parts and labour and included, after that period labour is free and only new parts are charged.


The big factor is price. The Dyson retails for £320 more than the Dryflow Infinity and there is virtually no discount available for the wholesaler or contractor who pay close to retail. The Infinity has discounts as high as 35% available for stocking distributors and 20% for volume contractors. So everyone wins from end user to wholesaler.

Carbon measured and balanced

By the time you read this article the Dryflow Infinity may well have been carbon measured and balanced by Climate Partner. This involves and extensive cradle to grave measurement of the products carbon footprint. This identifies hot spots for reducing emissions in future designs and for Dryflow to invest in projects that reduce global emissions by as much as were created.



As you can see the Infinity matches or beats the Dyson V in every respect but improves on the visual design, provides a more comprehensive guarantee and provides attractive savings to everyone in the chain.

What’s not to like about that!

The hand dryers

Further reading

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